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A Different Look on Potential Sun-Life Stadium Renovations

Sure, a Super Bowl coming to Miami would be great. One that has the Miami Dolphins playing in it would be even better. A mega-event like the Super Bowl is guaranteed to harness national...


Why Miami Must Keep Reggie Bush

If the Dolphins keep being the Dolphins of the past… we’re exactly on track for the subpar football some call mediocrity—others call annual disappointment. Whatever you call it, we all can agree...


The State of the NFL

Despite yielding 256 regular season games (a total Major League Baseball surpasses after a few weeks), the NFL generates the most revenue out of all major professional sports in the US. The...

Matt Moore, a Top QB According to Forbes


Possibly a misleading title. Possibly evidence that supports keeping Moore as a backup. Possibly something to pass time for you. You pick.


My Day in Tweets

Coming from Patriot territory, the way I stay in touch with the Dolphins is through the social media empire Twitter. Since I can't be at the stadium watching scrimmages and practices, I rely on...


Importance of a Passing Game

In conclusion of the 2011 NFL season, championed by the New York Giants, it’s already time to start looking forward to free agency and April’s draft. For the Miami Dolphins, the most prominent...


Miami vs New England Patriots Pregame Thoughts

Buffalo puts up 41 points and get a W... New York Jets slide into a comeback victory over Dallas... Now, Miami needs some magic of their own to face the New England Patriots in Week 1 of the 2011...


What Do We Look For In a Quarterback?

                  I can confidently assume that most of you, like myself, are frustrated and confused with the offseason our Dolphins are having.  Sure, Reggie Bush was a nice addition based on his...


Undefeated/ First Place Thread

2-0 Ladies and Gentlemen, talk it up!   CKC perhaps, as well. why not? How great is it to have football back in our lives and celebrate it in a winning fashion?! To Cameron Wake, Karlos Dansby...


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Off-Season

  I’m baaaaack!  Although I never really went anywhere.  Took a Phinsider vacation for the most part.  But let’s get on with our lives, shall we?!  With not much going on in the NFL right now, I...


Why CJ Spiller is the Solution

I’ll admit—I wasn’t the first to jump on the CJ Spiller Bandwagon.  In fact, I tried my hardest to stay off that bandwagon for the longest time.  Thinking about replacing Ronnie Brown just doesn’t...


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the '09 Season

In an effort to keep away from notable free agents and the upcoming draft, let’s take a final look back at Miami’s past season.  After finishing 7-9 (which, for many, was where they expected the D...


Dolphins/Jets: Rivalry Only Getting Better

In the days following Valentine’s Day, I figured it would make some sense to talk about the things we hate as Dolphin fans.  And my list definitely starts with the New York Jets.  The Jets and D...


Henne vs. Flacco vs. Ryan

  "With the third overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons select Matt Ryan, quarterback, Boston College." Several draft choices later… "With the eighteenth overall pick in the...


The Peezy Ramble: Connecting Success to Miami

  Jets. Colts. The final two AFC teams.  If you were to tell me at the beginning of the year the Colts would be a final four team, I would’ve believed you.  The Jets?! Not so much.  But, even...


Call me Commish

              So, I was sitting down one day reading my ESPN Magazine.  This issue was "New Year! New Rules!"  As we enter the offseason, I thought that it’d be fun to mess around with some of the...


The Decade in Review: Receiving

    Here's the second part of this decade-ending series brought to you by El Peezy himself.  I'd like it start it off by wishing everybody a Happy New Years and hoping everyone has a fun and safe...


The Decade in Review: The Running Game

[Editor's note by Matty I: Note that I plan on doing a short series of posts during the offseason where we vote to create a "Dolphins Team of the Decade." This post - and the ones "el presidente"...

Taylor-- Comeback Player of the Year?


A nice, little article giving credit where credit is due-- to JT himself

Marshall to Jets??


If this happens, do we pursue a guy like Boldin to keep up with the receivers in the division? Your thoughts below...


ESPN Fantasy Rankings: Ted Ginn and WRs

With the season just a few more weeks away, football for some has already begun--with fantasy football drafts.  In a recent ESPN Magazine, it had the rankings for Top 150 and then had rankings...


Fin Nation

Alright, as we know, Dolphins have the best fan base out there.  Even after a 1-15 season last year, we all stayed true fans.  And that's what makes this a great team.  Now the real question here...

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