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ESPN Grades Kings Trade


Pelicans C+ "In sum, I think the Pelicans took their rebuilding cake out of the oven before it was fully baked. Next season will taste a lot better than it would have by patiently waiting out a couple more lottery picks, but in the long term I think New Orleans will regret its haste to try to get back to the playoffs. POR B+ SAC B "In fact, with lottery pick Ben McLemore in the fold, Vasquez may address a bigger need than Evans, albeit with far less upside......The most important aspect of this deal may be how the Kings spend the money that would have gone to Evans.......But if Sacramento can use the money on another piece to grow with its McLemore-DeMarcus Cousins core, this sign-and-trade may work very well."

The Most Important Shot in Basketball


"But the single most important shot in the game still barely gets any attention at all: The corner 3. Want to know how good your team's offense is? Just look at how often it takes corner 3s. Besides looking at field goal percentage, corner 3 frequency is as strong an indicator as any other. Good offenses tend to pound the corners. and bad offenses tend to avoid them." Best in the NBA: Heat, Knicks, Spurs, Nets, Pacers, Hawks Sacramento Kings (16th) Corner 3s per game: 4.8 (18th) | Corner 3 FG%: 37.8 percent (18th) Notable shooters: Marcus Thornton (20-of-43, 46.5 percent); Francisco Garcia (12-of-25, 48 percent) The Kings' offense has quietly been solid this season, but it's not because it pounds the corners. In fact, the Kings could probably use a higher dosage there. Although it must be said: Isaiah Thomas is shooting a diminutive 4-of-21 (19 percent) on corner 3s this season.


The Good Old Days: New Age Style

This team has me depressed just like everyone else. This team makes me want my old Kings back, you know the golden age of Sac basketball in the early 2000's. This got me thinking to what current...

Jimmer's trade possibilities


How much of a future does Jimmer Fredette still have with the Kings? After the team inked Aaron Brooks to a two-year deal on Monday, one has to believe that Fredette's days in Sacramento could very well be numbered. Here's the thing: it remains unclear whether Fredette can be a capable point guard or shooting guard in the NBA, but on the Kings' current guard-heavy roster he no longer cracks the two-deeps at either spot. Brooks and Isaiah Thomas are ahead of him at the point, and Tyreke Evans, John Salmons and Marcus Thornton are surer bets at the off guard spot. If the Kings are in fact looking to deal Fredette, we have to believe Phoenix could be one of the teams that might be interested. The Suns considered Fredette on draft day in 2011, but settled on Markieff Morris when he, Klay Thompson and Alec Burks all came off the board right before them. They have some potential pieces they could swap, Morris being one of them, if they are in fact interested. This is all speculation here, but another team that may take a look -- if for no other reason to fill the seats -- is Utah. Fredette became a household name in his days at BYU and is a beloved figure in that state. The Jazz could conceivably find a spot for him in their guard rotation, whether it be at the 1 or the 2.

TrueHoop TV: Jimmer Fredette


It's kind of funny, the guy that's interviewing Jimmer after the game today, (Justin Verrier) is the same guy that was killing him a couple hours before during the game. Justin Verrier ‏@JustinVerrier Minutes after news breaks of Aaron Brooks signing, Jimmer Fredette digging his hole even deeper. He's 1-for-6 and taking everything in sight Justin Verrier ‏@JustinVerrier Jimmer has 14 now, but he's still taking everything in sight. Getting his money's worth while he can. Justin Verrier ‏@JustinVerrier He's getting his points, but it's to the detriment of his team. Just taking shots, in a summer league game, isn't answer. Justin Verrier ‏@JustinVerrier Jimmer's usage rate this game is approximately infinity. Justin Verrier ‏@JustinVerrier Listen, Fredette Supporters: Jimmer got his points today because Jimmer made sure Jimmer got his points. Completely ignored teammates.

Andre Miller Signs 3yr extension with Nuggets


"Source confirms point guard Andre Miller has agreed to return to Denver on a three-year deal." He would have been a nice PG to have with Thomas. Oh well..

Kings going after Jamal Crawford again?


Look for the Kings to be a wildcard here, for a couple reasons. For one, Sacramento was one of the two finalists for Crawford last offseason before the Seattle-native elected to sign with the Blazers. Additionally, the Kings are looking for veterans to surround their young nucleus of talent, and need help at the perimeter. Lastly, Crawford is good friends with Isaiah Thomas, the Kings' infectious rookie who could help recruit him to play for the Kings.

Kings work out Shavlik Randolph


The Sacramento Bee reports forward Shavlik Randolph had a workout with the Sacramento Kings Wednesday morning. Randolph played in China this season for the Dongguan New Century Leopards. In 37 games he averaged 24.7 points and 11.9 rebounds. The Kings currently have one open roster spot and they might sign Randolph or another player to a rest-of-season contract.

ESPN's Five Emerging Stars to Watch


Marcus Thornton, SG, Sacramento Kings, PER:18.06 Thornton's breakout was foretold when his scoring average rocketed 13.5 points over the final 27 games of last season, after he was traded from New Orleans to Sacramento, but in his first season as a full-time starter Thornton has established himself as one of the league's most consistent scorers with a career-best 18.6 points per game. He won't win many accolades for playmaking and will probably never be a lockdown defender, but he was never advertised as such. Thornton's prime objective is to score the basketball. And he does that very well. By far the least recognizable name in the top 30 in scoring, Thornton ranks fifth among shooting guards in scoring and has more 27-point games (six) than bucket-fillers Danny Granger (two) and Rudy Gay (one). One of his most dangerous weapons is the catch-and-shoot from the elbow or short corner -- usually after ball reversal -- which he can get off with an alarmingly quick release. But his bread and butter is creating pull-ups or getting to the basket off the dribble, which is why he doesn't need to rely on quality point guard play to get him good looks. Most of his attempts come from behind the arc (fifth in the league at 6.2 attempts per game) or at the rim, but he's actually shooting better on long 2s than feared marksmen Carmelo Anthony and Ray Allen. Other 4: Ty Lawson, Paul George, Greg Monroe, Nikola Pekovioc

ESPN 2011 NBA ReDraft


No. 10 pick: The Kings select Kenneth Faried No. 10 pick in actual 2011 NBA draft: Jimmer Fredette This is one of the easiest picks to make simply because of Faried's talent and the Kings' need for someone like him. Toughness, energy, explosive athleticism and a good feel for the game -- all things every team needs but none more than Sacramento. A Faried-Cousins front line would be terrific from day one. I'm not sure anyone could have saved Paul Westphal's job, but Faried would have at least helped the Kings to a much better start. No. 17 pick: The Knicks select Isaiah Thomas No. 17 pick in actual 2011 NBA draft: Iman Shumpert Thomas has beaten out Jimmer Fredette in Sacramento, so he beats him out here too. Both guys seem to have a lot of Jeremy Lin in their game, but Thomas is the more electric guy with the better decision-making skills thus far. Even as a backup, he'd help the Knicks a great deal. No Jimmer in the 1st round

Hornets want to dump Okafor w/pick


Sam Amico ‏ @SamAmicoFSO "Cavs will stay in touch w/Hornets however. Hornets said to still be entertaining offers for either of 2 first rounders to dump Okafor deal" Okafor with Cousins on the block would be nice IMO. His contract is pretty big, but if the Hornets are also willing to part with one of their 2 lottery picks, I'm game

ESPN Attempts to Fix Kings Roster


Sacramento Kings The problem: At least it appears that the Kings will be staying put, so we know they will continue to have the support of a loyal fan base. What we don't know is how the Kings are going to evolve. On paper, they have a pair of super-talented building blocks in Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins. The results, however, remain awful. The offense ranks 25th in efficiency despite a third-place standing in offensive rebound percentage and the defense ranks 28th. The Kings just can't score inside the arc, ranking 29th in 2-point percentage. Sacramento once held hope that Evans could be the primary decision-maker on offense, but he's been used more at the wing positions this year. They've been using rookie Isaiah Thomas as their starting point guard of late, but he really should be used as a streak shooter in limited minutes of the bench. The fix: The Kings have to continue to develop the Evans-Cousins core and make it work. There is just too much talent there to give up. For that pairing to succeed, the third member of Sacramento's big three needs to be a playmaking point guard, who can make decisions for players who don't make good ones for themselves. If you find that, then you can get a defense-first wing to play alongside Evans on the wing and a rim protector/rebounder to go with Cousins inside. Voila! You've got a playoff contender -- if Evans and Cousins mature. (Not a given.) The Kings could offer their first-round pick and a couple of young pieces like Thomas or Hassan Whiteside to the Celtics for Rajon Rondo. The Celtics would be creating even more flexibility for the future, adding a high lottery pick and getting rid of a player they seem to want to move. The Kings would gain one of the league's top point guards, one who plays the exact style they need, though a couple of high-percentage perimeter shooters would have to be added. Rondo WARP: 7.8/13.8 (over two seasons)


The 2009 PG Draft Progress Report

The draft in 2009 was said to be a weak draft by most experts going into the draft, but a draft filled with PG’s. In fact 12 of the first 29 picks were PG’s, including the number 4 pick in the...

ESPN's Future Franchise Power Ranking


24. Sacramento Kings | Future Power Rating: 475 PLAYERS 260 (17th) MANAGEMENT 22 (29th) MONEY 93 (17th) MARKET 24 (27th) DRAFT 76 (7th) The Kings don't know whether they're coming or going … literally. Sacramento is trying to fund an arena to keep the team there, but they could easily be in Seattle, Anaheim, Kansas City or someplace else next season. The uncertainty that hangs over the team's future in the city is also likely holding it up from pursuing other moves, such as the long-overdue housecleaning in the front office. We ranked Sacramento's management 29th; while they finally saw fit to remove Paul Westphal as coach, head-scratching moves remain the norm. Sacramento traded down in the draft to acquire John Salmons' deadweight contract, and made Marcus Thornton the latest in a litany of unusually generous contracts for their own players. Moves like these have left the Kings near the bottom of the standings despite a profusion of high lottery picks. There is some talent here, though. Tyreke Evans is a devastating slasher and would likely be even better if they'd give up on making him a point guard, while bruising DeMarcus Cousins needs to mature but certainly has star talent. The cap situation is decent, too. While the Kings have a few bad contracts, one of them can be removed via amnesty to put them well under the cap in any offseason they choose. We're just not sure how much ownership can spend given their financial distress, and that will be the case until the arena issue is resolved and/or the team is sold to somebody with deeper pockets. (Previous rank: 18)


Trying to make sense of it all

@font-face { font-family: "Cambria"; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Times New Roman"; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; } I am...

Does Age = Wins in NBA?


The people at Hoopism just launched a little study they'll be updating throughout the year. They're not just looking at the age of the players on a team's roster, but they're going an intelligent step further and adding an element that looks at how many minutes each player plays. The final measure is the average age not of those in uniform, but of those on the court.

ESPN debates the state of the Kings


"This organization was great before and it can be great again. But you can't just keep making moves like you're running a fantasy basketball team. Players need to complement each other within an offense. "

AK47 Staying in Russia


Andrei Kirilenko is currently playing back home in Russia with CSKA Moscow and he's going to remain there for the duration of the season, reports The New Jersey Nets had been linked to Kirilenko due to the team being owned by Mikhail Prokhorov, but the two sides couldn't come to an agreement. The Utah Jazz already have enough frontcourt options and aren't interested in bringing him back. Kirilenko has missed the last five game with a shoulder injury, but he should return to CSKA Moscow on Jan. 3.

ESPN Player Profiles for Sacramento Kings


The great John Hollinger previews the Sacramento Kings!

J.J. Hickson's ex-teamate Antawn Jamison's thoughts on trade


Jamison was stunned the Cavs would deal the 22-year-old Hickson. "He’s a great talent," Jamison said at an appearance in North Carolina. "Hopefully this move will be what he needs to take things to the next level, but it was definitely surprising. It was a logjam (at power forward). With who we took with the fourth pick, that created it. (Hickson) has such of an upside. I guess I was really a big fan of him. I thought he was going to be one of those guys who actually got it. They wanted to go in a different route." Great words from a veteran PF who has seen it all in the NBA.

ESPN top 20 Players drafted the last 4 years


1.Durant 2.Rose 3.Westbrook 4.Horford 5.Noah 6.Love 7.Griffin 8.Curry 9.Lopez 10.Gasol 11.Ibaka 12.Gordon 13.Conley 14.Gallinari 15.Thadeus Young 16.Mcgee 17.Lawson 18.Holliday 19.Blair 20.Wall Honerable Mentions: Nicolas Batum, Trail Blazers Michael Beasley, Timberwolves Darren Collison, Pacers DeMarcus Cousins, Kings DeMar DeRozan, Raptors Tyreke Evans, Kings Derrick Favors, Jazz Landry Fields, Knicks Brandon Jennings, Bucks Wesley Matthews, Trail Blazers Greg Monroe, Pistons Patrick Patterson, Rockets

Jason Thompson's future with the Kings


Jason Thompson had a prominent role on the Kings during his first two seasons in the NBA, but his time and production have fallen off this year. He averaged 12.5 points, 8.5 rebounds, 1 block and played 31.4 minutes, while starting 58 of 75 games during the 2009-10 season. In 2010-11 his averages are 8.5 points, 5.7 rebounds and 0.6 blocks. He is also averaging 22.4 minutes and has started 39 of his 59 games. Does Thompson think he'll be a member of the organization next season? "You never know (what the future holds)," Thompson told the Burlington County Times. "You always want to have that storybook ending where you spent 10-plus years with the team that drafted you and it ends with more success. It's not like that all the time. For me, it's going to be an interesting off-season. I'm looking forward to the exit meetings (after the finale) to see what direction they're going to go." Thompson will be entering his fourth year in the NBA next season and he is scheduled to make about $3 million. The Kings have been searching for a point guard and they could try to acquire one around the draft by shipping out Thompson, who still has value around the league. -- Nick Borges

Future Power Rankings via ESPN


18. Sacramento Kings | Future Power Rating: 471 PLAYERS MANAGEMENT MONEY MARKET DRAFT 141 (23rd) 35 (28th) 165 (3rd) 48 (14th) 82 (4th) We're not crazy about their players and we think the Kings are one of the worst-run teams in sports, but they moved up two spots to 18th in our latest rankings because of one big issue: relocation. Anaheim may not be L.A., but it's a heck of a lot closer than Sacramento, and it should be a significant draw for future players. In the last edition, we ranked Sacramento 28th in the Market category; in this edition, we assumed the Kings would be moving to Anaheim and bumped the team up to 14th. This is not an idle consideration given the trove of salary cap space on which the Kings sit. They were barely at the league's minimum salary this season and will get another $15 million in space when the deals of Samuel Dalembert and Marquis Daniels expire, which should give them room to sign two max free agents this summer if they so desire. (Of course, all such considerations are subject to the new collective bargaining agreement, when we have one.) Of course, they're likely to take it slower than that -- there are few good free agents this summer and the Kings' owners are thought to be in pretty tight financial straits. Nonetheless, the appeal of Anaheim for free agents in 2012 -- say, a Deron Williams-Dwight Howard package deal, for those living in fantasy land -- can't be ignored. Whether they have the organization to pull off something like that is very much an open question. The Kings rated 28th for management given the team's shaky direction under Geoff Petrie, who assembled a great team at the start of the decade but has presided over one lousy season after another in recent years. And despite two great talents in Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins, we rated the Kings' players 23rd, as we're not sure either has the maturity to achieve the stardom at which their talents hint. (Previous rank: 20) Haters going to hate!

Kyrie Irving #1 on Cavs Draft Board


"First, with Williams gone and Davis clearly not the point guard of the future in Cleveland, sources say that Duke freshman Kyrie Irving is now the No. 1 target for the Cavs. For the past month we've had Perry Jones (who now slides to No. 2) on their draft board." Chad Ford

Hollinger of ESPN Analyzes Landry for Thorton swap


Sacramento Kings: B This is probably about as well as the Sacramento Kings of Anaheim could have hoped to do for Landry, who has an expiring contract and had no intention of staying in Sacramento. Or Anaheim. Although his defense is suspect and he can be too single-minded at times, Thornton is a good prospect who can really score. He'll be most useful when Tyreke Evans is off the floor, where he can indulge his scorer's mindset as a sixth man. Sacramento also gets cash, which it will use to tip the movers. While Thornton is a free agent after this season, he's restricted and has a minimal cap hold, which means the Kings can easily keep him without cutting into much of their cap space. New Orleans Hornets: A- The Hornets give up a valuable young player in Thornton, but he wasn't playing and New Orleans badly needed help for its frontcourt. On that front, this was a huge success, as the Hornets' flagging bench gets a go-to scorer. Landry is absolutely perfect in this role and can destroy second-line power forwards with his combination of mid-range shooting, aggressive drives and offensive boards -- much as he did with Houston for two seasons before his trade to the Kings. This is also a signal that the Hornets are going the opposite way of Utah in handling their 2012 free-agent point guard. New Orleans has aggressively moved to add veterans like Landry, Jarrett Jack and Trevor Ariza in the hope of surrounding Paul (and West) with a championship-contending core. One presumes the Hornets will try hard to keep Landry when he's a free agent this summer; owning his Bird Rights and having a solid role for him, they should have an advantage. Sacramento Kings of Anahiem?!?! As if I needed another reason to hate Hollinger.

KG on Cousins


Fourteen-time #allstar Kevin Garnett on @boogiecousins: "When I think of DeMarcus Cousins, I think of the future." #KingsAS11

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