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Predict the Cubs' offseason!

Hey party people. With the GM meetings underway and a new manager in place, I expect the hot stove to start heating up. How's about we have a contest to see who can best predict what the Cubs do...


Why we should be excited about the Cubs' payroll flexibility

There's been a lot of speculation over the past few months that the Cubs will dramatically lower their payroll for the 2014 season. While I don't think that's a given -- and I think claims that...

DDJ traded to Washington


Wonder if he'll play tonight ...

Report: Soriano, Marmol clear waivers


My guess is they both stay, unless Soriano is willing to rethink his stance on San Francisco.

It's official: Rizzo gets the call


Now, I need to get my tickets for Tuesday night.

Marmol back as closer


Honestly, I think this is a really good call -- because it fits in under the we-don't-have-better-options thinking. No one else has been able to close effectively, and getting Marmol effective again is huge for both his trade value AND his value, potentially, with the Cubs in 2013. Also, sorry if this was mentioned elsewhere. Didn't see it in the game thread or elsewhere.


Maybe it's time to take a deep breath

Reading some comments from the past couple days, I'm amazed at the level of despondency on BCB. Oh, I know the worst losing streak in 10 years is cause for concern and the team is certainly hard to...

Stop the lineup insanity!


DDJ, Barney, Castro, Soriano, Stewart, Clevenger, LaHair, Byrd While I applaud giving Clevenger a start, why in the hell is he hitting ahead of LaHair? And why clump three righties and three lefties? Why not insert Stewart or LaHair ahead of Soriano, and move everybody else down a spot? DDJ, Barney, Castro, Stewart/LaHair, Soriano, Stewart/LaHair, Clevenger, Byrd This clearly isn't as bad as the split squad lineup we saw on Sunday. But I don't get Dale Sveum's lineups at all.

Bruce Levine On Rudy Jaramillo And Hitting Styles


"It's difficult to change a player's style once he gets to the majors. Jaramillo did it with DeWitt last spring and it took DeWitt almost four months to absorb all of Rudy's philosophical teachings. It also DeWitt his job. My point is that once guys get to the big leagues they don't want to change because they feel empowered by having made it." This is something I've wondered for a long time -- whether big-league hitting coaches can really affect the patience of big-league hitters.. If Levine's right ... well, then I might rethink my harsh criticism of Rudy Jaramillo over the past couple years. I still don't think he's that good of a hitting coach, but Hendry clearly wasn't giving him patient hitters to begin with. Also, interesting comments about DeWitt.

Report: Yady to get $70-$75 million from Cardinals


What in the what? $15 million per for five years for a catcher who (in June) will be 30? I know Molina's good and a big presence for the Cardinals ... but does this seem excessive to anybody else?

RoLo to head rotation


... in Spring Training. Posted for Al's benefit. ;)

Report: Execs think Kosuke headed back to Japan


I guess no big-league execs think that Kosuke could make their team more popular in Japan, or make the rest of their players more patient, or inspire new and better conditioning programs ...

Report: Soriano likely back


Ugh. Can Cespedes play center?

Source: Cubs, Kerry Wood not close yet


Key part: "Wood, a free agent, also told NBC-5 Chicago television on Sunday night that he'll make a decision on where he will pitch next season by Friday, which, ironically, is the day that the Cubs' 26th annual Cubs Convention begins."

Report: Marlins close to acquiring Zambrano


Wow, if true.


A theory on TheoJed's current thinking

Happy new year, BCBers! I had some time at a boring NYE party the other night to think about the Cubs and the current strategy of TheoJed. I have a theory as to what’s going on – and to why there’s...

Slightly OT: Cameron signed by Nationals


Potentially important to the Cubs because Washington could have been a destination for Byrd.

Grabow heading to the Dodgers


They can have him.

Cafardo: Cubs' bid on Darvish 'very low'


Also, Fielder might not be in the cards because Theo wants to build from within, Cafardo says. I'd be disappointed if this is all true, but I wouldn't be shocked, either. Important to note that this is not a context-low tweet.

Heyman: Cubs in mix for Fielder


Not sure how much this advances things. But in a subsequent tweet, Heyman says the Mariners are the most serious competitor, with the Rangers and Blue Jays "thinking hard about it". http://twitter.com/#!/JonHeymanCBS/statuses/146273794833657858 I hope the Cubs get him. Fielder's gotta figure that it would be more lucrative to be a baseball player in Chicago than it would be in Seattle. And neither team was a contender last year.

Semi-OT: Hendry ready to return to MLB action


Bruce Levine has been criticized over the years as someone who relied heavily on Hendry for information. This story -- and the fact that Levine's number of scoops have fallen pretty far with the new administration -- would seem to back up that criticism. Key line: Hendry has talked to numerous teams about returning as a top lieutenant in a major league front office, according to major league sources. If I were a cynic, I'd say attributing this to "major league sources," and not Hendry himself, would be a great way to potentially gin up interest in Levine's old friend among other baseball teams. if I were a cynic.

How should we judge Z's performance in Venezuela?


Perhaps the biggest question mark going into 2012 appeared to pitch adequately in Venezuela last night (three runs in six innings). But considering the competition Z's facing, should he be doing better? Can somebody provide a little context?

OT: Marlins seek to define 'eyesore' with new unis


Well, that's MY theory, anyway. The hats are especially bad.

Boston Herald: Epstein on brink of joining Cubs

Two baseball sources have confirmed that Theo Epstein is on the cusp of leaving his job as general manager of the Red Sox [team stats] to accept a position with the Chicago Cubs that is believed to include powers greater than he has in Boston, with an announcement expected to be made "within the next 24 to 48 hours." Have at it.

Wood wants to return


Works for me, depending on the price. It is interesting that while Hendry engendered a lot of loyalty, no one -- yet -- has said they won't return as a result of his dismissal.

Good Sandberg piece


Not a lot of new ground, but it's well written and paints an interesting picture of Sandberg with the IronPigs.

Really disappointing report on Ricketts/Hendry/Quade


"With the Cubs struggling again, Hendry is seen throughout the game as embattled at the moment. But two factors lead one person who has dealings with Cubs owner Tom Ricketts to believe that Hendry will be retained: 1) Ricketts is anything but an impetuous fellow, and 2) he likes Hendry. Others connected to the Cubs agree that the rapport is strong between the owner and GM, whose tenure has been marked by some high highs -- like the first back-to-back postseason appearances in Cubs history in 100 years -- and lately, low lows, which is actually much better than most of his predecessors in the history of the star-crossed organization. And if Hendry is retained, the assumption is that Quade, a baseball lifer rewarded with a two-year deal after guiding a stunning turnaround last year, will make it to 2012, as well." There's quite a bit more, including some new details on the Cubs' work to deal Z and Soriano to the Yankees. Also, Heyman thinks Baker is a catcher, apparently. But overall, I feel ill. I have been holding out hope that Ricketts has more sense than to bring back Jimbo and Quade after this debacle of a season. No offense to my fellow BCB regular, but nothing would be worse in my eyes than TJ's predictions to actually come true.

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