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Grantland on Wiggins and Embiid


Grantland's Andrew Sharp travels to Kansas to see them host Oklahoma State, and comes away waxing lyrical about the college ball experience. He also shares a few observations about the big two Kansas NBA prospects, Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid. Worth a read.

An early Magic observation from Grantland


Zach Lowe's weekly NBA wrap column has some unkind words for Orlando's offensive spacing, including some fun videos of Magic players running into each other. See Point 3 down the bottom. The article is mainly about Dwight in Orlando vs. Houston too, so there's some nice memories of back when Howard actually had offensive game.

The biggest prize in the Dwight Howard trade


...was getting rid of Dwight Howard. Jordan White at Hardwood Paroxysm calls for the Magic to be given some breathing room before crucifying Rob Hennigan.


Orlando's 2013 cap space

Now that Dwight Howard's agreed not to exercise his ETO this summer, the prospect arises that Orlando will retain his services until the summer of 2013. That means we're going to get a lot of...

Magic decline Orton option


Buried in this blog post from Sham Sports is the news, not reported anywhere else, that the Magic have decided not to take up Dan Orton's 2012 rookie scale option. This means Orton will be a free agent in summer 2012. Good drafting, Otis!


I am Otis Smith

It has occurred to me, over the past few months since the Magic were summarily dismissed from the playoffs, that perhaps I, or indeed any of us, could do a better job of running Orlando than Otis...

Woj sticks the boot into Stern


Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski gives David "Don't Call Me A Dictator Or I'll Call Your Boss" Stern a serve in his latest op-ed piece over Stern's running of the NBA, with heavy reference to van Gundy's comments about Howard getting constantly hacked. Worth a read.

Magic sign Stanley Robinson


As per Eddy's report. Seems we're carrying a 14th guy after all.

Paul to stay with Hornets


Seems like Chris Paul was impressed enough by his meeting with the Hornets management that he's not going to demand a trade. Maybe that'll finally kill all the speculation dead. Or maybe not.

Nelson takes a paycut


Jameer Nelson's salary has dropped by $300k, due to him failing to make the All-Star team. His contract contains a $500k bonus for making the All-Star roster which was not paid (obviously), however this was partially offset by around $200k in other bonuses. Source: the incomparable Sham Sports. The Magic's currently committed salaries.


Michael Silver hates the Colts

Well, probably not. But he did rank them 16th in his pre-draft ranking, and although he admits that the ranks don't mean much, he at least has some justification.   When I ranked the I...


Coach of the Year?

Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo! Sports Ball Don't Lie explains why our very own Stan "Porn Star Mo" van Gundy is the Coach of the Year. And why he might not win it. h...

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