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ESPN - reporting PSU considering schedule changes has an "Insider" story that I can't access because I don't pay for their services. Does anyone know if O'Brien is trying to switch up our schedule early? Words words words words Words...


Brendan Mahon committed.

Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words Words ...


Demetrius Cox

Word is Cox cancelled his visit to OSU this weekend to see O'Brien at Penn State. Any truth to that? Won't O'Brien be prepping for his playoff game? a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o b q r s t u v w x...


Over Signing

I know this topic has been hit before, but I was doing some brief research on Roof and happened to also realize: From '07-'11, Auburn signed 143 (28.6/yr) recruits to PSU's 97 (19.4/yr). Our...

Caution: Bleacher Report - but really not that bad


He brings up an interesting thought; what about giving Bradley a one year interview as the coach. Let the waters calm and complete a good and thorough search instead of making a relatively quick decision now. It could help sustain some of the recruiting efforts and few would argue that Scrap doesn't deserve a shot.

A Buckeye's perspective on today's events


Thank you to whoever wrote this at


"Worst 8-1 team in the country" - really?

I’m sick of people saying this is the "worst 8-1 team in the country" and "they shouldn’t have won." Are you kidding me? PSU has a top 5 defense, one of the best we’ve seen in a while. The defense...


'Bama: The Brigher Side

  The defense allowed ‘Bama to run at the same clip as last year (5.3 ypc both years), we gave up more points than last year (but Saban didn’t call off the dogs quite as much this year), and we...


The Sky is Falling Everywhere

The whole "sky is falling in State College" thing is getting old. There are 119 other D1 teams and many are in difficult positions. This team (by team I am referring to the players only) is very...


Tempered Enthusiasm - Offense

First, the O-line, RBs and WRs deserve a big round of applause for a phenomenal running day. The line opened holes, the RBs found them and made defenders miss, and the WRs were downfield blocking....


PSU Coaching - A Change of Opinion?

For months I have been posting that three coaching issues have bothered me for the past few years: O-line coaching, specifically a lack of development and the 2-coach system; special teams...


Stats Stats Stats

Two hot topics have been PSU's 1st Q vs 2-4 Q performance and redzone O. Another topic that I think should be "hot" is PSU vs Iowa/Bama compared to PSU vs. the others. This review will consider...


RBs by the numbers

  Playing with PSU’s RBs and their numbers; what is your conclusion?   Avg YPC        YSU                Ala                  Kent                Overall                        4th Q Adj* R...


Royster by the numbers

  In the "Offensive" Grade post someone mentioned that 4 games is a trend. It made me wonder what Royster (beside poise, he is the hot topic) has done over his last 4 games. Well, he has averaged...


How the YSU results translate against Alabama

The win feels good but what does it tell us about the upcoming game against the Tide? My guess is that things could get ugly. OFFENSE: Bolden showed us that he can/will be a PSU great. That said,...


My thoughts on 2010

  I am not privy to insider information with regards to Penn State Football, but here are my thoughts based on my observations, what I’ve read, and what I’ve heard. Below are my brief thoughts on...


Plans for Newsome

Does anyone else think that our plans w/ Newsome are to run more w/ him and pass less? I think they had him drop back in the BW game for practice, but I fully expect to see an offense similar to...

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