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Ball State Grad '05, Just finished Website Design and Database Design and Management certificates. Crazy thing that I do: Curling! Great sport for the whole family! Find a club and get involved! You'll like it!

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5 Things I think I think after week 15.


Here are my observations from Week 15 action and some thoughts on big trends in the NFL.

The All-22 don't lie: A look at the Colts defense


Stampede Blue's Eric Miller looks at the Colts defense and find something new, something good and something they will see often on Sunday.

What did we learn from Colts v. Jags, Week 3?


The Colts and Jags have met once already this year. Here, we take a look at the things the Colts Defense did well in Week 3 and the things they must do to to win on Thursday night.

Colts Defense: The Pressure Problem


For years the Colts defense has been known for its ability to get to the quarterback. Is it still a force to be reckoned with?

All-22 Breakdown: Colts defensive trends


To say the Colts defense has been erratic this year is like saying there might be a bit of doping in bicycling. Stampede Blue's Eric Miller looks at's All-22 tape and provides his...

Breakdown: Colts 'Hybrid' Defense


The Colts defense looked horrible in the first half of the game against Green Bay. Gashed by the run and unable to pressure the QB. The half-time adjustments where something special. Pressure...

The Replacements - Referee Edition


The NFL needs to get to the table and negotiate with the lowest paid and most in danger of all professional sports officials.

2012 NFL Draft - AFC South Recap


The draft is over and the UDFA wave is underway. As we get info about the undrafted players, we will post it, but this is to recap what was done with the picks we made during the draft itself. I...


2012 NFL Draft Day 3 Open Thread #3

You chat-aholics! Time for the third open thread of the day. What a 20 minute stretch. The Colts had 3 picks in a 14 pick span and take: LaVon Brazil WR from Ohio Justin Anderson OT from Georgia T...

2012 NFL Draft - AFC South Recap Rounds 2 & 3


What a night! Going into these two rounds we thought we would learn about the new direction that the Colts are going and boy did we. Here's a recap of what the AFC South teams have done so far,...


2012 NFL Draft - Day 2 Open Thread #2

Here's your new Open thread guys. Don't forget to "REC" it to keep it at the top of the page. The Colts took with their Third Round pick Dwayne Allen, TE Clemson. Good? Bad? Talk about it here! O...

Grigson and Pagano talk Andrew Luck


Last night during the sprint that was the first round of the draft. Colts GM Ryan Grigson and New Head Coach Chuck Pagano both stepped up to the mic for the Indy media. Video is linked below. G...

2012 NFL Draft: AFC South Round 1 Recap


Here is a recap of what the teams in our division did in the first round. We should see these faces twice a year for the next 4 years, at least. Since this is a Colts blog, we'll start there. I...

10 Things I Think I Think - 2012 NFL Draft Round One


I know the headline is stolen from Peter King, but it's just too easy. As I thought about the tonight's first round and the lack of intrigue for the Colts, I came up with some thoughts about...

Schefter reports Colts will pick Andrew Luck


For your "It's about time" file, Adam Schefter reports that the Colts have informed Andrew Luck they will pick him first. All I can say is...DUH!

Colts Trying To Use RG3 As Leverage; You OK With That?


I had this thought about a week ago and never had time to pop it up here for your response. With Andrew Luck visiting the Colts and Redskins yesterday, I figure now is as good of a time as any to...

Who the Hell Will They Draft? Hebron "Loni" Fangupo, DT BYU


The Colts new regime keeps adding pieces through free agency, something we haven't seen in years. The one spot that is totally up in the air is the NT position in our new hybrid 3-4/4-3...

Who the Hell Will They Draft? Joe Looney G, Wake Forest


SB Nation does not have a picture of Joe so link HERE to see a photo. Depth is critical in this league. Especially down in the trenches. We saw last year how much shuffling needs to go on...

Who the Hell Will They Draft? Memphis NT Dontari Poe


To switch from a 4-3 Cover 2 to any type or 3-4, there is one position that stands above the rest as a need. The nose tackle is something that very few 4-3 DTs have the power or size to handle. ...

Who the Hell Will They Draft? George Iloka SS Boise State


With the release of Melvin Bullitt last week, the Colts are again in search of a running mate in the defensive backfield for Antoine Bethea. It seems like every year we are asking for help in...

Who the Hell Will They Draft? Michigan State WR Keshawn Martin


To say the Colts are thin at outside WR is an understatement. One of the things that we must find is late round value. The key for these picks will be versatility. Keshawn Martin from...

Who the Hell Will They Draft? Brandon Boykin CB/KR Georgia


The Colts that were before, are no more. My father-in-law, a casual football fan, called me yesterday to ask if he would recognize anyone in blue and white next season. I responded by asking...

Who the Hell Will They Draft? Kevin Zeitler - G Wisconsin


If there is one spot on the Colts roster that, in previous years, has been a revolving door of players it's the offensive guard position. Due to injuries last year, we were signing guys off...

Who the Hell Will They Draft? JR Sweezy DE NC State


Need a break from the most gut-wrenching day ever as a Colts fan? I know I do. Not sure if a draft profile will help, but here's one for you anyway. With Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney now...

Who the Hell Will They Draft? Sean Cattouse SS California


Depth is critical for a team to survive from year to year. One spot where the Colts have dangerously thin the last few years is the safety position. Since the days of Bob Sanders, we have seen...

Who the Hell Will They Draft? Nebraska CB Alfonzo Dennard


Another philosophical shift this season for the Colts on defense will be to move away from a Cover-2 defensive scheme to one that relies on blitzes for pressure. This shift will have...

Who the Hell Will They Draft? Shea McClellin OLB/DE Boise State


Who the Hell Will They Draft? Shea McClellin OLB/DE Boise State

Who the Hell Will They Draft? Wisconsin WR, Nick Toon


Contrast is the name of the game in these first two draft profiles. Matt’s break down of Marquis Maze from earlier today pointed to size as one of his limiting characteristics. That will not be...

Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck and the Salary Cap


I know I haven't written anything in awhile, and I just couldn't bring myself to write about a "noodle arm" or "nerve re-generation." I have been wanting to look at the cap implications of this...

Peyton Manning Speaks


Here is an article that just went up on the Indy Star website. I don't have time to write a whole article. I'm sure one of my colleagues will do that today. Here are Highlights: Irsay, not Grigson, will determine Peyton's future. Manning is not on the cusp of retirement. West 56th Street is a tough place to be right now. Manning wants to play in the same place his whole career. Manning doesn't know what his injury status will be come March 28th. Manning is throwing with equipment guys. On when the meeting will happen with the Colts: "I'm in the facility every day," he said. "I'm right there. They know where to find me." Break down to follow.

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