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Ball State Grad '05, Just finished Website Design and Database Design and Management certificates. Crazy thing that I do: Curling! Great sport for the whole family! Find a club and get involved! You'll like it!

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The Offense Without Peyton Manning


I know we have all dreaded this day.  Especially with scrubs like Painter and Orlovsky on our roster.  The question must be posed though.   What will the Colts offense look like without Peyton...

The Supplemental Draft and the Big Picture


  As if you hadn’t heard, today is the NFL Supplemental Draft.  As we have seen, Colts personnel have visited the big name in this draft.  But that’s not what this story is about.  If you look at...

Milestone Millieu


A baseball player on a Colts blog?  I know baseball is a topic that doesn't get discussed much here.  With the discussion in the main stream media about Jim Thome and his 600th home run, it got me...

2011 Colts Preseason: Colts V. Rams, For What Will You Watch?


My wife laughed at me last night when I said I was DVR-ing the first pre-season game for the Colts.  Her direct quote "Why would you ever care enough to watch pre-season?"  I like to point to this...

PFR Adds Coordinator Data


Ok stat geeks! They just added 30+ years of coordinator data to PFR website. Now we can see not only how a coach did in everyone of his jobs, but also get a look at his coaching tree and the tree he came from. Pretty cool stuff.

Surprise of the Week: Free Agent Frenzy


We talk about how the NFL is an "Any Given Sunday" league.  It means that anything can and will happen. Surprises happen every week.  I hope to point some of those out each week and maybe even add...

Official Review: The Numbers


Official Review was meant to be a series of posts delving into the wonderful world of NFL officiating.  I am not trying to count missed calls and pass judgement.  It is meant to give us a...

Why The Colts Are Still The Colts


For those of you who have only been around this summer, allow me to introduce myself.  I am the previously unseen and unheard contributing writer on Stampede Blue.  I have been reading the site for...

Know Your Colts History: Players Moving On


I don't know about you, but I need a break from lockout and labor. With the news that Bob Sanders is going to sign a one -year deal with the San Diego Chargers, it got me thinking about the Colts...

2011 NFL Lockout: CBA Expires Tonight, Maybe


The talk today throughout the sports world is the expiration of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement scheduled for tonight at 11:59p.  This is what we have been expecting for months.  During...

NFL Lockout 2011: Owner's Lose TV Money Leverage


I wanted to make sure that a link that got posted in the comments and mentioned in another article did get highlighted on the front page. Here is the link. In summary, when the Owners signed their...

2010 Indianapolis Colts Academy Awards


I don't know if you watch the Academy Awards or not.  I have been a fan for as long as I can remember.  I have seen about 80% of the Best Picture Winners throughout the years.  I thought this might...

New Concussion Sideline Tests


As Colts fans, we know concussions have been the topic du jour for this season.  Now that NFL owners are bargaining for 18 games instead of 16, there was a need for better sideline concussion...

Know Your Colts History: Combine Fun


Know Your Colts History: Combine Fun

To Offensive Tackle or Not To Offensive Tackle


ALL of the Mock Drafts coming out right now are projecting the Colts taking an OT.  I think s that's what most of us here are hoping for as well. I was thinking back at who has played tackle for...

Official Review: The New Position


As any Colts fan knows, our off0season is as about as eventful as watching paint dry.  Our team is notorious for sticking with the status quo and not making waves.  To fill some of that time, I...

Know Your Colts History: Bye Bye Superman


Well, the Bob Sanders Era is officially over in Indianapolis.  I LOVE Superman and wore his jersey for home games the last three years (maybe I was the bad luck charm) but I cannot say that I'm...

2010 Colts Positional Review: Safetys


With the release of Bob Sanders, I feel it useful to skip ahead to the safety position in the Colts Defense.  I'll head back and pick up Linebackers and Corner Backs soon.  We can start with Bob's...

Know You Colts History: First Week Without Football


So what do you do on the first Sunday without Football?  For most of us Sunday's are all day football events.  From the first pre-game to show until the last highlight has aired, we consume it...

2010 Colts Positional Review: Defensive Ends


So far this off-season we have looked at the Bookends and the Hog-Mollies on the O-Line and the Big Uglys on the defensive front.  Now it's time for the Defensive Ends.  The first thing to mention...

Prediction Contest Playoff Results


  Thanks For a Great Year Stampede Blue! We had an overall winner in each of the contests for the playoffs (a little surprising with only 11 total games to pick). Congrats to emiller17, Mr....


Mock Draft Advice

Hello Steeler Nation! I am a contributing writer for the SB Nation Colts blog, Stampede Blue.  We, like many sites, are running a Community Mock Draft.  I have the Steelers as my team.  I know your...

2010 Indianapolis Colts: 3rd Quarter Breakdown


As this season finally comes to a close, I found myself thinking back over the season.  What were the trends that still stick out in my mind?  Was there something different about this year? The...

Know Your Colts History: Super Bowls Past


There's a big game this weekend.  Did you guys forget about that?  As tough as it is to watch this game without our Colts taking part, it does give us time to sit back and think about the good (and...

Colts Positional Review 2010: Defensive Tackle


Time for the second installment of the Positional Reviews from the 2010 season.  Collin talked about the OTs here and I'm going to stay in the trenches with the Defensive Tackles today.  As Collin...

Picks Contest Results Conference, Link to Super Bowl


Here are the results from the Conference Championship Weekend Picks Contest. Six entries got both games correct against the spread including 4 readers, bohephus, ColtsFanFromHawaii, emiller17...

Know Your Colts History: Idiot Kicker


We are headed into the Pro Bowl this weekend.  For this weeks KYCH, I MUST talk about my favorite Pro Bowl moment.  Any of you that were Colts fans back in 2003 will remember one of the more candid...

NFL Draft: Can History Teach Us Anything?


With the Colts picking in the 22nd spot this year, there has been much speculation about not only what players will be available, but what direction the Colts will go with that pick. There are...

2011 Senior Bowl: Game Preview


While the Shrine Game may be the first college All-Star game, the Senior Bowl coming up this weekend ends up getting some of the bigger name talent.  This year's Senior Bowl kicks off Saturday Jan....

Paea out of Senior Bowl


One of the prospects many of us were excited about watching this weekend injured a knee today in practice. No word on how serious the injury is yet. UPDATE:Sprained Lateral Meniscus, Surgery Thursday tip to nacc

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