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BREAKING: Andrew Luck returning to Stanford


Wow. I bet Carolina fans are about to die right now. This season wasn't kind to us Browns fans, but could you imagine thinking that we were going to get this guy and then have this happen? That sucks for them. Ryan Mallett, Blaine Gabbert, and Jake Locker are celebrating right now. Jimmy Clausen is jumping for joy while he looks back on tape of his glory days at Notre Dame. Could it be that Luck didn't want to go to Carolina? And now the question is who becomes the #1 pick: AJ Green? Da'Quan Bowers? Nick Fairley? I don't think any of the other QBs are worth a #1 pick. Credit to the people who called this.


New Year means New Hope

2010 wasn't a very good year for Cleveland sports fans. LeBron decided to pack up and leave for Miami, causing the Cavaliers to fall into oblivion in the NBA. They may become the first team since...

Brad Childress fired


Not surprising at all. Leslie Frazer is the interim coach now.


Delhomme? Wallace? McCoy?

  Going into the season, the Browns management finally had a solid plan at quarterback (for once).  Jake Delhomme was going to be the starter, Seneca Wallace would be the backup, and rookie Colt...

Joe Namath doesn't like Braylon.


The next thing we'll hear out of the Braylon's mouth is that Namath doesn't like him because he's from Michigan.


Fantasy Football: Who's on your team?

I just finished my fantasy football draft. I think I had a better one last year. I'm kind of "meh" about my picks. Some of them I probably shouldn't have made, but we'll see. It sucked picking last...

Brett Favre is retiring.


(Not Browns related obviously, but still pretty big football news) Is it for real this time?

Holmgren wants Browns fans to behave


"Mike Holmgren has a vision for the Browns. It involves winning, of course. Loads of winning. He also has dreams of Cleveland Browns Stadium becoming the kind of place where he can bring his grandchildren and wife; where he can roam through pregame tailgates for good-natured discussions with fans, as he did when coaching in Green Bay and Seattle. In the Mike Holmgren Era, which officially began this weekend with the opening of Browns training camp, fans will be enthusiastic and supportive. Not aggressive or obscene. Not spilling beers or vehemently taunting opposing fans. Not being obnoxious or offensive."

"#Indians activate SS Asdrubal Cabrera ahead of schedule. Batting leadoff tonight. Jensen Lewis...


"#Indians activate SS Asdrubal Cabrera ahead of schedule. Batting leadoff tonight. Jensen Lewis sent down. #mlb Indians.com" Castovince's twitter [Jensen was actually Designated for Assignment, though he didn't have to pass through waivers and will be outrighted to Columbus. - Ryan]


Modell still thinks he's the most hated.


"Do I think LeBron James as he leaves Cleveland will become the most hated man in Cleveland, more hated than Art Modell?" Modell said from his home in Baltimore. "Nonsense. Nonsense. I don't think there's any basis for it." You guys will love the last quote in this article.

Good one, JaMarcus


JaMarcus is arrested on drug charge. Thank God we didn't draft him.

"I watched him every game," Cribbs said. "It won’t be the same without him. He’s The King here. LeB...


"I watched him every game," Cribbs said. "It won’t be the same without him. He’s The King here. LeBron James is King being in this city and growing up in the Cleveland area. "If he goes anywhere else he’ll just be a phenomenal, extraordinary athlete, but he will not be The King in any other city but Cleveland."

You don't want LeBron to leave? Neither does Haden.

Haden was polished. Calm. Cool. Poised. Until he was asked about LeBron James. "Oh my goodness," Haden gushed. "I love LeBron." The No. 7 overall pick is an unabashed fan of James, the NBA superstar and reigning league MVP, who is currently in Chicago chasing a championship with the Cavaliers. Haden has followed James for years and can’t bear the thought that his idol could leave this summer a free agent. "I was so excited about Cleveland," Haden said. "I was like this, ‘Now he can’t go anywhere because it might break my heart.’ I’m trying to figure out how to get in touch with him and text him or something and take him out to eat and make sure he doesn’t leave."

Browns have Tebow, Kurt Coleman on their radar.


Meh on the first. Yay on the second. I said in the most recent Around the Pound that I guess I'd be okay with getting Tebow in the 3rd round. Looking back, I don't know why I said that. Sure, there's some intrigue but the Browns don't have a lot of room for drafting based on intrigue this year. I'd prefer LeFevour or McCoy to Tebow.

Private workout for Earl Thomas & Browns


Could Thomas be a possibility with the 7th pick? Or is that reaching too much?

Fujita embraces Cleveland’s turnaround mission

"I’ve always enjoyed the process of trying to turn teams around," Fujita said by phone from his offseason home near Monterey, Calif. "We did that in New Orleans and I’m so excited about the opportunity to try to do that again." "...now I’m on to the same mission, which is to win a championship and try to bring that to Cleveland." I'm liking this guy.

If you had to choose....

I was thinking about this the other day. If you had to choose only one of these: a) LeBron resigning with Cleveland in the offseason. b) The Browns winning a Super Bowl in the next 5 seasons. c)...

NY loves you, Braylon!


NY loves you, Braylon!

Kiffin going to USC


Pretty surprising. I wonder how the UT fans feel.

The Browns will reportedly introduce Tom Heckert as their new GM at a press conference on...


The Browns will reportedly introduce Tom Heckert as their new GM at a press conference on Monday. They may also hire Seahawks director of pro personnel Will Lewis in a lower-level capacity. Lewis interviewed for the GM job on Friday, but Heckert got it. Heckert has been the GM in Philadelphia since 2006, but always lacked "final say" with regard to the Eagles' roster. It remains to be seen if he'll have those responsibilities under Mike Holmgren in Cleveland.

A "tribute" to Quinn. Love him, but this is hilarious.


A "tribute" to Quinn. Love him, but this is hilarious.


Quarterbacks and Running backs

So, we're at Week 15 and I feel like our QB situation is still a big, fat question mark. Do we let Quinn start another year? Do we take a QB with a first round pick? If not, when do we take one? Or...

Charlie Frye Starting


So this could mean Frye vs. Browns next week.


DA to the Raiders?

My dad and I were watching the Raiders yesterday (He's a fan.) when we started to talk about how much Russell sucks and what they'll do about quarterbacks next year. Personally, I doubt that...


funny steeler comments

"I have been a steelers fan for 37 years and while there have been ugly times in those years, I have NEVER thought that i would be embarrassed to be a steelers fan." "might call out for work in...

The Browns Get 3 Mid-Season Awards


too bad they're all "anti-awards".

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