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Brandon Graham on the Trade Block?

Could Dallas get away with picking up a known young commodity for a low round draft pick?

"No Interest In" CJ2K

Sounds like Valley Ranch put the kibosh on the CJ2K to Dallas speculation. Why do sports writers get away with unfounded speculation and conjecture? Its astonishing.

Manziel's Post Pro Day interview

Personally, I wasnt high on him, but after hearing commentary on his pro day and his interview, I wouldnt be butt hurt if he ends up wearing The Star

A Player that will never wear the Star......Taylor Lewan

A life of luxury and fame a head of these guys and they seem to just not get it. Damn shame

....the words I want to type would get me banned........This is why the Cowboys are a cap mess

He is still under contract for another 4 years.....FOUR YEARS!!!! The string of obscenities I would yell at Jerry would make Gunnery Sargent Hartman blush. This is frustrating.

Calvin Watkins: 8 sentences and alot of copy and paste later and WHAA LA, he has an article

I would love to have a job where I can do very little and put so little thought into my work and be nationally known and read. A middle schooler could write better crap.

Nnamdi Waived

Hypothetical, but could Nnamdi be converted into a ballhawking safety that the Cowboys are looking for? Just a thought, not a serious consideration.

Reality has hit

When Jerry reads this, if he hasnt already, will probably be none too happy with what his writers are voicing, which is great. Maybe this will be a wake up call for FO, that even the "hired help" at is calling this team mediocre. I'm still holding out hope for at 10-6 or 9-7, but maybe another "win and in" game at the end will be good for this team, to finally win that game that has been eluding this team for the past two seasons. As of right now, the fact is our beloved Cowboys are a middle of the road, fence riding, mediocre team and until they can string more than two wins together and stop losing the equivalent games; and finally beat a good team, that's all they will be, a .500 team.

Cap relief If Rat signs with another team this year?

Not knowing all the ins and outs of NFL contracts, it makes sense. I wonder if Jerry is waiting to see if he signs with another team to get the cap relief and if not then the legal issues will be put forth.

Mo's Migraines a long term issue?

I know the Cowboy's knew of his migraines but I can't help but think what is the reason for his migraines? Could they be concussion related (jumping on the wagon)? Could this be something the team should be concerned with in the long term?

Another Cowboys Hater on NFL Network

The more I listen to Terrel Davis the more I dislike him. He's on my Marshell Faulk list. NFL Network has really fallen off, over the past 2 years the network has become a BSPN clone. Pretty sad if you ask me.

Marvin Austin, latest D-Line Aquisition

This was a pick up that was talked about last week in the comment sections....Good pick up, former 2nd rounder with maybe something to prove

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