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Bucs Dugout Community Prospect #1

Who's the top prospect in the system? Vote in the comments using the +1 method. If there's anyone I didn't include in the poll who you'd like to vote for, you can write him in under "others." If...


Community Prospect List: Organization Discussion

A few days ago, cainyoudigit suggested that we do a community list for Pirate prospects. His fanpost didn't get a lot of response, but I like the idea, so if no one has any objections, I'll just...

Good News on Grossman


You all probably realize that I'm obsessed with Robbie Grossman. BA (Jim Callis in particular) doesn't seem to like him, but it looks like Pirate-hater Keith Law does. (It's the fourth or fifth question in the chat.) Comparing him to what "Brett Jackson is supposed to be" is very high praise. Jackson was BA's #38 prospect last offseason, and I think a lot of people think he can be something like a .270/.350/.440 center-fielder (though others are very concerned about his K rate, which from the context here I'm guessing is a big red-flag for KLaw).

Pitch-Framing by Catchers


Incredible article by Mike Fast about pitch-framing. The key takeaways are that the skill distribution is roughly +/-20 runs/120 games and that Ryan Doumit is really, really bad.


Three Years

I started writing this as a response to Charlie's article about the rumored Huntington extension, but I decided it was interesting/important enough to get its own FanShot. Forgive the conceit,...


My Top 40 Pirate Prospects

Here's my top 40. I tried to keep my comments succinct while also giving an idea of how I see each player. I take the rankings seriously, but the grades are more important. There's not a whole lot...

Josh Bell Rumor


Kendall Rogers, who reports on the draft for Perfect Game, tweets that a trusted source thinks the chances of Bell signing are 60%. That's not great, but it's a lot more optimistic than what we were hearing before. In subsequent tweets, he says that both he and his sources at Texas still think Bell is going to college.

Bullpen Banter's Midseason Top 100 List


It includes 2011 draftees, and five Bucs make the cut. Taillon and Cole are top ten. Very nice.


Carlos Martinez 6/30 vs. Bradenton

I was lucky enough to catch Carlos Martinez's FSL debut tonight. Here are my thoughts. The raw stuff is absolutely amazing. The FB was sitting 97-98 and touched 99 a few times. It's a little...

Sickels Mock Draft


There have been a lot of mock drafts recently, but I'm linking this one because it goes through the supplemental round in addition to the first round proper (separate link), so it gives an idea of who might be available for the Pirates in the second. If things shake out this way, guys like Alex Dickerson, Derek Fisher, Ricky Oropesa, and Josh Osich will all be available in round two. And there's a ton of talent beyond that for rounds three, four, and later. I'd probably go for Osich if this is how it plays out; he'd be a great value at #61.

Danny Hultzen Scouting Report


Mike Newman is one of my favorite public scouts. He's higher on Hultzen than most, but still, this report should give everybody a good idea about how good Hultzen is. He's not the BPA, but he's no Bullington or Moskos or Maholm. He's really, really good.


The Jose Bautista Trade And An Implicit Criticism Of The Front Office

Charlie's earlier post about the Bautista trade was good, and I generally agree with everything he wrote. However, I think his post contains an implicit criticism that I'd like to make explicit...


Reports On Bradenton Hitters

Some thoughts on this year's Marauders hitters. Robbie Grossman - He's noticeably improved from last year. He seems stronger, and hits the ball with more authority. He also appears much more...


Reports On Bradenton Pitchers

The Bradenton Marauders finished up their first homestand last night. Here are some early observations about a few of their pitchers. Brett Lorin - His fastball sits at 89-91 MPH with a lot of...


Please Stop Calling McKechnie Field a Hitters' Park

Fairly frequently, I read/hear someone write/say that McKechnie Field (the Bradenton Marauders' home park) is hitter-friendly. None of the people who write/say this ever seem to provide any...


Pirates Alter Infield Defense

Supposedly, one of Neal Huntington's offseason priorities was to improve the infield defense. He really didn't do much toward that end, but he did claim that the Lyle Overbay signing addressed the...


What the Pirates Stand to Gain by Rearranging the Infield

Given all the recent talk around here about the Pirates upgrading their infield defense, I thought I'd take a crack at calculating how much the proposed realignments would improve the Bucs. First,...


Wladimir Balentien

Word is that the Reds are going to waive this guy if they can't trade him by tomorrow. I'm not impressed with Raynor, and I think Balentien would be a better use of the roster spot. He can handle...


Some Spring Training Notes

I saw a couple of games this weekend (Fri night at BAL and Sun against MIN), and I thought I'd type up a couple of notes. So as not to bore everyone, I'll just keep it to a couple things that...


2011 Pirates

This post is partially inspired the thoughts I shared in the Neil Walker thread, the most specific of which is that I still think Walker's a good prospect. The larger context of that thought,...

2010 Pirates Draft Preview


Excellent preview of the upcoming draft from the Pirates' perspective. Includes detailed account of (Scouting Director) Greg Smith's drafting history, analysis of the Pirates' recent draft strategy, and speculation about what the Bucs might do in this year's draft.


2010 Pirates projected wins

In light of the Church signing, which should put an end to free-agent position-player acquisitions, and partially in response to the prevailing notion (as expressed, for example, here) that the...



I've never written a fanpost before, and I know that fans' trade ideas are generally stupid, but in light of reports that the Blue Jays are interested in Doumit and that the Phillies might be...

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