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Do Regular Season Losses Predict a Portland Loss?

Blazer's Edge member erastus25 did the research on all previous best-of-7 matchups between the number 4 and 5 seeds, to learn what role previous head-to-head games predict the result.


POLL: Which uniform should Lillard wear for the All-Star Saturday events?

Just starting a poll to see what uni everyone thinks Lillard should wear at the Saturday night events. Obviously, on Sunday he'll be wearing an ASG uni, and I believe the Rising Stars uni will be...

Sheridan speculates that Lillard is likely to make 2014 USA team


Cool. But also hopefully a one time thing. Don't want our guys getting worn out with long playoff runs and national team commitments! ;-) Also, what is Sheridan thinking? Durant at 1? Griffin at 6? Wade at 10?!?! I know these are just opinions, but come on...


How Do These Blazers Compare to Other 15-3 Teams?

Blazer's Edge reader Erastus25 researched the histories of other NBA teams who started with a 15-3 record.

Graphic representation of how good Lebron is on offense


Heat have been cruising at times, and Lebron is putting in noticeably less effort on defense, but...WOW. Advanced stats show he's unreal right now. PS: LA doesn't look so hot. :-/ Here's hoping he can raise up his fg% a bit.


Eugene/Springfield blacked out for Kings, Warrios AND Blazers on League Pass

My brother recently brought to my attention (he refuses to de-lurk so I'm posting for him) that Eugene/Springfield are blacked out for the Kings, Warriors AND Blazers on league pass. That seems...


Slightly OT: Video of Mike Rice Jr. abusing players

Just saw a link with some video of Mike Rice Jr. abusing players at Rutgers: It's very disturbing to watch...


Definitive BRoy being awesome on youtube thread

I know nothing is official yet, but I figured we might as well have a BRoy youtube thread. There's nothing wrong with sharing our favorite Brandon memories, either way. No matter what happens -...


Blazers fans in the Boston Marathon

Just wanted to say good job to the 2 Blazers fans I saw running the Boston Marathon yesterday! One was a young lady wearing a Batum Rip City jersey and was going pretty darn fast. The other was a...

NBA JAM is coming back!


NBA Jam is returning! And we can even vote on the 3 player rosters for the Kings Clips and Zombie Sonics. Anybody want to flood the box and keep KD off their team?


A plan to vote Brandon into a starting spot on the All-star team. We need YOUR help. Please read.

The Premise: The NBA released the all-star ballots yesterday. For those of you unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, every year the NBA releases a list of players that they consider good enough...

Bill Simmons gives JQuick some national recognition.


Scroll about 2/3 of the way down and Bill Simmons makes an interesting point about why Brian Windhorst in Cleveland and Jason Quick in Portland are two of the best beat writers in the NBA. It basically boils down to the fact that they're the only ones who properly use their courtside/locker room access. Hard to argue that considering Quick's recent Behind the Locker Room Door series.

URGENT: 2v2 tourney with Cleveland is TIED!!


I hate to post about this again but the 2v2 NBA Jam style tourney against cleveland on ball don't lie is tied with just a few hours to go. Go and vote everyone!

Don't forget to keep voting in 2v2 against Spurs on BDL!


Blazers have 70% of the vote but there's still another 15 hours to go or so. Don't let the Spurs come back! Keep voting! Sorry for posting about this again but Ben's reminders are pretty far down the main page now.

Bibby trade, seriously....


Scroll down to the Mike Bibby section of the first point. Supposedly KP has been pursuing him. Somehow I doubt it.


Who would you protect in an expansion draft?

There's been a lot of talk in the media about whether or not Seattle deserves to get another NBA team. The most likely scenario would seem to be the relocation of a current franchise (e.g. Da...


A crazy idea to save basketball in Seattle

Right now, it looks like David Stern is either unable or unwilling to intervene and block the Sonics move to OKC. I, like many fans, think this is a bad PR move, a bad business move and a bad...


Downside to Roy being really good

My first reaction when Roy made the all-star team was HE MADE IT!!! YES!!! FINALLY!!! NATIONAL RECOGNITION!!!, etc. However, my second thought was, "great, this also means he'll get more rest...

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