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OT: 50 Years – Where Were You?

The other day a cashier at the supermarket asked me where I was when I first heard the terrible news of November 22, 1963. Funny, I thought, I don’t look that old. But once I regained my...


Audio Sleuthing Pat Pieper

In the last couple of days, many of us on BCB have marveled not only at the quality, but at the very existence of videotape from the 1965 Channel 9 broadcast of Jim Maloney's 10-inning no-hitter at...

Ernie's Years in Big D

Great article. Sorry about the subscriber content.


A September Call-Up for All Seasons

Gabby Hartnett and Freddie Lindstrom were at Wrigley Field to mark the occasion, along with Ray Schalk, Red Faber, Hippo Vaughn and even Jimmy Archer, who not only filled-in at first for Frank...

Sori Finds His Mojo

Back in the Big League, he's warming-up for one big final contract and a likely run at HoF career numbers. Like Woody in 2010 and many others before and since, he's demonstrating the magic of Yankee pinstripes.


A Leap of Faith

The New Cliff Lee

Trust we must, but maybe you too thought the Maholm deal was a head-scratcher. Let's hope Vizcaino is pitching in 2014. He certainly seems to have all the makings of another Angel Guzman. Fallout from the Dempster Debacle may be varied and far-reaching.


Another Diamond Jubilee

Tonight’s the night, and although I don’t have any special plans to mark the event, the twin wonders of Retrosheet and Baseball-Register are helping jog my memory and take me back, way back,...


The Harder They Fall: Baseball and the Kid's Last Fight

Last Saturday night marked the 50th anniversary of one of the most dramatic events ever shown live on network television: the tragic ring death of welterweight champion Benny “Kid” Paret at...

Game Six: The Secret to an Instant Classic

One of the first and best reviews of Game Six, 2011.

Art Howe Disappointed in Moneyball Portrayal

He'll like it even less if he actually sees the movie.


Four Stars for "Moneyball"...

…and the audience I saw it with seemed more than willing to give it five. Most actually applauded as the screen credits rolled. Brad Pitt gives another excellent performance, and if his acting in...

Girardi: "Perhaps a Steadier Hand Than Even... Joe Torre"

An update on what might have been. Joey, we hardly knew ye.

Cubs Missionary Brings Religion to Natives

He'll have them drinking the blue Kool-Aid in no time.

'Pigs Lose IL Championship; Ryno Awaits MLB Offers

He should get a few after a great season in Allentown.


Rock-Bottom Years: Bad at 90 Games, Worse at 162.

The good news: Each of the Cubs’ 10 worst seasons have occurred in transitional years, when either a new administration was experimenting with wholesale roster changes, or when a failed...

Fan Dies In Fall At Rangers Ballpark

A similar, but non-fatal accident occurred last year at this same ballpark.


They're... Better than Hot Dogs!!!

Or, at least, that's the slogan being used to sell bison dogs at Wrigley Field, as reported by my oldest daughter Kathy, who was in Chicago today on a cross-country trip when she decided to stop by...

Gorzilva Watch

Two updates for Cubs fans upset at conceding 40% of our early schedule to starts by Russell and Coleman. Gorz info is linked to the title, while the scoop on Silva is here:


The Natural Choice

Following the crowd through the exits recently, I couldn’t help but think of the Ricketts family, and how the friendly gang from Creighton University certainly knows how to put on a show and give...


Cubs Can Be Big Cheese in Weak NL Central

As the fifth and final game of the 1972 National League playoffs came to a dramatic end, Bob Prince, the great Pittsburgh baseball announcer, understandably was distraught. Prince had just seen...

Former Cub Ace Bob Rush Dies at 85

Bob, who played for all three local teams of the 50's and early 60's (Cubs, Sox, and Milwaukee Braves), was the Big Daddy Reuschel of his time, and certainly the most productive pitcher developed by the Cubs in the post-WWII Wrigley Era.


Thank you, Mr. Cavarretta.

1951 was a great year for Christmas in Chicago, especially if you were a five-year-old kid at Columbus School on the west side. Regular snowfall that year started right after Halloween, and holiday...


Golden Anniversaries

As 2011 approaches, we should start preparing ourselves for the inevitable 50th anniversary tributes to the legendary Yankees of Mantle, Maris, Ford, Berra, Howard, Arroyo, Kubek, Richardson, and...


Season Over, Giants Win.

The Giants’ World Series win Monday night was a uniquely unforgettable event for the millions of fans around baseball who had never before seen that franchise win a championship.  As sports...

A few words from Coach K on Game 6, 2003

Some sensible eyewitness comment on the great debacle. As a precaution, maybe we should have a great basketball coach in uniform the next time the Cubs make the playoffs. K seems to know what's important in a crisis.


The Prospect of Q Recalls Some Words from Alou

On a September morning in 1966, as the Cubs prepared to put a 59-103 exclamation point on the Terrible Twenty years of the Wrigley Reign of Error, I paid my dollar and joined 20 or 30 other fans in...


Give Umps Continued Free Rein – As Cubs Fans, What Have We Got to Lose?

Video review of close plays sounds great in theory but, if and when it becomes standard practice, it very likely will force even the best umpires to refrain from using their own experience and...

Reds' Celebration Provokes Anti-Smoking Advocates

A mandatory visit from the authorities could get entertaining if the Reds win any more titles at home.

Bob Shaw, former Cubs & Sox pitcher, dead at 77.

Bob had two very different tours in Chicago baseball: The first, with the Sox, included a sensational 1959 season for the AL Champs, which included a 1-0 World Series Game 5 victory over Sandy Koufax at the LA Coliseum. Bob's win gave my dad and I the chance to use our Game 6 tickets to see what remains as the only World Series championship game played in Chicago since 1945. So what if the Dodgers won? I can only say thanks for some great memories, Bob. RIP.

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