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Raised in the bay, Stacklife, round the way from the O-A-K. From Mission to E-One-Foe, San Jo to the Valley Joe. Bay Luv or No Luv, 9ers, Giants, but especially them Golden State DUBS!

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Mychal Thompson says Klay is going to Minny?

So ESPN has THIS RUMOR going. Stating Lee/Klay and a pick are going to Minny for Love AND Martin. If this is true, I'd say this is a great trade for the Warriors. I'm sure a lot of us begrudgingly...


D.Wright looks like the odd man out...

I know Bob Myers gave the standard "I'll see him at camp" rhetoric, but I'm really surprised he wasn't moved prior or during the draft, even more so after we snagged Barnes. But I also haven't seen...


It's been too long...

But the NBA will be back soon enough. And with it comes another great season of GSOM posts and chatter. I have a ton of great aspirations for this season but I wanted to gauge how every else...

Golden State's got Talent!


Well, if they don't make it as NBA players Klay might be a good Warrior girl! As for Jeremy, I hope this isn't the effort we see from him all year.


NBA 2K11 Steph Curry question.

Anyone not like Steph Curry's shot? Well, after a many seasons worth of gameplay, I think I need to change his shooting stroke. The default is Kelenna Azubuike's shot, which I think is far from...

"They do remember me from 'Space Jam,' but not from basketball," Jordan said. "So I felt like this...


"They do remember me from 'Space Jam,' but not from basketball," Jordan said. "So I felt like this would be a good opportunity to kind of expose them to that."

Steph sprains his ankle @ US practice. UPDATED

  Curry landed on a teammate's foot during a scrimmage and immediately went down, and those who witnessed it said the injury initially appeared serious. "I think he was a little scared," coach...


Dorrell Questions...

  Sup Folks, First off Congratulations are in order for your squad being able to put together the conglomerate you know have in the organization.  I'm sure the haters are gonna keep hating for the...

Dorrell Wight Q&A w/ Miami Beat Writer


I checked back a bit on fan shots, didn't see this posted. I'm sure it'll be erased if it already was. But it's a pretty good article with a Heat beat writer who gives a perspective as to what Dorrell Wright actually brings to a team. I was trying to sign up over at the Heat forum to ask the fans, as they usually tell it how it is, and what a players worth really is. But this is some good insight. Enjoy


Is all this FA chatter and plotting good for the NBA? The Fans?

  I originally loved the idea that so many elite players are considering playing musical chairs with the teams in the league.  However, I think I'm looking at this from a different perspective...


Well, that's that then! Randolph will be here this season...

"I told (Randolph) Monday, 'I'm not trading you unless there is a heck of a player on the other side of the deal. You're not going anywhere,' " Riley said.Read more:h...


Update: J-Rich tweets about the Ad. It will be in this Thurs's AZ Republic Paper.

GSoM member esco41510 rallied the community to put together a special thank you for Phoenix Suns and former Golden State Warriors star Jason Richardson.



UPDATE 5/25: Well Folks, We actually did it! Thank you to all of you who donated! We received a $100 donation @ the end that put us over the top! I was amazed this morning to see our total stands...


What's Big Ben's worth?

Sup people. I read the posts on here quite often, but haven't posted on Niners Nations before. I'm a die hard bay sports least the good teams in the bay that is. Niners,Dubs,Giants. I've...


THIS is why Curry will win ROY...

Well, for starters I'm pretty much a homer, though I do believe that I can objectively look at the Warriors and discern fact from fiction when it comes to our team. I've been having the argument...


Would we go after T-Mac? Does he even fit?

Hypothetically speaking, it's not out of the realm of possibility that we may make a play for T-Mac.  I'm not one for various random trade posts a-la-Solutions over there. But I wanted to gauge...


Cohan for Governor! Who's with me?

I think Chris Cohan has shown through his 16 year tenure  with the GSW that he is not only adept, but IDEAL in playing a pivotal political role in our society today. Who else would be able to fill...


Was Griffin on the cover of the new Madden?

Because he definitely qualifies w/ his busted kneecap.  They say it could could take up to six weeks, but like back injuries, knee injuries can linger for quite some time, thats if they ever go...


Steph's Summer League performance

The Anthony's have torn it up during Summer League and I'm def excited to see what they add to the young Dubs squad during the season.  But I think we're all a little underwhelmed by Stephs play...


Does Amar'e think we're mediocre?

So ESPN recently asked Amare some questions regarding his future w/ the Suns.  I'm not sure how to read the comments, as he spoke about a "mediocre team", and I hope he's not talking about the...


A different angle perhaps? How about the FA pool?

So we're all buzzing off the the Amar'e possibility.  But seems like that Suns are butt hurt that we got Stephen Curry @ #7 and the deal could be losing it's legs.  No indication the Warriors would...


It just feels like something big is gonna go down....doesn't it?

With all the rumors swirling from Baron being offered up to us constantly, and the fact that the Warriors are taking some hard looks at swing players, even though we've been stacked at that...


RealGM:Nellie thinks we're set, Baron offered from Clips...

First off, here's the link... What do you guys think? With Randolphs recent insert into our rotation after...


What impact does you believe this will have on the West?

With a current lineup of as follows: 1. Crawford 2.Morrow/Buike 3.Jacks 4.Magg 5.Andris  This is in my opinion the most "Realistic" liineup for our squad to put on the court as soon as we get...


Let the trade talks begin....Reported Al for Curry trade.

Real GM says that Donnie Walsh is once again lookin to pick up Al Harrington to play in D'Antoni's system. Looks like the Knicks wanna give up Curry, but the spurs want to get in on the deal and...


This goes out to all the GSoM Ladies...maybe some of you guys too!

Saw an interesting post on Real GM, thought some of you may like it, and to tell you the truth, I hope I never see these guys like this again this season, cuz it'll be on the sideline next to Monta...


Warriors Talking about Tinsley w/ Pacers....

Well, to be honest, I thought the Pacers were done talking with the Warriors for a  while after our last trade...And it's funny they're lookin to at Al back. But I think this does help both teams,...


THIS is the last straw!!! I officailly HATE Baron Davis

Now...I know it was a business decision, I know your an LA Kid.  But if there's one thing I had more that the LA Lakers and the LA Clippers in General, it's this..... h...


You keep asking "WHY?" Well....Here's WHY!

Now, I'm not trying to knock any GSoMer's on here, but I keep hearing people questioning every move we have made this off season, and keep saying this guy or that guy is a horrible acquisition, but...


Homegrown? What about Eddie House?

Well, according to ESPN Insider, Eddies got a few offers on the table, and all the Celts want to give him is the league minimum @ 1 year, so he looks to be headin out.  What do you guys think about...

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