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Former Dawg cards first tour victory


I was out there yesterday bouncing between his final group and Lefty two groups ahead. Great day for golf, great finish, and great win for a Georgia Bulldog ! I must admit, I had forgotten he was even a Dawg until after it was over and I walked right by him and saw the Sea Island logo on his sleeve and then it dawned on me.

Dawgs Make Memphis Front Page--hilarity ensues


FOIA requests obtained by the Memphis paper on emails sent to Ole Miss' compliance director after provocation from Freeze's [not so wise] idea to tweet.

4 Star DT picks UGA


finally we turn one ! Good get

Evil Richt rips reporter


See evil Richt tear into reporter in SECCG postgame press conference. Fast forward to about 3 mins left in the video.

No point in even playing the game guys. Just hand the trophy to Alabama. I hope our players see...


No point in even playing the game guys. Just hand the trophy to Alabama. I hope our players see this.

Rambo on the defense via SBNation Atlanta


Lots of thoughts i dont feel like typing on an iPhone, but this is frustrating on many levels. If it means playing the backups who didnt get suspended, but who know their assignments, then maybe thats what we should do. 4 potential first round draft picks and guys are in the wrong positions ?!? Imagine the gasket nick saban would blow about this. I'm sure Grantham is too, but dang, we need get our heads together or bench some guys.

How to Beat Bama


(Associated Press) I like the zen like prose in this article and hope our coaches are employing some of these win-the-moment techniques. We have a very key stretch of games that we need to focus on (stay in the moment, stay in the moment), but I really want a shot at Bama just as a program gauge. Of course, if we can't stay focused, we can't win the east and I'm not really worried about playing Bama because that gauge will have suddenly become pointless and the question already answered.

Marlon Brown on ESPN radio in Memphis


via the Gary Parrish show, a local favorite. Comes on soon though- 5:40ET.

a "Football Player" in the truest since of the word


I want a framed picture of Richard Samuel and bulldog Russ.



Interesting article here from the Leather Helmet Blog that I wish I knew more about. Truthfully, I'm not so much concerned with debating how much Richt Bobo will play Lemay because, as we all...


de facto probation

This is a pretty good article by Kipp Adams from the dawgnation page at ESPN. What stood out to me is that UGA is operating at a level 15 scholarships under the NCAA limit or, as he puts it, akin...


Questions for the lawyers

I’m kind of flying off the cuff here because I need to get back to billable hours :), but I have been wondering a little bit about the legal issues in the whole Penn State mess. Some of my...

New Video of Richt and Franklin


I see a tattle tale and a classy head coach. Really? You're totally innocent Franklin ? What a joke


Samuel moved back to RB

I don't have time to get completely immersed on the subject but thought I could get the discussion started. I have slightly negative leaning feelings on this because my fear is that he ends up...


How to beat Auburn ?

Enough with polls, rankings, and Florida.  Let's get on to the task at hand---the last sliver of opportunity for this team to salvage some respect and play like the team that we can be---how do we...

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