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young mane with ambition

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  • NBA Washington Wizards
  • NFL Baltimore Ravens
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I got this idea from the raptors real gm forum. Both teams are in similar situations when it comes to management, continually...


How good do you think Seraphin can become?

I was very impressed with what I saw from him post all star break. The McGee trade may become one of Ernie's best moves because of how the young bigs like Kevin and Jan got better with Nene's...


Wiz need to trade Jordan Crawford

This is my first fan post in a while and this is just an observation I've made since the McGee/Young trade when Crawford became the starting 2 guard. Him and John Wall simply don't fit. In my...


wizards made a huge mistake by not drafting Klay Thompson

A while back I made a fan post urging that it would have been better for the wiz to use the 6 pick on Kawhi Leonard, but I think I'll take that comment back. Klay Thompson is an automatic shooter...


should the Vesely pick get Ernie fired?

I mean even before he was drafted it was reported that he lacked many basketball skills. He decided to use a top 10 pick on a player who has no ability on offense and was too weak to defend most...


If the wiz get the #1 pick would you consider trading down?

I know that kid Anthony Davis is getting a lot of hype and attention, but personally I think that if this team gets that first pick they should trade down with a team that has 2 lottery picks like...


would you redo the first round 2011 picks

I like some of the stuff I've seen from Vesely and Singleton, but in my own opinion I think this team would be in a much better position if they used the 6th pick on Kawhi Leonard and the 18th pick...


Has this team pushed you to the point

Where you wanna stop rooting for them. I don't think I can take anymore of this. Blatche is horrible but yet he continues to get minutes and people still think that he might actually make...


Other teams you'll be interested in whenever basketball starts up again

Portland: I wanna see how Aldridge does being the leader of his team for the whole year and seeing how Roy bounces back. I'd interested in seeing how good that team can be with Gerald Wallace and...


our new uniforms.

  Hello, bulletsforever, I'm new to this site and I've been interested in the teams rebuilding process and the players we've added the past two drafts. I appreciate the way the team is trying to...

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