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There will be no cooling off period

There is no time to waste. The team has 13 days off (a short week by BTN announcer standards, but a long period of time by the rest of the football world). No need to go listen to the post-game...

Maryland and a bowl


I know the injuries have been tough, but the schedule might break the right way. Regardless, this is the time of the year to think positively...

UNC Scandal


All in good fun. This time, at UNC's expense.

Oversimplified Analysis of Probe


I know I am oversimplifying things, but I am really not all that impressed with this academic thing. What do you think?


We are having some fun with this

Miami apparently about to get hammered by the NCAA: http://atlanticcoastconfidential.com/2012/08/03/miami-hurricanes-facing-truly-unprecedented-penalties/ We are having some fun with this over at...


The NCAA is going to hammer Miami...

NCAA set to announce penalties against Miami that are truly unprecedented On a serious note, once the NCAA goes to a certain level with imposing penalties, there is really no limit to what the...

Delaney mentions Syracuse/Fine


In the hierarchy of preferences, I think "not mentioning Syracuse and Fine" trumps what he actually said... but what he actually said was much better than what some morons have said about the issue. So... there's that.


Hey... Penn State has options

The way I interpret the NCAA bylaws, and the United States Supreme Court seems to agree, if the Freeh report were to be proven inaccurate (somehow), Penn State could approach the NCAA to request a...

Penn State Penalties


Seems like the NCAA got it right. No death penalty, but strong penalties.


Just throwing this out there...

But what about trying Southerland at the 5 spot defensively. Lately, he seems to have more blocks than anyone other than Fab. He has rebounded at a C- level. That is as good as Keita and...


Big East Tournament Poll

If you are a tortured fan like me, you spend a lot of time trying not to jinx us. I never predict us to win in my brackets. I did that once and got burned. I think about how every game could be...


The Difference Between HCDM and his predecessors

The primary difference between HCDM and his predecessors is the willingness to change. If you recall, Coach P was highly loyal (scary loyal) to his assistants and philosophies. G-Rob was just...

Will it be enough to keep FSU and Clemson happy?


New TV deal will take ACC to $15M per school per year. Still behind the other 4 conferences.

Clemson Forms Athletic Advisory Committee


Don't shoot the messenger. There are lots of reasons to form an advisory committee... but the language in the press release is a little bit concerning. First sign that there may be fire behind the blog smoke...

New football recruit!


Go HCDM. This is a need position too. We need to pressure the QB without blitzing....

Anyone remember this game?


If so, please feel free to comment regarding any additional details...

Penn State's coach search woes. Good for the Cuse???


As you all know, I am Syracuse first and ACC second. And I care little for the Big 10. Is anyone else thrilled at (a) how long it has taken for PSU to name a coach; and (b) that it is coming down to this cast of characters?

ESPN at it again


An entire article about college basketball without ONCE mentioning that we are #1. The bias from Bristol continues unabated.

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