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kicking on fourth-and-1 (espn)


"Cincinnati gets the ball to start the second half and drives to fourth-and-goal on the Baltimore 1. Seemingly exhausted by his first-half burst of courage, Lewis sent in the field goal unit. As the kick boomed, TMQ wrote the words "game over" in his notebook."

Bill Williamson (ESPN): Chiefs Outlook


"REASON FOR OPTIMISM This is the best overall roster in the AFC West. It is one of the deepest rosters in the AFC. There is proven talent throughout the roster and the team has the right mix of veteran and young players. Still, the Chiefs are the youngest team in the NFL. They are the only team in the league not to have a player over the age of 30."

FO Defensive Defeats: DJ leads non-pass rushers, BF leads CBs


Defeats are defined by Football Outsiders as any play that causes a turnover, a loss of yardage or stops conversion on 3rd or 4th down.

6 Niners make the PFF Top 101 Players List, all on the def. side


Justin Smith (#2), NaVorro Bowman (#14), Patrick Willis (#20), Ray McDonald (#45), Aldon Smith (#64), Carlos Rogers (#78)

RGIII, the Rams and the Redskins


espn: close relationship between Rams and Redskins prevented Clevelands move for RG3


The Peyton-Poll

| + | - | + | - | + | -| + | - | + | - | + | - | + | -| + | - | + | - | + | - | + | -| + | - | + | - | + | - | + | -| + | - | + | - | + | - | + | -| + | - | + | - | + | - | + | -| + | - | + | - | +...


Packers or Giants? The historical perspective.

Looking at how the Niners have done historically against each team, doesnt have much to do with how they'd do this time but it's still interesting in terms of rivalries. So this post shows you the...

Quite a few former first-round picks in the mix now on offense and defense. Check out this list:...


Quite a few former first-round picks in the mix now on offense and defense. Check out this list: Alex Smith (#1, 2005); Braylon Edwards (#3, 2005); Carlos Rogers (#9, 2005); Vernon Davis (#6, 2006); Donte Whitner (#8, 2006); Ted Ginn Jr. (#9, 2007); Patrick Willis (#11, 2007); Joe Staley (#28, 2007); Michael Crabtree (#10, 2009); Anthony Davis (#11, 2010); Mike Iupati (#17, 2010); Aldon Smith (#7, 2011). [comment by "tyler" on]

ILB Tatupu available!


Adam Schefter: "After Seahawks asked LB Lofa Tatupu to take a paycut, he asked them to release him. The team now plans to do so, albeit reluctantly."

Peter King: CB Johnathan Joseph to Texans


SI_PeterKing RT @AdamSchefter: Texans reach agreement with former Bengals CB Johnathan Joseph on a five-year deal. Nnamdi to Jets looking more likely.

how 2010 started


Chargers fan Paul Maland recaps the how the Chiefs surprisingly beat the Chargers in the first game of 2010


accumulated trade values (draft 2011)

Accumulated Trade Value for all teams   TOTAL TEAM PICKS # (non-tradable compensatory picks in brackets) 3870 DEN 2 36 46 67 186 189 (247)           3...





Who should go? (Poll)

The Niners are 0-3, while two of those losses have been embarrassing blowouts against beatable teams. Fooch writes: The team has a lot of talent but it just can't get its act together. We've got...

more on Westbrook in backup role only


No raye of hope: according to OC Raye, Westbrook will be kept out of play until Gore needs a break. Brian doesn't seem too happy about it.


Seattle-Game: most annoying (Poll)

In Seattle a lot went wrong and it clearly was an all around team debacle, not one person's fault. Losing the way they did is a matter of teamwork. However, some factors outweigh others. So, let's...


Predicting Niners Win Totals 2010

How will the Niners perform in 2010? Here is a survey on our teams win totals for the season. It closes in about a week, just before Game #2, September 20, 8:30 PM. You may also use the comment...

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