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The Sound and the Fury

My reaction to the Clippers' "big" signing of Jamal Crawford reminded me of Mark Cubans recent appearance on ESPN2's "First Take." Cuban confronted ESPN2's Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith about...


Great Expectations

I need to vent. I've been holding in my rage concerning this Cleveland draft pick thing for far too long now. Most of us citizens were frustrated on the night of the Baron-Mo trade, and I think...

Tryon Smith is not Bruce Campbell


I'm really tired of hearing folks say that Smith was a reach or that he is a "project." So, here's some short and sweet footage via YouTube. The guy's not a work out warrior. He's a player. He played RT because USC's LT is Matt Kalil, brother of Carolina C Ryan Kalil. McShay mentioned Kalil during round 7 yesterday as one of the Blue Chip prospects next season. SB Nation's Mocking the Draft has Kalil listed as the no. 3 prospect next year. So, Tyron might not be as good as Kalil. Does that mean Dez Bryant is worthless because AJ Green might be a better receiver? No. No it doesn't.


The Waste Land

  II. A Game of Chess... er- Checkers? ... Okay. Kids throwing food at each other...


A Modest Proposal

  First of all, let's address some fan proposals. Recent comments have suggested that the Clippers could obtain Gerald "Crash" Wallace for a humble trade involving Rasual Butler, Craig Smith,...


The Dumb Waiter

I was a dumb waiter. But I'm done now. Done waiting, as in waiting for this franchise to turn it around. I'm tired of being a Los Angeles Clippers fan. You should be tired too. So, join me and...


The '10-'11 Roster and Sofoklis Schortsanitis

All this Free Agency talk is getting repetitive. LeBron, I know... I get it. Sure, Paul Pierce is an interesting knew topic, but like FA and just like the Draft, it's all speculation right now....


LeBron James OR David Geffen

I'm really just curious. So, this should be fun. The rumors about Geffen purchasing majority ownership of our beloved losers revolves around Geffen's supposed abilty to attract LeBron James to the...


Miles Austin will never reach his potential.

That's what I thought coming into this season, following the preseason. I remeber watching the combine on '06, when Miles Austin was performing, and I was impressed. Then, obviously, I was elated...


Thank You, Steve.

  In a sports world overshadowed by highlight reels, popular names, and tired rivalries, you offer such great insight to fans of a team that fails to get recognition from even the likes of local...


Share Your Thoughts: Eric Gordon Edition

ClipperNation is at a very akward crossroad. Many fans feel that a new begining is necessary, and that this rebuilding should be focused around young shooting guard Eric Gordon. However, Mike...


Draft Geeks Unite: Who do the 'Boys pick (and, why)!?

I've created a list of players who I think are attainable, for the Cowboys. By attainable, I mean that the Cowboys won't have to move into the first round, roughly. You know what I mean: Eugene...

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