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Another SS prospect signed.


Per MLBR, linking to the spanish language site,, the Braves signed 21-year-old Nicaraguan shortstop Ivan Marin to a minor league contract on February 10. Perhaps this was noted here earlier, but I didn't recall it. Perhaps also someone could translate and post any points of interest from the original source.

More BP shock & awe


DOB is gushing on, again: "But this … this is something different. The 245-pound Heyward hits them with such ferocity that the ball not only makes a different sound coming off the bat – as Bobby Cox, Tim Hudson and others have noted – but it also whistles past with a different sound when you’re standing between the dugout and first-base line. Seriously, it does. I noticed that yesterday when I was standing over there with my back turned, talking to someone. Heyward hit a ball that sounded like it was dangerously close to me (it wasn’t) and at the same time one of the other hitters in his group shouted something that was guttural, an instinctive sort of response indicating disbelief."

Hank Aaron on Tommy Hanson: "... I think the Braves have a superstar."


Hank Aaron on Tommy Hanson: "... I think the Braves have a superstar."

Full Quote: "This kid has the world in front of him, really," Aaron said. "If everything stays on par and he pitches the way I think he can pitch, I think the Braves have a superstar."

DOB: "Damon ... [Blah, Blah, Blah]"!


what a bizarrely obsessive sports journalism thing this continues to be.

Chipper is "more than impressed" with Heyward


Also: "he looks like a bigger, more muscular version of Fred [McGriff]" "... he's built like a brick house." "I've got a pretty good feeling he's going to seize this opportunity." "... looking at his makeup, mind-set and coachability, it looks like he's ready and raring to go."

Path of the Pros: Jair Jurrjens


An excellent article summarizing JJ's minor league career from 2003 (as a 16 year old) through 2007. Many insights from his coachs and managers.

Celtics' Pierce may have broken left foot


This may put Josh Smith into the All-Star game.

Jason Heyward # 1 on's Top 50 Prospect list


And Julio Teheran # 34. Freddie Freeman omitted.


Wren: "Yes ... we're better." (With Poll: Right or Wrong)

AJC Columnist Jeff Schlultz offers up an overview and analysis of the team's off-season renovation, wrapped around some quotes from our GM Frank Wren: “We think we’re way ahead of where we were a...

NYT article weighing Dale Murphy's HOF credentials


Interesting take on Murphy and Andre Dawson's candancies, featuring the analysis of famous stat man Bill James.

Braves offer arbitration Soriano and Gonzalez, but not LaRoche.


Hot off the twitter fro DOB.


Early November Fresh Rosterbation

Okay, gang, the current rosterbation thread has almost 300 comments in the last 11 plus days.  Enough is enough.  Given that TC Management wants to cut down on the clutter of chronic, multiple...

Prospects progressing


DOB has an interesting writeup in today's AJC, with individual commentary of each of our youngsters in the AZ Fall League. Worth a read. Teaser: Frank Wren on Mike Minor: "He's not Cole Hamels today, but he has that kind of ability."


Tommy Hanson has led the way.

Thirteen Sundays and eighty games ago, on 6/28/09, Tommy Hanson took the mound despite flu-like symptoms, including fever, and being questionable for the start.   The Braves had lost four in a row...

Bobby Cox: ""Everything is fine. [Wren] has been outstanding"


Gordon Edes' reporting is debunked and Bobby is seemingly going to be around for at least one more season. And as a twofer: CEO McGuirk: Team headed in right direction

Vazquez: "I really want to be here"


Vazquez: "I really want to be here"


Is the season over for Jason Heyward? With Poll.

Last night, in game 4 of a AAA playoff series, the Gwinnett Braves went down in defeat to the SWB Yankees.  This ended the season for the Gwinnett Braves. But did it end the season for Baseball...


Chipper: waiting to call up Hanson hurt team

Trolling around the tubes this morning, I happened across this August 20th article from the Gwinnett Daily Post wherein our team leader, Chipper Jones, makes known his views on Tommy Hanson being...

Heyward Watch: AJC: Are Braves wasting time?


Excellent article today. Heyward, Wren, Wellman, Huntsville pitching coach John Curtis and others are quoted: Best quote is Curtis': "There are certain guys who stand out at the lower levels. You just know are not only good players, but ‘star’ is written on them. All the tools are there. With him it’s just a matter of time."

Heyward Watch: Wren in Huntsville


" ... his focus was on top prospects Jason Heyward and Freddie Freeman, he had glowing remarks about [Kimbrel]"

Tommy Hanson sick, could miss start


Tommy Hanson sick, could miss start


Twirling tonight in Pawtucket

The Mighty Hanson, future ace,  gonna slam dunk it Show his stuff Cause one helluva commotion And  (we hope) earn a quick damn promotion. (All limericks involving Pawtucket are inherently good...


Six man starting rotation?

Tommy Hanson is likely ready to contribute now, this year, straight out of spring training. I'm thinking he is a legitimate top of the rotation, number 1 in the next few years and that holding...


Seriously, why not Ryan Ludwick in LF?

The news today is that although the Cardinals have not gone to an arbitration hearing since 1999, general manager John Mozeliak has announced to the media that little progress has been made with...

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