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OT Baseball 9/13/12

Down with the Yankees!


Round 2 Bold Predictions: Let's Review!

So it's 30 hours before puck drop in the next Game 7, and I thought it would be fun to review the Bold Predictions we and the staff made prior to the start of the series. I realize that there's...


Overflow Thread

Overtime GDT Thread, Game 1


Eastern Conference - Records Over Last 35 (ish) Games

We know, thanks to BtN, that the final 35 games of the regular season have the most predictive value with regard to first round playoff performance.  Thanks to, we also know that 35...


So, um, 8 goals tonight, or do we hold out for an Ovechtrick?

Caps at SJS: Puck drop thread


Kings @ Caps: Third Period Thread

BB at least put the 4th line out at the end of the last PP, so maybe that will wake them up


OT Hockey 12/02


OT Hockey 11/12

If you're not watching TBL/PIT, you're a communist


OT Hockey 10/14

OT Hockey 10/14


OT Hockey 10/13

OT Hockey 10/13


Hockey OT - Snowtorious BIG Saturday

Watching Rags-Devils myself - interested to see Kovy in his new digs.


Further to the Strength of Schedule Issue

On the Forecheck (via Puckdaddy) has some updated numbers regarding Strength of Schedule for the balance of the season,  and adds some additional angles to consider.Caps looking goooooood here. ...

Nick, Alex and Alex: Portraits from Hell

The olympic portraits for 3/4ths of the Young Guns...Sasha Semin looking particularly hardboiled...

Lefty Shot v. Righty Shot Distribution in the NHL

Now this is interesting. 67% of NHL players are lefty shots - including, I imagine, a bunch of naturally right handed players. I have no idea why that would be the case.


Pythagorean Expectation for Hockey?

I'm sure most of you have run into the Pythag Expectation as a baseball stat; for the uninitiated, it correlates runs scored and runs allowed with expected winning percentage.  It's not entirely...

Puck Prospectus Simulates Caps-Pens ECF

Puck Prospectus predicts a Caps/Pens EC final, and simulates the matchup 5000 times, then breaks down the results (a bit). My take in the comments.


Handicapping WSH @ TBL, 12/7/09

Interesting game coming up with the Capitals and Lightning meeting for the first time this year.  Ordinarily, with the Caps coming off of two blowouts, I'd say the 'Ning have better than even odds...

Nice Primer on the "New" Stats

Mirtle has pulled together, in a single location, basic explanations of the stats provided by Behind The Net. If you were wondering how QualComp or Corsi numbers work, here's where to look.

Schultz to Play Against Philly?

Per TEB, looks like Schultz will play in Philly...and Sloan the game after that.

Power Rankings...What a wankfest.

Perhaps the dumbest exercise in sports "journalism"...

Philly already having salary cap trouble?

The Flyers are set to release Randy Jones, in order to clear room under the cap. Doubt that guy gets through waivers, as he's been pretty decent. The Pronger Effect starts, and it won't get any prettier.


Have to Admit, Crosby is Impressing Me

I've been as vocal as anyone about my distaste for Sid Crosby. I had him pegged as a petulant whiner, a wretched diver and a general jerk. I am revising that opinion after two games in this...

This Will Make You Feel GREAT About the Rags Series

The Thrash's blogger has a real interesting compendium of numbers on his blog, all based around the issue of how the playoff teams fared against other playoff teams. The Caps look good, the Rangers not so good. The Flyers look even worse, which makes me so happy I almost can't contain myself. Check it out, it's a different way of crunching the numbers. Still a bunch of counting and rate stats, but comforting to Caps fans and something I've not seen before.

Behold, I Bring you Good Tidings of Great Joy

Rangers have the worst goal differential in day games in the East. This includes the important Game 2 that JP posted about and a potential Game 6. I can't find the team record in day games for some reason, but if anyone's got that data, would love to see it.

Off Topic: Favorite BBQ Recipes

Off Topic: Favorite BBQ Recipes

Thought I would share a couple of mine in the comments - would love to see your own.

Keeping an eye on PITT and CAR

The one team I really do not want to see in Round 1 is the Penguins.  You all know the reasons, and probably share them. The best thing that could happen here is for Carolina to fall off a cliff,...


Bruce must go - getting it on the table early...

First, the headline is somewhat tongue-in-cheek.  Second, it's not going to happen.  Bruce lead the renaissance in DC, and he's going to get a shot at the playoffs this year.  But... Hear me...


Now that is down

My best viewing option for the Caps was  Now that's gone away, it appears.  Which sucks so hard I can't tell you. Can anyone out there help a brother out and let me know a site that...

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