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It's never too early to rosterbate

Since people have already started putting together rosters for next year, why not have them all in one place. To get in on the fun, go to and have fun....


Different Disciplinary Language

Like many people, I have been watching the suspension videos released by the NHL. Having played soccer for well over 2 decades, I am well acquainted with the subjectivity of refereeing, not to...

New Rule 48.1 Videos


This is an SI article that includes the new videos that show legal and illegal hits to the head as well as the new boarding rules. Interestingly enough, one of their examples of a legal hit is Douglas Murray laying out Louis Eriksson.

Franchise Faceoff (Logan Couture vs Drew Doughty)


TSN is having a face off between future franchise cornerstones. Right now Logan is getting trounced by Drew Doughty. While it's not the time to discuss who you would rather have, it is time to make the vote at least more respectable. In the great American tradition of internet polls, Vote Early and Often!


Doug Wilson's Offseason (so far)

One of the main complaints people have had in the past is that Doug Wilson waits too long to assemble his team. He almost never seems to make a deal or sign a free agent until either late in the...

San Jose has loyal fans


According to Brand Keys Sports Loyalty Index (which they claim "gives an apples-to-apples comparison of the intensity with which fans support the home team vs. the corresponding values for the fans of the other teams in the market") the San Jose Sharks have the 3rd most loyal fans in the NHL, behind only the Red Wings and Flyers. Oh, and the apparently the Giants fans rank 4th in MLB

Plank referenced on


Stu Hackel references Plank's excellent article on videos explaining suspensions. Seems to me that with all the furor over Campbell's emails, people are exploring options to make the Wheel of Justice more transparent and turning to Plank for advice.


What if Seto...

What if Setoguchi doesn't get an offer sheet from another team? We made him a QO so he won't be a UFA. Does that mean that he stays with the team at his current salary and becomes a UFA next year?...

SB Nation Regional Hubs


SB Nation is creating market hubs. The Bay Area will have one starting on July 1. Don't know too much about how it will work. Niner Nation has an article

Map of Sharks Fans - Add yourself


Mercury News has a map that you can add to. It's a map of where you watch Sharks games. Addresses aren't displayed, but entry names are.


Sharks Playoff Day (St Crispin's Day)

For some reason or other, whenever I'm psyched up I listen to one of two speeches. Either Al Pacino's speech at the end of "Scent of A Woman" or the "Saint Crispin's Day" speech from Henry V. So...

Discounted Sharks Tickets


Special "Black Friday" promotion by the sharks and ticketmaster. All upper bowl tickets are $25 and the lower bowl that are usually $78 are now $50. The code is TTS09. Enjoy

Bus back to Worcester


And back goes the bus, but this time McGinn is on it. Why? I thought he's been one of the, admittedly many, bright spots over these last dozen games.

Malhotra Makes it Official


Now we just have to figure out what the cap number is for that one year contract. Could be another reason why Couture and Petrecki were sent back down.

Heatley Clears the Air


Finally a story about Heatley that doesn't have him going to the Sharks... until the idiots start commenting

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