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Is James Southerland really Gary Clark Jr?


Is James Southerland really Gary Clark Jr?

CJ??? Really CJ??? Have you seen him play the last few games?


Honestly if it was who could have a huge impact going forward I'd agree, but CJ has been poor lately. Most indispensable is Scoop/KJ/Dion.

Even Osama Bin Laden thought Joe biden was an idiot.


Bin Laden noted snidely that killing Obama would pave the way for Vice President Joe Biden to assume the presidency. The al Qaeda leader said Biden was "totally unprepared" for the job.

Kris Joseph Fever


No wonder he played horribly, he was near death.

Weird SU references on NBC shows

  1. SU graduate who failed to finish his Major in Bro Studies on 30 rock
  2. Joe Biden on a Leslie Knope's Celebrity sex list on Parks and rec

WVU got Hosed


Wow, WVU had to pay 20 million to leave. I wonder what effect this buyout will have on any potential buyouts by Pitt and SU.


Pete Thamel Investigating Shabazz and Noel Recruitments

Seems to be that Thamel is got wind of some major rumors surrounding these two players. Jeff Goodman seems to agree with Thamel that something may be up with these two recruitments. Apparently...

So Long, WVU


I hope we can get out of this league faster then an Italian cruise ship Captain from a stricken cruise ship.

Dion Sporting the Platinums

5 I actually think they look good in that lighting, or not as bad as I thought.

Interesting Kenpomesque football evaluation.


Syracuse has jumped mightily up during the Marrone era.

Any word on the status of Rick Jackson's storming of the Bastille?


Any word on the status of Rick Jackson's storming of the Bastille?

And Goodman has officially jumped the shark


I'm nominating him for worst Sports writer of the year. Atleast Ron Morris admits he doesn't care, Goodman gets paid to be an idiot.

Glad we're leaving the Big East


Providence is on the Upswing, and could actually be relevant again.

Cryptic Fab?


His Picture had been him doing a dunk from high school, now hes back in an SU uniform. Coincidence or more Crypticness?

This Just In (Thats what she said)


An Adult women slept with Adult men other then her husband.

No Wonder the Media Hates Syracuse, We have a history of Upsetting the Status Quo


Enough was enough. The television network was getting a spectacle, a shiny bauble with which to lure both eyeballs and advertisers. The school was getting a payday, a hefty holiday stocking stuffer. And the players? Nothing. Nothing but a few more weeks of practice, battered pads and helmets, bodies too, of running and hitting and aching, a draining coda to a long, tough season. All for the opportunity to play middling mid-December college football in cloudy Philadelphia, where the sideline palm trees were imported -- and the 22-degree temperatures were not. "I still remember running out on the field," says former Syracuse linebacker David Meggyesy. "They had brought in the palms because we were playing against Miami. It was cold as hell, wind blowing, snow, and I’m thinking, 'God, those poor trees.'" Like a frosted palm frond, Meggyesy felt out of his element. So did many of his teammates. In fact, when Syracuse first agreed to participate in the 1961 Liberty Bowl, a made-for-television matchup featuring star Orangemen runner Ernie Davis (at right) and gifted Miami quarterback George Mira, the linebacker's reaction was typical: since the coaches and administrators accepted the invitation, maybe they should play the game. Disgruntled, the Syracuse players held a special meeting. No coaches allowed. The assembled college athletes had more questions than answers. Why are we even playing in this game? What is it about? Who is ultimately benefiting? The seniors talked boycott. A decision was made. If the team had to play – and in a second-rate icebox bowl nobody had ever heard of, to boot -- the players should at least get something in return. Say, wristwatches. Nice ones. Like the nice wristwatches given out at the major bowls, the Orange and the Rose. And so, the team met with coach Ben Schwartzwalder. We want watches, they said. Or else we won't play. A half-century later, their message is more relevant than ever.

The computers like us, they really like us.


bo (n.c) I don't know why is there a lot of people crying about cuse's being #1 in the country they are # 1 oso and rpi Joe Lunardi (4:49 PM) The Orange are No. 1 overall by an unusually WIDE marin, truth be told.

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