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They are all in for Rudy Gay


They are throwing hall of famers, virtual tour of the new arena on Gay, never seen this aggression from previous regime at all


An Open Letter to our Kings owner Vivek Ranadive about Donald Sterling

Dear Mr. Ranadive As news broke worldwide, we know the issue about Mr. Sterling's audio recording about heavy discrimination. As an overseas fans of the league and a Chinese, I really am...

Mike Malone clashed with Mark Jackson in Golden State?


For two straight years, Jackson has had issues with assistant coaches that he hired. Michael Malone and Jackson would go weeks without speaking to each other a year ago, league sources said. Malone left Golden State to become the head coach of the Sacramento Kings.

Mayor Johnson and Mitch as finalist as Hall of Fame


I really do hope both of them are selected in it.

Arena news


Well, it's Warriors news, but they are delaying plans for a year to move to SF


Happy Chinese New Year Kings fans

Kung Hei Fat Choy, Happy Chinese New Year Kings fans. No doubt sj60615 , HongKongKingsFan, and maybe Kfan in Korea (not sure about Korea) is celebrating all over here. I wish all you guys a...

Very harsh mid-season report from SHC


Well...damn right he is....the team is no where to be a playoff team....not that anyone expects them at all.

Top 10 moments for the Kings in


Just watch it before you guys end 2013


Greivis Vasquez delivers spectacular passes in the Kings lost

I'm so glad Vasquez took all those passes. I hope he starts to pass up the ball 30 plus times a game, he is a good passes, always has been, I hope he does not take a step back. Wow, wow, wait a...


Dear Coach Malone

Dear Coach It's five games after opening night, and all games are lost. It's okay for me as we are in a long rebuilding process and the current roster is hard to fix in just one offseason. I'm...

Scott Howard Cooper latest Kings preview


He pretty much knows everything the Kings needed to do to...go forward

NBA crew and David Aldridge loves the Kings pick


They love it, you love it, we love it, great start for the offseason

Take the high road and back off


Says Mister Mayor Well, they won't, will they?

Chris Hansen talked to Timberwolves at some point


Hi guys, Kings fan here and a first time poster here. We just survive the relocation saga, and it appears there are rumors Hensen talked to Taylor on purchase......

C-Webb said it right


CWebb not quite ready to celebrate Sac win."It's not over. I'm cautiously optimistic. I remember Horry hit a last second shot against us."— Jonathan Feigen (@Jonathan_Feigen) April 30, 2013

It's not over yet

This is the end


This song is so goddamn fitting.......

TNT's Gone Fishin mentioned Kings


Great to have KJ's bro Charles and the national TV mentioning Sacramento


A open letter from Kings fan in Hong Kong

Hi guys, I'm Felix, or you can just call me "fccpw", the initials of my full name, and I'm gonna tell you my story as a Kings fans. I'm gonna be totally honest to you guys, that I don't think I'm a...

David Aldridge on the relocation matter again


It is in the section "Dribble" And a lot of "Yes, but...." This is nerve-breaking....

From TNT Inside the NBA


Here it is from National Television



But, sources familiar with the thinking high in the league office said, those possible roadblocks, along with lawsuits in Seattle trying to stop construction of the proposed arena, could be an afterthought by summer. Afterthought by summer.....


The topic of expansion......

As you guys might have remember, the Pistons and the Knicks played a regular season game in London, and this is what Stern said about "enormous opportunity: NBA Commissioner Stern in London...

David Aldridge not optimism on the situation


So that's the view on the national side of view? That's depressing

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