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Real name: Steve Fenn
Twitter: @StatHunting (formerly @SoccerStatHunt)
My blog is and I write monthly for The Shin Guardian
Big thanks to SBN blog Big D Soccer, who gave me my first writing platform.
Banker by day, analytical blogger (mostly about soccer) by lunch break and commute (don't worry, I ride a bus).
Husband to an ordained Presbyterian pastor. Father of toddler with a promising right foot.

An exiled Dallasite, I have stuck by DFW teams in all sports but baseball (which I enjoy for the stadium atmosphere more than the game at this point anyway).

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Dallas Mavericks
  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
  • NHL Dallas Stars
  • MLB Pittsburgh Pirates
  • MLS FC Dallas
User Blog

Current and Enhanced MLS Re-Entry list for Stage 1


Who's still available in the 2012 MLS Re-Entry Draft? Listing today's Stage 1 options alongside 2012 team, minutes played, salary, position, and the contract status that led them to inclusion in...

Combing the 2012 results to handicap the MLS Cup Final


Click the title of this post to be whisked to The Shin Guardian, where I narrow the Dynamo and Galaxy results down to only the matches played by their 3 best players. I left Beckham off of the Galaxy's 3 best. Deal with it.

We All Hate Houston: DFW Bathroom Decoration


An immature response to Houston's 4th MLS Cup Final that you can hang on your bathroom mirror or door.

Scratching the Chalkboards: USMNT World Cup Qualifying


Today on The Shin Guardian, I made a lot of geeky Star Wars references, and looked at one aspect of each of the United States' semifinal WCQ matches. Click the title above to check it out. I couldn't find anything noteworthy enough about FCD's lone representative, Brek Shea, to include him in the analyses. Sorry.

Hypothetical FC Dallas Breast Cancer Awareness Kit


Hypothetical FC Dallas kits gone pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month.

Home Stretching: Strength of Schedule and Home Field Advantage in MLS


I calculated strength of schedule (weighing home field advantage) for the entirety of the remaining MLS schedule. Unfortunately, it turns out that FC Dallas has one of the tougher slates in the league. Meanwhile Vancouver, who they have to draw even with, has the easiest schedule. FCD has to be commended for making this a race, but they'll have to overcome a decidedly uphill climb to finish the job. (click the title of this post to be taken to the full article at The Shin Guardian)

USA-Jamaica from the American Outlaws section


Steve Fenn's rambling attempt to put words to an indescribable experience in the American Outlaws section on 9/11. Road trip, tailgate, Crew Stadium, US vs Jamaica World Cup Qualifier, followed by...

My first podcast: Previewing Seattle-FCD on Nos Audietis


Click the title above to visit Sounder at Heart and listen to Nos Audietis, where I breakdown FCD and the coming match against the Sounders from 25:30 to 48:20. Most of the FCD stuff you'll probably know already, but I'd appreciate any feedback. One note: I misspoke during my prediction in saying the FCD-Sounders match would be in Seattle. At the time I had been looking at the chalkboard of their previous meeting, noted it was in Frisco, and forgot that this no longer guaranteed the next match would be at CenturyLink. Given Dallas' desperation coming off the loss in LA, I see this coming match as a 2-1 FCD win, but by no means do I think it will be comfortable for them.

Scratching the Chalkboard: FC Dallas at Real Salt Lake


Chalkboard: FCD v RSL - Using OPTA to track dropping back defensively, backline passing and fouls conceded

Decoding the MLS Table and the New Tiebreakers


Here's my latest for The Shin Guardian. The FC Dallas playoff implications aren't anything new to those who have followed in Frisco this season. Playoffs would require unreal success paired with a ridiculous collapse from LA or Vancouver along. Click above to see the breakdown for the rest of the league.

Soccer Stats Roundtable on The Shin Guardian


This isn't directly related to FC Dallas, but with the lack of news coming out of Frisco today, I figured I'd pass along my latest work on The Shin Guardian. At the very least it should help you see where Daniel and I are coming from when discussing Chalkboards and other stats. Devin Pleuler (stat guru on, Rui Xu (Sporting Kansas City's professional analyst), and Alex Oshansky (investment banker and proprietor of Tempo Free Soccer) and I offered our insights on various topics within quantitative soccer analysis.

How FC Dallas Should Move Forward without Hope for the Playoffs.


Now that the playoffs are out of reach, how should FC Dallas approach the rest of the season? Examining who is likely to stick around in 2013, and who should get more playing time during the rest...

Scratching The Chalkboard: FC Dallas at San Jose Earthquakes


Scratching the Chalkboard: Using Opta Chalkboard statistics to empirically analyze Julian de Guzman and Zach Loyd's contributions for FC Dallas' visit to San Jose.

The Real MLS Table and My First Piece For Shin Guardian


I was recently offered the chance to write pieces for a great national blog, The Shin Guardian. They just published my first piece, which is a breakdown of the MLS standings using points per game and playoff-necessary point goals. It's a trop you've heard from me before. Unfortunately, it still doesn't look good for FC Dallas, but you guys knew that. I do plan to still contribute on Big D Soccer, but it will mostly be Scratching the Chalkboard with Daniel. My larger, more involved pieces will usually be on SG, but I'll definitely let you guys know when they are relevant to FC Dallas. I'd like to thank Daniel and everyone else here for the opportunity, support, feedback, and constructive criticism you've given me over the last few months.

OptaHunt: Castillo's Dribbling as Microcosm


Fabian Castillo attempts more dribbles than anyone else in MLS, driving FC Dallas to being the most-dribbling team as well. An in-depth look at the implications of these statistics, and Castillo as...

Scratching the Chalkboard: Toronto FC at FC Dallas


Scratching the Opta Chalkboard to provide insight on Toronto FC 1, FC Dallas 1 on July 4, 2012. Comparing David Ferriera to his cameo last night. Creating chances and shot quality.

Scratching the Chalkboard: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo

Using Opta stats to discuss contributions of FC Dallas' Jackson, Jair Benitez, Scott Sealy vs Houston Dynamo, and the overall lack of turnovers by FCD in the match.

We all hate Dynamo fans


We all hate Dynamo fans. A brief summary of the FC Dallas-Houston Dynamo rivalry from a Dallas perspective.

What will FC Dallas look like in a few years?


What will FC Dallas look like in a few years? Projecting a 2015 roster built around academy products like Top, Luna, Leyva, etc.

Hoops Triumphant... Oh, Wait: FC Dallas 2, RSL 3


Last night, a team in red hoops was flying around the pitch, probing the final third, and ultimately put its finishing together to blow out a quality opponent. Then we all quit splitting our...

OptaHunt: The real MLS table, and bad news for FC Dallas


The real MLS table and bad news for FC Dallas. Analyzing PPG, schedule, and playoff chances.

Scratching the Chalkboard: Philadelphia Union at FC Dallas


Scratching the Chalkboard: FCD vs Union via myself & @optahunt looking at Leyva, Blas and the aerial battle

OptaHunt: FC Dallas' 2012 Distribution Tendencies, a Passing Concern


Analyzing FC Dallas' distribution in 2012 reveals a counterattacking squad that bypasses the midfield often.

My roadtrip to Columbus


On the anniversary of @ColumbusCrew Stadium's opening, @Optahunt recounts his roadtrip to see @FCDallas there:


Dallas' Free Agent Options

Obviously, we're all concerned with the Mavs' offseason at this point. Cuban will have cap space to work with for the first time as an owner. So, who can he get with it? Looking over Hoops World's l...


Updated Thurs 4/46 - Mavs Very Likely 7th

4/26: Unless the Mavs beat Atlanta and the Nuggets lose to Minnesota played concurrently tonight), Dallas' first round opponent will be OKC. The odds of that scenario are placed at 15.4%, but who...

OptaHunt: Requesting your input to help evaluate MLS Castrol Index


I set aside analysis for a while after finishing my last post, but now it's time for me to move onto the next study. I could use some input from all of you to guide me, though. The plan is to...

OptaHunt: The Ferreira Effect


A fascinating statistical look at how FC Dallas played before and after David Ferreira's injury


OptaHunt: What do we miss as spectators?

Days after someone watches a match, what do they remember? The decisive goals are recalled almost universally, as are the passes that led directly to them (especially if highlights are widely...


Former and current Red Stripes on TV this week

FC Dallas upcoming schedule

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