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Real name: Steve Fenn
Twitter: @StatHunting (formerly @SoccerStatHunt)
My blog is and I write monthly for The Shin Guardian
Big thanks to SBN blog Big D Soccer, who gave me my first writing platform.
Banker by day, analytical blogger (mostly about soccer) by lunch break and commute (don't worry, I ride a bus).
Husband to an ordained Presbyterian pastor. Father of toddler with a promising right foot.

An exiled Dallasite, I have stuck by DFW teams in all sports but baseball (which I enjoy for the stadium atmosphere more than the game at this point anyway).

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Dallas Mavericks
  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
  • NHL Dallas Stars
  • MLB Pittsburgh Pirates
  • MLS FC Dallas
User Blog

Any parking recommendations for Saturday night's game?

I'm driving up from Pittsburgh this weekend, and will be catching the Mavs/Cavs game while I'm there. The game is pretty much the only reason I'll be downtown, though, and I was hoping for parking...


Please help me research transfers shot down by MLS/Revs

I am working on an article for another SBN blog concerning the history of MLS and its clubs rejecting transfer offers. I immediately thought of Taylor Twellman, then I remembered an allegation...


3 Questions on George John with West Ham Blogger

Three questions regarding George johns move to west ham

TMG: Royalactin (Delonte and the values of Mav PT)


Very interesting and well-written analysis from Ian Levy on Delonte West's maturation this season and the Mavs' culture that gives new additions the opportunity to blossom.

George John loan deal to West Ham nearly complete


Looks like GJ will get a kind of on-the-job trial with the Hammers. Hopefully he does well enough to warrant a nice transfer fee before the window closes.


What soccer gifts did you give or receive this year?

I think this fanpost and its comment thread could serve as a good, central place to brag or lament over presents that we want to recommend to others or warn them off of. Maybe even some things you...

Mark Cuban vs. Mark Cuban


An interesting essay on the paradoxes of Cuban. Very compelling as it retraces Mark's boldly radical approach to roster building early on, to his much more traditional approach the last couple years to the current unheard of retooling-the-champion-on-the-fly directive.


Mavs won't have cap space for 2 max contracts next year.

Why do people think Cuban can get both Deron Williams and Dwight Howard? According to Hoopworld, Dallas has $37,968,577* already committed to players in 2012-13. They could knock $8.3mm off of...


Mark Cuban's explanation of free agent exodus

Mark Cuban's response to Tim McMahon asking "What am I missing:" (I bolded the phrases I found most insightful) If this were the old CBA rules, we probably would have kept everyone together. But...


"Mavs Victory Lap" section of Grantland's NBA-appreciation opus

The Grantland staff wrote about their expectations of the coming 66 games and playoffs.  Each of them simply writes about what tickles their fancy right now, so overall the article is jumble of...

We're being robbed of the perfect MLS season finale

Baseball stole soccer's birthright this summer.  Remember when on the last day of the major league baseball season, the Rays and the Red Sox finished their games within minutes of each other, with...

Mixed XI's anyone?

During the Women's World Cup, my wife asked me what a US National Team men vs women game would look like.  As gently as I could muster I stated that size, speed and agility deficits would be way...


FCD on pace for Supporter's Shield

If you go off of points per game, FC Dallas has the best record in MLS right now. In my opinion, points per game is the most accurate way to rank clubs midseason.  Right now, LA and Seattle have...


Retiring #41

I've seen comments about Gilbert potentially retiring Dirk Nowitzki's number, and want to pose the question to Cavs fans (I am a Dallas fan).  I know the concept seems a little ridiculous, but...

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