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Suicide Awareness Run/Walk


This site has a connection to this issue. Chip in, if you feel you should.


Suicide Awareness Run: August 9, 2014

Just thought it might be handy to remind people early about the date for this year's Suicide Awareness Voices and Education (SAVE) run. The official title for the event is: Emotions In...

(Love's rebounding rate still elite in international ball)

Pau Gasol & Kevin Love grabbed 61 rebounds each (most in #London2012). The difference? Their minutes on the court: Gasol (228) & Love (138)

Poll: Do the NBA playoffs live up to their potential?

Basketball is a superb sport, and should be an easy one to market. It 'works' for spectators in person, or should. One can sit close to the action, see the effort on the players' faces, sense their...

Beasley had his revenge during another team plane ride


"Pay Back Baby!"

The Frohawk is entirely gone now.


"The Hawk will be missed dearly. Gargamel was found and arrested for this crime! All the Smurfs are cheering Sanctuary!" ~ Martell Webster's twitter account


"Kevin Love gets blocked too much," revisited.

Does this ring a bell for anyone else? As of two years ago or thereabouts, one of the arguments that always, always came up about Kevin Love was that his offensive game underneath was too labored,...

Article about the Suns' training approach


Probably lots of us noticed this one, but the general topic of how teams fail to invest in forward-thinking training and nutritional approaches interests me. The Wolves and the Mavericks might present an interesting contrast, in terms of how much they invest in stuff like this.

Article about Malcolm Lee in which his defense is highlighted


The second video used in the article shows two of the possessions I was impressed by when I reviewed the Memphis game in depth. (That video on youtube.) Let's hope he can at least show some defensive chops, being forced into action as a 4th string rookie.


Wolves @ Memphis Grizzlies Report Card, Tuesday 3/27/12

I'll keep things simple and stick to our "school grades" frame this time. Indulging my tendency toward metaphor would result in too many Achilles heels in the kitchen. (See how that works?) The...

Love met Scola afterward for a drink "to clear the air"?


Little-known, um, footnote to the stomping incident last weekend in Minnesota that caused the Wolves' Kevin Love to be suspended for two games this week after planting a sneaker in Luis Scola's face: Sources close to the situation say Love actually met Scola for a drink afterward to clear the air, with the Houston forward not flying out until the next day. In an interview Thursday night with the TNT studio crew after being named to the Western Conference All-Star team as a reserve, Love didn't get into those specifics but did say that "Luis and I are cool," explaining that the two have been friends since Love made it to the NBA in the summer of 2008. "I don't want to be known as a guy that makes plays like that," Love told the TNT guys. " I want to be known as a stand-up guy who plays hard in every game." -- Marc Stein


United (under a smart coach) We (know when to) Run.

Almost the very first thing David Kahn said upon his hiring, during the resulting press conference, was that he thought the Wolves needed to run. For anyone who'd watched Al Jefferson as the...

Mike Rylander's on Parks and Rec, the NBC sit com, tonight.


Mike Rylander's on Parks and Rec, the NBC sit com, tonight.

That'd be "Wally Junior" or "Fake Wally Szczerbiak" to many of us. Obviously he's been replaced by another arena host – we now have only one, and I predict his stores of sincerity are going to be shot by the All Star break if they aren't already – but Mike's a good guy. You may also remember his winning the Frito's "Make your own commercial" thing for the Super Bowl a few years ago.

"As of now, mashing up Jaric & Al Jeff trade, #twolves drop 9 spots in '12 draft. (12th/21st, if no...


"As of now, mashing up Jaric & Al Jeff trade, #twolves drop 9 spots in '12 draft. (12th/21st, if no lottery move-up). Surprisingly unawful."

David Brauer

Wow, when has Charley Rosen ever given this positive a player evaluation?


Ever since I've read him, Rosen basically has a) polished Phil Jackson's artificial hip with Kobe's old sweaty uniforms; and b) dissed every young prospect he's assessed. Check out his Rubio look, though. Conclusion: "In sum, Rubio gives the Wolves a discernible jolt of energy whenever he enters a game. He keeps his teammates (and the offense as a whole) clicking, makes winning plays and is on his way to being a bonafide franchise player. In other words, Ricky Rubio is a quicker, more athletic, better shooting, twenty-first century version of Bob Cousy."

First glance: Our "pace" is third in the league for the young season.


Note, however, that the absolute number is actually up after the three games. We don't have enough games to judge by yet, but I'm watching and so far there has not been a dramatic change in this area. 2011-2012 Pace: 99.5 (3rd of 30), according to Basketball Reference. 2010-11 Pace: 96.5 (1st of 30) 2009-10 Pace: 96.1 (3rd of 30) The relationship of pace to turnovers is among our big questions this season. How will Rick Adelman's hand at the helm affect that? Turnover percentages: 2011-12: 18.4%, worst in the league. 2010-11: 15.1%, " " 2009-10: 14.6%, 3rd worst in the league. The current roster, sorted by TOV%.


The Corey Brewer drinking game needs a replacement. (With poll)

Two years ago I played my very own Corey Brewer drinking game. Not that I drank drank, most of the time. That might have gotten out of hand, given my rules, which went roughly like: Whenever Corey...

Our Clippergeddon pick appears to have moved to N'Awlins.


The Clippers, sources said, will send guard Eric Gordon, center Chris Kaman, forward Al-Farouq Aminu and Minnesota's unprotected 2012 first-round pick to the Hornets for Paul.


Organizational Changes, according to Kahn today.

David Kahn was asked about how the organization works now at his press appearance. If you recall, when last we tuned in Tony Ronzone was a conspicuous departure – over "philosophical differences,"...

Talks the Last 3 Days, essentially extending previous negotiations


The quiet negotiations that have been happening this week are technically supposed to be "settlement talks" over the players' lawsuits, but basically every source out there seems to think they're more negotiating. In fact the tweet by Howard Beck here specifically says both sides agreed nothing in these talks can be used in the lawsuits out there: "All parties agreed IN ADVANCE that nothing in these talks would impact the litigation or be used to prove either side's case in court." It's about as we'd expect: The legal maneuvering is mostly leverage, used to try to pry something loose at the table. It can get to decertification or its equivalent, and that's where it's headed, but we still have a shot at a season here.

The home page is pretty sweet right now:

Error 404: Basketball Not Found Please be patient as we work on resolving this. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

What would a "disclaimer of interest" filing entail?


@daldridgetnt David Aldridge Meanwhile, source says players "ready to go" with disclaimer of interest filing w/NLRB if talks break down. Different from decertification.

Sebastian P. looks at how Ty Lawson's being used in Lithuania


A case of using a player in ways that run counter to his strengths. "If Zalgiris Kaunas continues to use Lawson in this manner, they are going to have to explain his poor play to fans." When we're talking about how players perform from one league to another, it's all about style of play. All the short-timer NBA players who'll bolt their overseas connections when the lockout ends present a dilemma to Euro coaches. (The analogy to Rubio, natch.)


Owners and players we respect a little more.

Posturing, spin, negotiation judo.... If you want to enjoy sausage, the aphorism goes, then you shouldn't watch it being made. I don't hate David Stern. His role during a collective bargaining...


What happens when it's over: A quick review of '99.

Shall we hop into the Way Back Machine? Feb 8, 1999:   The T-Wolves wound up losing Gugliotta to the Suns, but they're hoping that Smith, whom they signed to a one-year, $1.75 million deal, can...

Anthony Tolliver conversing, via twitter, with CBS Sports columnist


He takes a pretty measured stance on "competitive balance," how it relates to the cap, and so on. Our writer, Matt Moore, gives him credit for being candid and reasonable, and uses him as an example of a player using social media to represent the players' interests pretty well. Highlight the first: Moore: Do you guys care about competitive balance or is it one where you think it will just work itself out, i.e. survival of fittest? Tolliver: I played on the worst team in the league and im not asking for help! we have enough talent to improve and compete. Highlight the second: Moore: How much of it do you follow? Tolliver: I follow every word, every article, every news story...this is my livelyhood for hopefully the next 10 years! Moore: Has the lockout been one of the few instances where the players don't feel like the media is out to get them? Tolliver: Media is ALWAYS out to get us! They are EVIL!!! LOL Moore: You realize now I have to write a post tomorrow that says "WOLVES PF BELIEVES IN OCCULT" right? It's in my contract. #notreally Hard to say if Mr. Moore realizes that Tolliver's as much of an outspoken evangelical Christian as he is, but tossing that "occult" line in there is pretty funny either way.

Michael Rand is blogging the alternate universe version of this season.

LOVE, RUBIO DEVELOPING AMAZING CHEMISTRY ON AND OFF THE COURT It was a simple drill, really -- a two-on-two scrimmage at the end of practice designed to see which of the fatigued Timberwolves players were still playing at a high level. One one team: Luke Ridnour and Darko Milicic. On the other: The Future. Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love, two precocious players on an already young team, had the ball. Next basket would win. Rubio took a slow dribble right as Love -- using a newfound quickness he attributes to a summer workout regimen that shed 20 pounds -- made a quick dash to screen Ridnour. Rubio saw it coming, as has been the case often with these two early on. He crossed over his dribble to use the screen, drove hard to the hoop and made Milicic commit to him. Love cut hard to the hole, not knowing exactly to expect but knowing he should always keep his hands and head up. Rubio got Milicic in the air and flipped the ball to Love, who finished with a two-handed slam as Ridnour watched helplessly. Ballgame. And a sight the Wolves hope to see often this season. "It's amazing," Love said. "I've never seen anybody like Ricky, with his vision. It's like we both already know exactly what the other one is going to do on the court. This could be really special."

Charley Walters (cough) has Terry Porter on Adelman's staff


He also says that the Wolves won't hire any of Adelman's assistants until the lockout is resolved. Quote: "The Minnesota Timberwolves won't be hiring any of new coach Rick Adelman's assistants until the NBA lockout is resolved. But when it is, former Wolves guard Terry Porter will be among them. Porter, 48, who coached the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns, played for Adelman for six seasons with the Portland Trail Blazers. He also interviewed for the Wolves' head coaching job." I know Tangerine Dream has a problem with Porter as a head man, saying he's an authoritarian control freak and had alienated the Suns.

Target's naming rights also remove the Sanford Health sign.


They apparently negotiated the rights to that spot on the wall. The sign'll be down by 10/31. Target isn't sure what to do with the space yet. They've got enough bullseyes in Target Field, presumably.

The player silence about Adelman's hiring is interesting


Back when news of the probable hire first broke and then was confirmed, Wolves players chimed in. Derrick Williams, if you recall, was scolded by Love in a tongue-in-cheek "Hey, rook, I break the news here" tweet. Love said something like "Houston, we have a coach." Well, Kevin Love hasn't mentioned the official hiring, or the press conference, or anything. He's nattering away about Jersey Shore instead, when he touches twitter. Ricky Rubio and Derrick Williams seem to have gotten the memo about rookies and the news. Or, uh, anyway they're completely silent about this. Rubio comments on games in Europe. Anthony Tolliver posts Bible verses. Nobody's saying anything, even anything indirect, about Rick Adelman as their coach. Do you suppose the players' union has suggested its own gag rule to individual players, to match that of the league?

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