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Rank NBA "Competitive Balance" solutions

An oddball rumor coming out of the CBA negotiations the other day sparked some conversation, both on Canis (thank you Timberpups, you even made it a Fanshot!) and elsewhere. It went something like...


Why did Mark Jackson wind up coaching Golden State, and not the Wolves?

One of the obvious objections to Mark Jackson as a head coaching candidate was always that he hadn't paid his dues as an Assistant Coach or in any team's front office. Other wannabe head men – P...

Lorenzo Romar profile – why he's (probably) not interested


The man does sound like he has a sense of calling, and feels he can make more of a difference at the college level. ––––––– Despite having the resume and the personality that would make him a rare fit for the league, Romar doesn't have any interest. Largely due to his beliefs and values, Romar isn't one of those guys who yearns for the fame or the money. The notion of coaching at the highest level isn't what ultimately drives him. "I want to impact lives," he said. "Change lives." And he feels as though the ideal venue to do so is in college. "It doesn't mean this is the only place in life I can impact people," Romar said. "But this is where we feel as comfortable as anywhere." "The time from 17 to 22 is a pivotal time in kids' lives," he added. "To be in a position to impact them in that time is important to me." So far, though, it's been bad NBA jobs that have come knocking. Minnesota, Sacramento, etc. What about if his hometown Los Angeles Lakers had come calling? "I wouldn't do it." Romar said. "At least not today."

When Kahn wants a "definitional" sense of "retread," he can watch Nate M. talk about Bernie B..


Nate McMillan on Bernie Bickerstaff as a potential candidate here: ––––––– "I don't really hold my coaches back. If there's an opportunity like that and Bernie still has it in his heart to coach, I think that's a great opportunity, I think that would be a great situation for him. I have to just wait and see what's going to happen with that situation. He told me before he left that he's very happy in Portland, he certainly likes what we're doing here and wants to be back. He signed his contract so I anticipate he will be back." Would he take other Blazers assistant with him? "You have to always be aware of that. Bernie is keeping me up to date as far as what's going on, what he's thinking. Right now I don't anticipate anything happening." Do you think he has a shot? "It's a young team, he does a great job with working with young groups, developing those groups, so yeah I think he does." Blazersedge linked to a video of Nate's comments.

Wojnarowski on the Decertification option again: a much more inflammatory tone.


Back in the day, it was one super agent, David Falk, pushing for the union to decertify. Wojnarowski is now making it sound like agents in general are pushing Billy Hunter to go that way. Check the language from Woj's article: –––––––– Most of the agents see a union with no strategy, and NBA owners simply waiting until the players’ checks stop arriving in November so they can hammer the most one-sided collective bargaining agreement in history down the players’ throats. "Right now, it’s a respectful disagreement with [the agents] and Billy," an agent briefed on the meeting told Yahoo! Sports. "But it’s getting to a ‘[expletive]-you’ point. We will blow this thing up." .... Essentially, it’s come down to this: Hunter is still selling diplomacy, but the agents want to commence fighting. No one expects the league to seriously negotiate issues until they fear the courts could rule against them. The owners want what they want – hard cap, rollback on salaries and guaranteed profits – and they aren’t interested in compromises. The longer the union waits to decertify and file an antitrust suit, the less chance there is of getting a reasonable agreement and saving the season. .... Sooner than later, powerbrokers Arn Tellem, Mark Bartelstein, Bill Duffy, Andy Miller and others want a stronger, more direct hand in the fight. They can get the votes needed to decertify the union among their players, and do it with or without Hunter’s blessing....

Sound familiar? The players' union is still thinking about decertifying.


Two Tweets from Wojnarowski: Top player agents met w/ Billy Hunter today; union decertification top of agenda. Hunter becoming "more open-minded" about idea, source says NBA agents want to force league to negotiate for real, and feel only threat of unknown that comes with union decert can do that. NFL path.


David (Milton) McGee, cellist

Anyone else notice the passing of David McGee, who so often played in the skyway between the parking ramps and the Target Center? I also remember him on corners at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market,...


Let's fix NBA Draft Coverage.

Surely we can crowdsource a better broadcast. I will be happy to sit in the truck cueing up video clips, and you can play the producers. What problems did we see last night, and how can they be...

Bismack Biyombo: The Most Interesting Man in the World


Ridiculous Upside linked to this little riff. "He can speak French... in Russian."

Kahn's apparently off to Spain for Rubio talks? And Rambis isn't mentioned??


Timberwolves basketball executives David Kahn and Tony Ronzone leave for Spain today and meetings with Ricky Rubio and his representatives, according to a basketball source. The process of bringing the European point guard to Minneapolis for an NBA career with the Timberwolves is ongoing, the source said. The Timberwolves chose Rubio with the No. 5 pick in the 2009 draft but thus far he has remained in Europe. Representatives of Rubio spoke with Timberwolves officials last week about endorsements for the 20-year-old Rubio. Money from endorsements is one of the factors that can ease the transition from Spain to the NBA.

Queen of the D-League


Had you noticed the long profile of Nancy Lieberman in this week's New Yorker? As usual, it does a fun job of profiling the personality of its subject, but also provides a lot of the feel of the D-League. There are some funny bits about her relationship with Antonio Daniels, for example. (During a tight game she calls him over and asks whether he likes her hairstyle.) You'd need to pay for access online, or buy the magazine on a stand, but it's worth reading. The link here's to a synopsis.

Rambis's pre-game interview before the game with Houston last night was almost the equal of David...


Rambis's pre-game interview before the game with Houston last night was almost the equal of David Kahn's appearance earlier in the day. He had his chance to answer many of the same questions Kahn had tackled. (Their relationship? "Uhm... It's businesslike.") Definitely a must see for those waiting on one or more axes to fall. Pretty difficult watching, though.


Which defines this season?

Which moment, most of all? The ones that occur to me, in moving pictures and less-than-moving words, followed by your vote:  

WCCO taking over the broadcast of Wolves games.


Allen Horton's supposedly likely to stay. Credit where credit's due: This represents a healthy set of changes from just a couple of seasons back, when the team was trying to get by with faint signals on 106 FM. They seem to recognize that they made a mistake there.


Reclamation Projects in (our Minnesota) NBA History

Stop-n-Pop wondered aloud, in the recent game wrap thread after the Boston tilt: BTW: Since the Randolph trade, I haven't been able to get the following thought out of my head.  How many...


Northwest Division: tectonic change.

This week's news alone has involved two quality Northwest Division rivals somewhat below the "real championship contender" level, the Nuggets and the Jazz, shipping out their franchise players for...

Antoine Walker Shimmies Again!


I'm pretty sure he made at least one four-pointer, too. Still looks like he has arthritic hips, though.


The last NBA CBA tussle: (How) Did it Affect the Draft?

Help me answer this question. The impending NBA lockout has some potential for affecting the upcoming draft class. Since last summer I've been as guilty as anyone of promoting a storyline Oceanary...


MIP Candidates as of Early January

Back on January First, I tucked away a list of Most Improved Player candidates from some source or other – I guess it was this Fanhouse article, judging by the order I took the names down in? –...


What we watched for: the frontcourt

A while back, before the season started, we cobbled up a list of "What to watch for" about the Wolves' roster. About half the text in the tables, there, came from comments in the thread, which was...


Stuffed! The rates at which Wolves players have their shots blocked.

We have two easy sources for decent data on players getting their own shots blocked. Before even checking those, I decided I'd contrast the rates at which our various players, and a few others from...


Number Scrounging: What is as scarce as a 31-rebound game?

  We all follow this team, so we know the two historical examples that were mentioned around Kevin Love's 31-31 performance. Charles Barkley was the last player to record 30+ boards back in '96. (H...

This is why the Nets were smart not to get desperate this summer


Lots of people wrote their summer off as a failure, but they kept their powder dry and now they're in position to move on Carmelo or any other significant moving part. The Wolves will be in a similar spot come the trading deadline. (The four-way deal described also has Andrei Kirilenko going to Denver. That's not just an expiring deal moving; it's also Utah's defensive stalwart, just when they've added Al Jefferson and his questionable D to their mix. I was sort of counting on AK47 to help Jerry Sloan patch that situation up.... They'd be getting Boris Diaw back, supposedly, which means a versatile defender in exchange. Interesting, and good for their short-term cap number.)


"Showtime" was not "SSOL"

David Kahn, asked what he intends to do with the Wolves' roster, consistently says he wants the team to play like the "Showtime" Lakers. He strongly implied it during the press conference about K...


What to watch for: a list to cobble up.

(Edit: This thread is a little bit of an experiment I didn't quite know I was making at the time. We're building a list of the questions we're asking about each Timberwolf player. It started with...


Numberwang! Vote your rebounding stat conscience.

Kevin Love and Brook Lopez came into the NBA together in the 08-09 season, Love having been drafted 5th overall and Lopez 10th. The two players were basically the same age. Lopez had...


Wojnarowski is showing us the seams in our front office, isn't he?

We all must've noticed Adrian Wojnarowski's last couple of fusillades against David Kahn. Kahn has a "condescending, abrasive style" that's "frustrating to rival GMs and agents because few people...


Suitors for Gomes: He may be a more significant bellwether.

For a few reasons, what the Wolves do with Ryan Gomes's contract may be an interesting bellwether for both the Wolves' intentions and the movement of big free agents to other franchises. It's been...


J.B. Bickerstaff, Fred Hoiberg game meetings

Last week after the Warriors game and last night before the Detroit loss, Jonah Ballow invited a few local blog posters to talk to Wolves folks in the administrative offices at Target Center. The...

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