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College game Beer Sales


Guess I didn't think this much cash involved. 200,000 Net with 30,000 seat stadium ??

Another kicker at practice today


Walkon graduate transfer. We evidently like trading players with Arizona State. Actually I think that is a good thing Our program and name is out there in PAC12 country Can find nothing on this guy, so assume he has not played

Day 3 of Practice, Hedelin interview


Hedelin interview. Really wish we had this guy for ND. Get the feeling he plays with attitude. Had a skirmish with Howard. So it appears these guys are getting tougher and improvement on the way. Can't find any updates on Howard's injury.


OK time for predictions

With only a few days until fall practices, it's time to drink Koolaid, daydream of our boiler success, and imagine just what could be. Prognosticate your wins, plays, imaginary memorable moments....

Developing football recruits


Interesting stats on recruit ranking vs future success and developing talent.

FWIW-The star rating system explained


A lot of discussion regarding why guys are rated as they are. This explains the criteria used.

For once Purdue ranked in top half of the BIG


I keep reading this stuff, don't think we even make the top ten in anything. Hoping our guys are out to prove otherwise this year.

Robert Marve's first CFL Touchdown


I don't see anywhere that he had that ACL repaired. Anyone know one way or the other.

Brian Kelly (ND) releases recruit from NLI to play for Indiana


Too bad he won't release the one attending UCLA. Wasn't Sykes recruited by us as well ??

Interesting. Fall Roster out. Kicker I didn't know about


Fall Roster is out. Transfer from Wabash College. Looks to be a competitor for kicking position. We might have someone who can reach the endzone on kickoffs.

Work on Ross Ade field ongoing


Looks like they brought in a different strain of Bermuda grass. Worst case is they may have to overseed with Rye. We need hot weather folks

Way to go Florida, Target, Whoever licensed this


Get your 2014 Florida Gator Sports Calendar, featuring Mr July Aaron Hernandez. And no, it's not being taken off the shelves.

Team Mascots in DC


Purdue Pete gets tagged for president, and the other appointees BIG style

Football trick


This one is just insane. Minnesota wideout, definitely worth a look. The coordination boggles my mind.

Don't know where the Purdue post dissappeared to


Was A lively post. Encourages me to come visit. Left out one of my most important university comparisons. The virgin legend. I must admit flying turtles does strike me as pretty cool. Purdue has a lion fountain that roars when a virgin walks by. What other obscure or quirky things do you have ?? Purdue's "breakfast club" is unique on game day.


Gardner at Black Hammer posting that Markell Jones has committed to PURDUE

YES yes YES YES YES , YES yes YES YES YES YES yes YES YES YES , YES yes YES YES YES . Making an impact on Indiana kids. Per Gold and Black we also offered local lineman Peyton Truitt. Good day...

Incoming football recruits with track skills


From Gold&Black Robinson and Yacoobi must have good upper body strength and coordination. Shot put and Discus. Hart is just fast. Is it just me, or do we seem to be recruiting more multi-sport guys these days?

IU ranked as best QB group in BIG


Seriously ? Why do I keep on reading this stuff ?

Article RE Painter and Purdue Basketball


Strikes me as a fair review of things at the moment.


Corey Clements

Not a subscriber, but an entrance interview article at Gold&Black. Teaser says 6'8 390. From what I've read, likely to play guard. Guessing he needs some serious conditioning at that weight,...

Revenue and expense numbers for Purdue sports


Not really a point to be made here. Was following a link from the Versp post and Forbes article. Had never seen the DOE link and info. Just found the numbers curious. Makes our minor sports success as of late even more impressive. I did find the "per participant costs" pretty interesting. I had no clue, found some of those numbers pretty surprising. Think it reflects heavily on the current state of college athletics. Play with the links, I didn't run any comparatives with any other BIG schools. It does kind of shine a different light on things when broken down this way.

Recruiting budgets


Interesting. We've upped the ante on the coaches, yet we are losing the recruiting budget race.

Interesting-Penn State will be releasing some Scholarship Players


Do we have any Scholarships available ?? Hopefully Hazell and staff are all over this one. Might be some useful bodies here. Can BIG restrict transfers if scholarship is taken away ??

Preferred Walkons


Good to see this type of recruit, think it reflects well on our program. We beat out ND for the one kid, and they did want him up here. Pretty rude of the ND coaches, kid schedules a visit, only gets to meet with the recruiting coordinator. Think there is a link here to the Irish daily regarding his visit.

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