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Rotten private league-Take Me Out To the Ballgame

Hi everyone, don't join this league or respond to an email invite like I did. I somehow pulled off a "trade" when the proposal was offered at 4:22 am in the morning and "accepted" by me at 4:23...

fantasy baseball league openings


Hi all, a fellow AA commentator has asked me to extend invitations to fellow AA people to join his league. He has 2 openings for 10, he wants 12 teams, if possible. for interest sign in: thanks Fes


Maybe not on everyone's mind yet but- Fantasy baseball league-BSB members

hey BSB gang email me at if you have any interest in joining a fantasy league with exclusive BSB members :). I dunno if I want to be commish again (just taking a break from...


More fantasy hockey leagues!-updates Doh, sorry boys and girls, I am lousy technological person here lol- I couldn't do any of the fancy pasting Digger and NYFD did. That said, I...


My sincere apologies to my fellow BSB friends

Hey everyone, My sincerest apologies to anyone out there that I may have hurt unintentionally with a word I thoughtlessly tossed out there recently in banter land: I got a very important...


reAAOP : My shot in the dark and I have no idea how to MS Paint/put up charts to save my life.

Note: I have no clue how to do those fancy pictures and charts you guys can, so, forgive me :). Also, my math may be a little off, I am sure some fellow AA person will inform me-you guys are a...

re: a little traiding rant-reasons why not to trade away pitching prospects


I've been reading a lot of suggestions of late by fellow Met fans whom are probably impatient with the losing to trade away all of the Mets young pitching talent for veteran OF or veteran pitching help.

I understand the itchy trigger finger and heart's desires, believe me. But, if you look at the recent run of post season teams-their success came from their young pitching core. To name a few teams: A's (where would they be without Jarrod Parker, Sonny Gray, Dan Straily?) Braves (Kris Medlen, Mike Minor, lesser extent Beachy and their bullpen...), Cards (Shelby Miller, Michael Wacha, Lance Lynn-and Wainwright-) Pirates (Cole, Locke); Red Sox (Lester, Dubrount, Buchholz) Rays (Price, Hellickson, Cobb). Giants (Cain, The Freak, Bumgarner). And many of the teams' veteran pitchers also came through their farm system. See a trend, impatient Met fans? And some of them made it far without a filled lineup, much of their hitting talent was mixed and matched (Giants, Rays).

I also don't get why so insistent on trading the depth away when Harvey, Mejia, and Hefner are on the shelf for most of 2014. At best, just sign a Dice-K or Harang and hope.

Look, it sucks terribly to be awful for another year, but when Harvey returns, Wheeler has more experience, and Syndegaard has a full year under his belt....look out.

I don't know if this is appropriate using this fanpost but..

hello everyone,   I am thanking all at Amazing Avenue for allowing me to share my ideas as I am stepping away from the blogging world for a while.  I have been dealing with significant health...


AAOP: Improbable Off-season, youth Takes the reigns

Don't know what parameters Eric set for this season's AAOP, but here's my try, and I lied-you guys inspired me to do one. 1) re-sign Jose Reyes to 5 years $90M with 2 option years and full no...


Brewers Acquire Zack Greinke

The Milwaukee Brewers came out of nowhere to acquire the disgruntled starter from the Royals.


AAOP: Feslenraster version: 2011 Not Ready, Readying for beyond

Hello everyone, Note to all: I am entering because I want to see AA community opinions, (if I somehow win) I do not really want the prizes. They should go to a true blue Mets fan. As you know from...


re: Prospect Retro request: Brad Radke

Hey John,I am not sure if you ever did a Prospect Retro on Brad Radke, who retired today....for some reason I've always liked him.  (always had him on all of my fantasy teams!)Who is he comparable...

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