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The Myth of the Drafted QB

It's about 8:00 on a Saturday morning and really cold outside, so i decided i'd write a fanpost. There has been all kinds of talk regarding going all in for a QB this year. I'm prefacing this...


my top 10 ten Vikings moments from last year

i know we're all bummed about the 3-13 season, and there wasn't much good about it. But the darkest time always comes before dawn, and i really think we have a good thing starting. It may be...


Kyle Rudolph up for play of the year

This year, the NFL is handing out their annual awards in an awards show format, ala the Oscars / Grammy's / Golden Gloves etc. Well, apparently they are offering some new awards too, and one our...

Star Tribune has Vikings Stadium bias


we can rank this on the no sh*t scale, but Ramsey County commissioner Jan Parker came out and said she thought the Star Tribune has been extremely biased regarding the Stadium front


It's almost like election day today

and by election day, I don't mean anything to do with primary season. I used to be big in the political field, but now i've gone through 2 elections and no significant day to day changes for me,...

A pretty Epic play


this doesn't have anything to do with the Vikings, but it's pretty epic, i figured i'd share

The People's Champ may retire


Reports out there that if the Vikings don't bring back Jimmy the Great, he may retire after this season.


Upon draft recollection from April of last year

While reading over some of the posts we have regarding draft position got me thinking. A previous post indicated that we should now be focusing on improving and developing our players, but to...


Lets put the let them score argument to rest

I don't know of any head coach who will want to let the other team score. In fact in the Free Head Exam, that Seifert does every week, he addresses this specifically. I'll quote below: Coach...


With the number 2 pick overall the Vikings pick?

Right now the Vikings have the number 2 pick overall.  If we assume that Indianapolis has the number one pick overall, and they do NOT pick Andrew Luck (I don't think that will happen, but we're...


The Vikings and their lack of primetime success

I've read several articles regarding the Vikings horrible primetime record.  In fact, over their last 12 primetime games, they are 2-10 with one win from 2009 (Favre's return in Lambeau) and one...

" JasonLaCanfora Jason La Canfora Vikings have released WR Bernard Berrian, a move that was...


" JasonLaCanfora Jason La Canfora Vikings have released WR Bernard Berrian, a move that was expected. He's been inactive lately and having some issues with the staff


I'm cautiously optimistic about a new CBA

Adam Schefter via the Twitter this morning: FWIW: League sent memo to teams last night, advising them to be prepared to stay overnight during next Tuesday's NFL meetings in Chicago. RT @...


I've decided comments sections in articles are worthless

http://www.startribune.com/sports/vikings/blogs/123633444.html I just finished reading an oh so pleasant Star Tribune article about the Vikings talking with AEG and how AEG is targeting them along...


Toughest Venues to play

Apparently those dang packers win yet another award.  Lambeau were voted as the toughest venue to play in by the ESPN Staff writers: h...

An interesting take on our QB


I found this article extremely interesting regarding how Christian Ponder grew to be our number 1 QB.


VIkings for Hard Knocks?

I've been wanting to see the Vikings on hard knocks since i discovered the show a few years ago.  I know what you're thinking, the Vikings don't need any more distractions after last year, but with...


A Mathmatical thought that has widely gone unnoticed

I posted this as well in a comment on the main page, but i thought it deserved a post just to see if anyone had some more thoughts on the matter: 7500 construction jobs over 5 years. (this is a...


Arden Hills newest Tenant?

Apparently the Vikings have given up on Hennipan county, as Hennepin County Board Chairman Mike Opat abandoned his pursuit of a stadium at the site of the Minneapolis Farmers Market by sending a...


One reason you can't always trust scouts

  From a(n) (uncommonly) good article on fox sports, this is a scouting assessment on a QB a few years ago: “Poor build. Very skinny and narrow. Can get pushed down more easily than you'd like....

Another interesting article on Locker


a few different opinions on Locker's credentials and how scouts and people are grading him


Sickest receiving core potential ever:

So after watching the combine, i've come to the conclusion that Minnesota has the potential to have the sickest receiving core ever: We resign Sidney Rice (i think it will happen) we release...

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