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"Everytime i walk by someone @ work and have to juke out of the way
i give a "wooop" and run where ever i’m heading and spike whatever i’m holding"

"I want to be the big spoon" - Unknown

"We are NOT bringing my balls into this conversation… there is no limit on Ball size lol" - Nicky "want a primetime go find" Treasure

"I am nothing compared to you..." - Husky

"You are a noob" - My dad..(i know....)

"Finsx you are my hero" - My Sig

This Sig means a lot to me. RIP buddy...RIP

"Confucious Say...your sig is awesome" - Chinese Proverb


"LONG AND STRONG ..........THAT'S THE WAY i LIKE 'EM" - Ohiofinfan4life

"Go Ninja Go Ninja GO!" - Youknowwho

"I CANT GET TO SLEEP!! I THINK ABOUT THE IMPLICATIONS" - every chick who Rz lives near.

"Vaginal Blood Fart" - Husky

"Put it in me somewhere...." - Dolfinphan

"Come on in" - Husky bent over

"They Call me a pig because I say sexist and derogatory things to women" - Todd

"Dont Mess" - Me

"We went all this is Sparta on those intruding Bronco Exclamation Loving Dunce's" - Cbdolphin

J.D - "I'm a story topper Elliott, you know that about me."
Elliot- "When I was a kid I had a friend like that, drove me crazy."
J.D- "When I was a kid I also had a friend like that, except he snapped and started playing hide the peanut butter with my dog Whiskers. You, my friend, have just been story topped."

"Finsxfactor is my only true friend...if he ever left this place I would cry in the corner of my room in the fetal position" - LCFF

"Can I get a yeehawww!!!?!!" - Husky
"No..but i can scissor-kick you in the groin" - Nicky Primetime

"Why so serious?" - The Joker

"Baseball is wrong. Man with four balls cannot walk." - Rococo

Want to pick up women? Heres how you do it...

==== "Ever have sex in a van?...and if that doesnt work.. then stare deeply into her eyes.. wink.. then mouth 'your Dead'.." - Rz

==== "If you went campin, and woke up in the morning naked tied to a tree, would you tell anyone?"

==== "Poo on You" - Nicky Primetime

This sig dwarfs all other sigs...its a sig of the ages, a sig of the times, one small sig for man, one giant sig for mankind, ask not what your sig can do for you, but what you can do for your sig!

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User Blog

What to say to Raven's fan

I was browsing around the virtual web and i found a few snippets feel free to front page this inspired by nicky primetime A few random jokes (very old and over used)   Q: What do you call 53...


Clear up a few things...

1. I believe in the Dolphins...and they will defeat the texans this week   It has come to my attention that many of you think I am being disruptive to this site. That I am a virus that spreads...


Great Article by the V man     It is a good story by the v MAn It is a Good story by the v man   It is a good story by...


Post Game Thoughts

Matty said no     So even though the dolphins wiped the floor with the chargers and made LT so demoralized all he could do was make the chunky soup commercials, I am not allowed to post my...


Now that on Sunday Dolphins are NOT playing what are we supposed to do?

I know I do things differently on Sunday's when dolphins are not playing   I still watch football but i dont get too emotional or upset. Instead I go to my girl friends house and watch the eagles...



On Three!!     1......       2........     3.........       GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!! 38-13!!! OWNAGE!!!!     O-Line stepped it up Chad was awesome at passing...and he was making a few...


Its Gameday!

I know you guys and gals feel the same little excitement I do. The feeling that anything can happen today, and when you sit down with your jersey on and clutching your hat, that your team can do no...


lol guys whats up?

today has been an unusually slow "day-before-the-game"...and im confused...Wheres the drama ...wheres the love!...WHERE IS THE EXCITEMENT!!!!!     woooohooooo   cmon tell me guys why are we...


Today is still a day of great importance

Do not forget to pay homage to those that died today. I know that living in New Jersey, that there was a lot of panic and disaster. We had friends and family in that area, and I know the panic that...


Need some help in fantasy land...

who to start?   positions: qb wr wr wr rb rb te k def db dl   Its ppr   qbs: peyton vs min, pissed off chad pennington vs arizona rbs: brandon jacobs vs stl,  marion barber vs...



so let the trash talking begin!!!!!!     OOOOh yea yea yea I got a pocket, Got a pocket full of sunshine I got a love and I know that its all mine Oh, woah Do what you want, But your never...


Made up a dandy new song (CLICK LINK BEFORE READING lyrics)

Think of the old dolphins tune...**BEFORE YOU READ CLICK THE LINK**   Think of that tune   THEN THERE IS THIS  !!!1   SONG FOR THE 2007-2008 season ...


in Light of me being bored *HURRY BEFORE MATTY DELETES!!!*

We have one major honor to give out before the regular season...   Phinsider's Web Site Jack-Ass!! (matty if you edit or delete post i will cry)   We have a few options of the only people I...


matty was wondering bout fantasy

1. how do you trade draft picks 2. why isnt this a points-per-reception league? 3. where is that bills-dolphins thriller i was promiseD?       gotta kill time time time...gotta k i l dlaf...


Video Time

I have a few bones to pick...   1. Matty where is that final drive against the bills in 2005 (the comeback one with chambers) that i was promised a while ago? 2. whered video time go? 3. can we...


few questions to get off the beck is godly discussion...

1. Any chad pennignton highlight reels? lol 2. what ever happend to lex hilliard? i havent heard anything about him 3. what does matty do in his alone time? and how is he able to watch full...


I know ALL of you have been wondering....

where is that stunningly handsome and clever poster named "finsxfactor"?   well i have been in hawaii (lol for 2 weeks) and i have been sporadically keeping track of the site but havent posted   ...


guess what day it is....

my birthday! ...   for those who followed my posts know i've been askin for ideas on what to ask... well so far from my bro i got: - advent children - pre-order for madden 09 - tmnt case (of...



I basically figured out that i want adolphins jersey or one of those personalized sweatshirts (thanks  to LCFF and his outrageous sky diving)   Jersey Wise: 1. Dan Marino ->...


important question guys

what should i ask to get for my birthday?   it is coming up soon --> july 25   and i was wondering what is good out there that i should look into   lol im a spoiled come birthdays...past 2...



matty im still waiting for the draft! i cant take it anymore! i must beat you all...     - when are we making the league? - when is draft? - why'd i get banned from buffalo rumblings?   - If...


guess what guys?;jsessionid=09AB86A3CBA0C6AC955A12443CA34AB5?id=09000d5d8094081a&template=with-video&confirm=true     hahahahahah.... bring him gonna disagree with you...


has anyone

seen any pictures or videos of madden 09 but in ps3..   i have seen loads in 360 but i wanna see how it looks in 360..   please provide links   all who say (it looks the same) without...


was getting bored

so i decided to make some predictions: - feedback is always delightful...I want to know what you guys think =) - dont worry im not gonna try breaking any's records on this thread ...



Set the record for the most comments in one thread!!!!   can i get a blue thing that says : FinsXfactor is the champion!!!   lol or something like that?....   (all congratulations can go in...


I have been wondering this for a while...

what type of quarterback are you looking for? 1) Include your description 2) Similar player in the NFL 3) Your choice on the dolphins roster to fill that role 4) Explain how that player will...



matty --> put this thing in the middle of the website (the yellow thingies)   As of June 18 --> 2:00 pm we are getting raped This is one...


just look ...kinda cool

  I think thats pretty sweet....idk why this text is like this...nor do i know y the picture is like that...just live with it =)   b   o oo oo ooo oo ooo ooo oo  o o oo oo oo ooo oo ooo oooo ooo...


hey...why not?

draft mario manningham with our third...we seem to have a fetish with michigan (lol 2 out of 3 picks ...just having fun) ...he is a possession reciever. Has chemistry with henne...we need a wr...he...



According to NFl-o, Boldin-o is requesting a trado-o, would it be farfetched to see sometype of trade with Jason taylor-o to the cardinals-o?   -I know that the cardinals have taken a similar...

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