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MMQB with feature on Reggie McKenzie


"Remember -- the way I was raised in football, in Green Bay, was not as a big spender in free agency. I hope we continue to draft well, and I hope we can sign our own players, because that's the way I believe you win in this league. You draft, develop and sign your own players. Mark is on board with that, and what we have to do now and in the future, he's on board with and understands and he supports.''

2005-12 Targets and catches


Web page that has link to the Excel sheet with the target and catch data from 2005-12 from Bill C

Football Outsiders: Tweaks and Adjustments


"It seems to happen every year. About midway through a given season, based on new conclusions or lessons learned, I get the itch to adjust some measures and add other ones. And because I'm swamped, I have to sit and stew about it until the offseason. This past season, the urge was stronger, the philosophical shifts larger. Now, a month after Alabama beat Notre Dame for the 2012 national title, it's time to unroll this year's batch of data changes." - Bill Connelly

Boise St. eyes TV rights


"Boise State is trying to get the Big East and Mountain West to allow the Broncos to retain their home television rights, to guarantee which conference the school ends up in" Should FSU ask for the same from the ACC?

Beer sales top $900K in 1st season at University of Minnesota's Stadium


FSU needs to start looking into selling beer at Doak to bring in additional revenue.

2011 Targets and Catches: FSU


Bill C. shares his data on Targets and Catches.


FSU being held up by officials

No matter the dominance of FSU's defensive line it seems FSU's opponents are rarely called for holding. A possible solution would be to create a uniform e-mail (that everyone could send)...

Targets and Catches 2010: FSU


Bill C. released his data on receiver statistics from 2010. The link goes to the google docs spreadsheet for FSU. His comments on the data are: *Only about 85-88% of a team's targets are accounted for in the play-by-play. Interceptions don't have target data, nor do some throw-away passes. For now, I just ignore this discrepancy, but you should know this as you're looking at the data. Adding together a team's targets and catches here will give you a completion percentage higher than reality, but that's just the way it is for now. * Target Rate = the percentage of a team's overall targets accounted for by a single receiver.

Red Zone Offense (Part II)


Looks at traditional red zone efficiency then introduces red zone points per game, Emphasizes the importance on punching it in the red zone versus settling for a field goal. Would be nice if all the data on all teams was in it. Could be modified in future to remove FCS competition.

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