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Fanpost: The 2014 Salary Numbers Are Here!!!

Reader fischy, our community's resident salary capologist, looks at the just-released salary figures for D.C. United.


DCU 2014 Moneyball. Where we at?

One explanation Dave Kasper has offered, as to why D.C. United dealt the top allocation slot, was that the team didn't have enough cap room to add in a player using the allocation slot. I'll grant...

Fanpost: Looking @ DCU's salary cap sitch post-RED

In which our resident cap accountant busts out D.C. United's books to assess where the Black-and-Red stand after a very busy first stage of the 2013 MLS Re-Entry process.


Where do we go from here? United in 2014 (with update!!!).

After today's stinker in Toronto that was supposed to give us a chance to assess the second-stringers, I think we have arrived at a point where we can make some fair assessments of the players we...


United keeps mortgaging its future...

United has once again traded away its 2nd rd pick, this time sending away a 2015 pick for Alain Rochat. While the MLS draft can be a bit spotty, especially when you get past the top half of the...


Salary Cap update. We've got some of the #s.

Since the salary figures have been out for hours, and on one has posted here about them, I guess y'all are waiting for me. Here goes: While it's never been made clear which number goes into the...

Puzzling out DCU's salary cap & roster issues

In a great FanPost, regular commenter fischy gives his take on D.C. United's salary cap and allocation accounts. His conclusion: the Black-and-Red have room to make things happen. Read on for all the details.


MLS Roster rule that I'd like to see changed

I'm delighted to see that Chris Pontius has signed an extension. Inevitably, this brings up questions about his expressed desire to play abroad, perhaps in England, someday. Pontius has made a...


D.C. United and the upcoming transfer window

There may be a method to the madness of the D.C. United roster configuration. And the team might still be able to add a few more players.


How To Build An MLS Franchise

The Superdraft is losing its importance. So how will MLS clubs fill their rosters in the future? They won't have to look further than their own back yards.


D.C. United's International Hall of Shame

Why has D.C. United missed the playoffs the past four seasons? This FanPost writer thinks it has something to do with the team's lack of successful international signings.

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