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Why I hope the Knicks don't make the playoffs

Yeah, I said it. I could care less if the Knicks make the playoffs this year and indeed I kind of hope they don’t. Here's why: 1) Why bother? This is just so obviously not our year. Amar'e...


This is what's wrong with the Knicks.

This started out as a comment but turned into a fanpost. What's wrong with the Knicks? In essence, we are an injury-ravaged team with a core built around two one-dimensional, high-scoring...


Which pants-shittingly nasty Iman Shumpert dunk are you most excited for?

Has this actual video been posted yet? I don't remember it but I could be wrong. In any case I don't care because if you're anything like me there is literally no limit to the number of times you...

Iman Shumpert dunking on some fools at the Impact Vegas league. D-Bags 4 life!! Basketball!!! ...


Iman Shumpert dunking on some fools at the Impact Vegas league. D-Bags 4 life!! Basketball!!! Real live basketball!! AARGHOEHG:LEF¿!!


Discouraging Amar'e from playing in China thread

According to the sidebar on yer right, Amar’e Stoudemire is considering taking his creaky-ass knees talents to China for some “barnstorming” (?) during  this, the summer of our discontent.  These...

Presented without comment. Link yo'self, fools.


Presented without comment. Link yo'self, fools.


Forget Faried... why we need: Josh Selby

Friends, I think we can all agree that this draft is very important.  Our roster has some Major Issues (like medium-term  question marks at everything but our starting forward spots, and immediate...


Please to explain?

Posters, toasters, Ferrari Testarossas, I just slept off the last of a week-long vacation (word to the wise... never fly through Europe in the winter; their airports wig out over a few measly...


Anthony Mason should coach Anthony Randolph

Good afternoon, friends.  The title of this post pretty much says it all.  The Knicks should hire Anthony Mason as a full time assistant coach to work intensively and exclusively with Anthony...


Knicks 125, Warriors 119: "I want to whisper sweet nothings into Raymond Felton's ear"

Morning, miscreants.  Although I'm just your average high-volume/low-efficiency blog commenter, I've been retroactively awarded a five year, $60mm contract to recap a Knicks game this one time in...


Whither Anthony Randolph?

As it becomes more and more clear that the 2010 New York Knicks, lovable as they may be, have a long way to go before they can be considered "good", a few questions come to mind.  Why does Amar'e...


We are the most watchable-est

So according to Mike Prada's admittedly completely unscientific and not-indicative-of-actual-future-success "watchability" rankings, the Knicks have shot up alllll the way to  no. 3 (from no. 22...


"Gallo destroyed everyone."

Sorry that this is 100% ripped from but... I have a source who played at a major D-1 level who worked out informally with the Knicks recently in Greenburgh. The Knicks invited...



So this doozy of a 2010-11 preview did not make it into the round-up, perhaps because the (allegedly Canadian) writer chose to start off with "In a way, failure was almost inevitable..." and...


There are plenty of fish in the sea.

I know, I know, I know.  If you want to Homer-Simpson-facepalm me for mentioning That Guy, go right ahead.  Anyone who isn’t sick of hearing about him at this point must be some sort of masochist,...

LOL-worthy trade proposal of the day


"Rudy Fernandez continues to lobby for a trade to New York, but the Knicks either can't or won't make a trade for the Portland shooting guard. According to a team source, Knicks president Donnie Walsh recently rejected a three-team deal that would have sent Anthony Randolph to Indiana, a first-round pick to Portland and Fernandez to New York." Seriously, Portland? GTFO with that ridiculous trade proposal.


J.R. Smith, anyone?

It's true folks, he's finally on the trading block!  It's the Denver Nugget we've all been waiting for... J.R SWISH!  Ha, no.  But!  While he may be no Antoine Walker when it comes to awesome...

ESPN predicts 37 wins, an 8th seed for the Knicks


Am I a huge homer or is that ridiculous? I'm not saying we're gonna be 50 game-winning world-beaters or anything. But COME ON, we are at least going to be better than the damn Bobcats. Weak sauce, ESPN.


Let's patiently be REALLY EXCITED about Anthony Randolph

I get what Seth is saying.  I mean, who knows, right?  The odds that a potentially game-changing, franchise-lifting talent joined the Knicks roster during Free Agentocalypse 2K10 without an...


Would getting Chris Paul this summer really be worth it?

  I have to admit, I had a hard time falling asleep last night because of the Chris Paul trade rumors.  The thought of CP3 and Amar’e Stoudamire running the pick and roll in Madison Square Garden...

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