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Just a Chi-Town girl hanging out in Beantown.

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Who had Feb 15th? (HEY! This Is The Kerry Wood Injury Diary! Stop Posting More Wood Diaries!)

Kerry Wood takes a minor spillok, I love Kerry Wood, and writing this diary hurts me a little because I think he's going to have a good year.  But really, its the first day and already someone is...


Beer Pong League

Ok, so that I'm not actually taking players from another league I'm starting my own diaryThe Beer Pong Updatesince we're a chill league I thought we could wait until closer to Opening Day for the...


OBD: Usurper Edition

Yes, I'm stealing the Off Base Diary from Julie today.  She told us we could on Saturday, so haha, I am.  Bring on the flaming.In Stupid Mets Fans news, did you here about the guy who got banned?...


Friday Non-Baseball Diary

Its Friday, which means very little is getting accomplished at offices across America, and even less in mine where the server completely fried and we are waiting for our backup files.  So in my...


Really Mark, Again?

Stop me if you've heard this one before,Prior is back on the DLI don't know if I should laugh at the fact the Heckler was spot on, or cry at yet another hope dashed.  Although each time he comes...


L Service

The CTA will be adding more service to night games this season as seen here on the CTA websiteThe purple Southbound line will be going all the way to Addison, and there are more Yellow Line trains...


Clutch hitting

I think this may be my favorite stat so far this year:with runners on base, hitting a National League-best .320 (55-172).And... Cubs pinch-hitters have started off the season 7-for-17 heading into...


The game is on the field people

Last night I got to watch my first real time game on tv (and the last for a little while unfortunately) and couldn't have picked a better one.The game will be discussed all day, but I noticed...

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