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Lenny Hall, an FSU Legend


Yes, I''m old. I saw Lenny Hall's entire four-minute career at FSU in 1966. My roommate and I went to Tully to see FSU's first black basketball player score one violent dunk then injure his knee. Hall played before Roland Garret, Ron King, Oscar Petty et al, and this guy was an unbelievable talent. I was sad to hear that he had died, happy to hear that he didn't bust out when the basketball option was no longer available.


The Ultimate Soft Factor

Who knows whether he shall be a wise man or a fool? There's Vegas of course, but unlike us fans they play both sides of the aisle and almost always win. After the BCS pairings were announced, when...

"But damn, they're good."


"Bob Cole, standing in the locker room, says NIU had two chances and squandered them with turnovers. "But damn they're good," he says of FSU." It says All-Access, but I read it for free? Hope you can too; good read.

Larry Porter to Texas


According to reports, Larry Porter will not be FSU's next running backs coach; he'll be a Longhorn.

Cut Blocking NIU...


The NIU receivers are high on going low.

New DC?


Pruitt to FSU, sources say, as DC.

Ryan Green staying put.


With apologies to those on TN who love drama, weeping and gnashing of teeth.



Tom DeAngelo, Palm Beach Post, doesn't mention what led him to his hypothesis.

You tell 'em, Andrea.


"And yet, the popular theme this weekend focused squarely on the "terrible" matchup in the ACC title game, all the empty seats and a lackluster effort from the Noles. Over in Indianapolis, announced attendance for the Big Ten title game was just 41,260."

The Horde that supports Da U shows up in force. Am I late for the screenshot contest? :-)


The Horde that supports Da U shows up in force. Am I late for the screenshot contest?  :-)


Two questions.

The first is easy, but the answer points to something important about the new era. What do the following players have in common? Ryan McMahon, Nick Moody, Xavier Rhodes, Lamarcus Joiner, Lonnie...


How much better than Rashad Greene can Sammy Watkins be?

Rashad Greene is TN's most recently featured countdown player. I read the post (the series has been great), watched several Greene videos (again) and marveled at the young man's ability. He is...

One Sports Book's CWS Odds

NCAA College Baseball World Series – Odds to win Florida 5/2 Florida State 3/1 Arizona 4/1 South Carolina 4/1 UCLA 7/1 Stony Brook 15/2 Arkansas 9/1 Kent State 15/1

FSU, National Track Program of the Year (Outrage)


I was shocked to learn that FSU won this award on the basis of a simple points compilation, with no outright championships in the graded disciplines Shockingly, no experts voted.This fiasco smacks of "computers" at their worst. Computers, you see, know nothing about track. To add to the outrage, FSU has pulled this trick two years in a row. Thank goodness we have nothing like this in football. Champions are determined by men, not machines.

Joe Schad talks FSU - Big 12


Nothing new; except ESPN is now discussing the theory.

Post Game: Brownell after CU loss to Virginia Tech. I've got to say this guy's candor was...


Post Game: Brownell after CU loss to Virginia Tech. I've got to say this guy's candor was refreshing. I don't like Clemson but I think they've got themselves a pretty good coach. He doesn't blow smoke.

Nice Rivals Article by DC Reeves about Hamilton


The more I learn about Ham, the more I respect and like him.

So the Big Ten tries to get it right? Inconceivable.


This business about admitting mistakes and disciplining officials just doesn't sit right with me. ACC baby! When they screw you in my conference, they not only don't back down, they nod toward the scoreboard. Just an opinion, but methinks that the truth will never catch on in the All Carolina Conference.

Auburn and BAMA putting the heat on Jameis Winston

39 article about the FSU commit who is no longer "exactly committed" to FSU.


Qualitative look at "Last Drive Defensive Failure"

There we were with the need to shut down UVA one more time to win the game after dominating them all game; instead they drove the field on us and scored and won. Ouch. Then, last night, when both...

Taj Boyd Talks FSU with Heather


He sounds pretty level headed.

Herald, Le Betard Get it Right (IMO)


I don't like UM or Le Betard and I think all the recent excuse-making for the UM players is crap (though the UM admin has to hang their collective head in shame). But Randy Shannon comes out of this deserving respect. Article also includes some pointed comments from Barry Switzer--I'm no fan of his either but it makes you think.


What are our National Championship chances based on TN win shares prediction?

I am an engineer by education and employment, not a statistician. My best credential for attempting this little exercise may be that I once read a book entitled "The Statistical Theory of...


Unbelievable Testimonial for Rodney Hudson

This may not be appropriate for a Fan Post but I was blown away by the recent comments (and the context) of USCe's defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson. During an interview on WCCP radio (Clemson)...


"Insider" stuff re: Clowney

I live in Greenville, Clempson territory. All the "well-connected" guys in the know here are excited; they claim Clowney has already privaetly given Dabbo the word. He's coming. If true, how does...

Waisome, HCD doing some soul searching


"It's no surprise that Groveland South Lake standout CB Nick Waisome (5-foot-10, 180 pounds), a Florida Gators pledge for 2011, was looking to get in touch with Dr. Phillips stars SS Ha'Sean Clinton Dix and RB Dee Hart on Sunday. For one, they're friends, and friends talk. But this was more than just talk Waisome was seeking. He was looking for a sense of direction, for himself and his two buddies."

A Contrarian Take on the Muschamp Hiring


Radio station WCCP, Anderson SC, features an eccentric host every weekday afternoon, Walt Deptula, who, in my opinion, has been amazingly on the money with his predictions and assessments over the years regarding college football and basketball. He has gone on record saying that the Will Mushcamp hiring at UF is a huge blunder for UF and Foley. I hope he's right. We'll see. On today's show he said that Mushcamp simply isn't ready and was probably hired to salvage UF's recruiting this year. He says he is too young and too inexperienced. The caveat? "He better hire one heck of a staff." Well, we all know he will have the backing (money) to do exactly that. Just thought I'd post this because the rest of the world seems to think hiring Muschamp was a stroke of genius. Deptula has an excellent track record--the guy is a 24/7 sports junkie. He says, the ideal hires at Florida and UM would have been Petrino (UF) and Leach (UM). Please list this post as a "for what it's worth" entry.


"Famous" coaches W/L records improvement after taking over.

Just for fun, here's data on how an arbitrary list of "famous" coaches performed, won-loss-wise, after taking over programs. My list of coaches is arbitrary and capricious; they just came to mind....



I am beginning to look upon Bud as a sage. I did not think any of the TN crowd would begin to doubt Jimbo Fisher if things turned ugly Saturday in Norman. Wrong. I have seen several amazing...

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