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Just sayin.....


The apology line starts here....


If Anyone Has Any Interest...

I've got some autographed jersies I'm not hanging on to any more...   MCCOY - JACKSON -...

Good Parenting


In such a controversial world, it's nice to know some people are still raising their kids right!


WS Rotation and Cole

So, with the probable impending date with the Evil Empire, what are you guys feeling for a rotation?  It's obvious that right now Cliff is the man, but do we want to start him in Game 1?  Let's...

Stark: Game 4 "LEGENDARY"


"There have been 1,251 postseason games in baseball history. Only two others -- two -- ever ended this way, with a walk-off extra-base hit by a team that was one out away from losing." -Jason Stark No argument here...

Well if Hallady and Lee fall through, there's always Zach Duke!! What?!?!


Yeah... So... Hmmmm. Call me less than inspired with this proposition.

Jamie Moyer and Brian Dawkins


BGN takes a look back at these two aging players that found themselves in similar contract situations in their respective offseasons.

Interesting Read...


I'm not really an ESPN fan, but this article is kind of an interesting read, if you discount all of the Rick generated false quotes...

Let's Take A Little Look Around


Random News and Notes.

A Great Look at McNabb


Derek from IgglesBlog has stumbled upon a treasure trove of quarterback stats. It's an excellent read and I would suggest that everyone takes some time and checks it out. Some of the results will probably surprise you. They did me.

Bucs Extend Winslow 6 years/$36.1M


Not long ago, we were entertaining the idea of trading for ex-Browns TE Kellen Winslow Jr. The Tampa Bay Bucs beat us to the punch and have since extended WInslow with a 6 year contract that contains $20M in guarantees. The deal is worth a little over $36M and can be maxed over $42M. Winslow is now the highest paid TE in NFL history. I only mention this because it'll set the bar for future TE contracts.

NFL Europe 2: Electric Boogaloo?


NFL Europe resurrection.

What Can I Buy With $35M?


Why so much cap?

Sports Hernia: What's the Deal?


Sports Hernia

Stallworth: From Bad to Worse


Stallworth over the legal limit?

Heyward-Bey Drawing Interest?


Heyward-Bey on Eagles Radar?

Football 101 - Defense: Base 4-3 Defense


Explanation of Base 4-3 Defense.

Good For Us... Bad For Them


From The Desk of Josh McDaniels My Off-Season Plans to P*ss Off Cutler 1. Have his car towed (check) 2. Try to trade him (check) 3. Trade good pass catching TE (che......

Springs Just In Town To Kick The Tires...


Looks like he was just in town to feel around. It seems as if he would be receptive to assuming a safety role if need be by his comments. He may have gotten the Eagles' take and is still holding out to see if there's a better offer out there. Your guess is as good as mine right now as to what happens next.

Very Soon, It'll Be Time For Someone To Step Up


Mikell on the future leadership of the Eagles.

FA Update: Weaver to Visit Saints


Looks like a target that made sense for us is on his way for a visit to New Orleans; or at least that's what the Seattle Times is saying.

Glad We Caught The Sham When We Did...


"Ray (Lewis) spoke for all of us when he said, 'If you don't play less, you don't take less (money),'" Houshmandzadeh said. "I'm nervous about leaving Cincinnati. It will be a huge adjustment, like being a rookie all over again. Moving, getting to know everyone, learning a new team, new players, new coaches, new system -- I can see why guys would take less to stay. But if I have to make a choice between the best team and the best money? I'm not stupid, man. I'll take the money."

Sans Dawkins: Losses, Gains, and Expectations.


What will the Eagles D look like without Dawkins?

Free Agency Day Two: It's Always Darkest Before The Dawn


It's the dawn of a new day my friends, both figuratively and literally.  Free agency kicked off yesterday, so let's get a little recap of what we can confirm right now: Sean Considine has...

Kellen Winslow to Tampa for Pick(s)


It's being reported that the Browns have parted ways with the talented tight end. Follow the link to get George Kokinis' take. One specific sentence I'd like you to pay attention to. "The Browns are starting over with their roster under a new head coach in Eric Mangini and a new general manager in George Kokinis." Gonna be needin' that Edwards guy? Reports are that it was a 2nd in 2009 and a 5th in 2010

It's The Final Countdown!


The dawn of free agency 2009.

The Good Names Are Already Taken: Let's Call Them NewGuy1 and NewGuy2...


Strap in guys and gals, as we are about to be infused with fresh blood to run the BGN war machine.  Last night SB Nation CEO Jim Bankoff announced a deal with Yahoo! Sports that will allow the SBN...

You Can't Be Serious...


7th Question Down... I read it and was speechless. If he truly has no idea what's going on in the organization, it's not very smart to publicly acknowledge that he isn't very good at his job. If the next story on is some paraphrase of Matt Mosley's answer, I'm going to shoot myself.

TE: Cornelius Ingram


If we go OL and RB in the first round and TE is shelved until later in the draft, obviously Pettigrew will be gone. I've been watching the TEs at the combine and Pettigrew is the only outstanding blocker. Out of everyone else, Ingram has some great upside.

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