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"Santonio Holmes traded to the Jets for a 5th rounder"


"Santonio Holmes traded to the Jets for a 5th rounder"


Penalties Coach?


Reading about retired NFL officiating czar Mike Pereira who says we wants to join a team as a coach who teaches players how to not get caught essentially. Additionally he'd sit in the coaches booth upstairs during games to offer the HC advice on whether or not to challenge a call. Furthermore, he wants to live in mid-cali while doing it. Sounds great to me!!

Seahawks trade for Whitehurst


I remember him being a pretty good QB in college. I think they gave up too much to get him but he's not necessarily a player I want on their team...

Karlos Dansby Signed by Dolphins


Karlos Dansby Signed by Dolphins

reports NFL Network Two Cardinal Stars Gone!!!

RB Depth

HOWTHEYSCORED'S NOTE: I think this was a great post and poll created in the FanPost section, and it's exactly the kind of well-thought-out, well-written post that makes me enjoy reading this site....

Another former All-Pro on the streets: Eagles cut Westbrook


I'm not sure if he'll resume his career, but he's a big enough name to note his release...

Chargers Cut Tomlinson


title says it all. I'm sure some people think he'd fit in here with a reduced load. I don't, but that's just me...

Wouldn't It Be Nice...


If the Cardinals drafted Tim Tebow? SI seems to think they might...

Ken Norton Jr. expected to follow Pete Carroll to coach the LBs at the Seahawks. I'd hate to see...


Ken Norton Jr. expected to follow Pete Carroll to coach the LBs at the Seahawks. I'd hate to see him on the opposing sideline, that'd make me sad


Um...we signed someone, anyone know who this guy is?


no one's posted about it yet. we cut Keith Smith to get him. I feel fine about that...

What games will be on in which states: help for those of you not on the west coast


This week the niners get some national love! I finally get to watch a niners game on FOX in NC!

Atogwe a Niner in '10?


If he does decide the undergo surgery this will likely lesson some of his appeal in the FA market and if he can't get a deal done with St. Louis (as evidenced by his Franchis tag this year), with his connections to Singletary, I could see SF as a landing place for him. I like Goldson but I'd love to see Atogwe in Cherry Red and Gold!

Brian De La Punte cut


Brian De La Punte was just cut by the Seahawks. I'd like to have him on the practice squad over one of the other linemen


2005 roster - let's all feel better

I think it might be good to take a step back and appreciate how far we've come since 2005, Mike Nolan's first year and the overall level of talent on our roster now.

Edgerrin James signs with Hawks


I didn't see anyone else post this so I thought I'd throw this up. I've heard this means T.J. Duckett is on his way out. Does anyone really think this makes much of a difference?

NFL Fan Rankings - Submit Your Own on


So, depending on who you read, there are always weekly/biweekly/monthly/quarterly NFL rankings all over the web. is letting users submit their own rankings which they'll then reveal on NFL Network's Total Access. Here are my rankings, I had the Niners in the top half, barely, at 16. The Cardinals are ranked 17th only because I think they'll slip this season and finish below the Niners despite their young talent. Submit your own rankings or post your own...or don't, I don't care.


Why Not Tyson Jackson

I was thinking today, reading through a lot of mock drafts, about Tyson Jackson. He's touted as the best pure 3-4 end in the draft and is most often slated to fall somwhere between picks 12-16 to...



There are a number of good, or at least formerly high touted FAs still out on the market. I'm not suggesting the Niners sign any of them but I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of a...

Garcia comes back to the Bay


but not to San Fran. Poor Jeff...

Apparently VD wants to be a Dolphin


gotta scroll down a bit to get to his quote. what the hell?


My Pissed Off Mock v 4.0

My fourth weekly mock draft installment comes a day early because I'll be flying out for a tournament in Austin this weekend and will be away from the computer for much of the next few days. I cut...

I hate the Pats


I'd take Julius Peppers for a second round pick...


Matt Jones Released For Drinking Beer in his Car

Just heard on ESPN. He's a guy I was really intruiged by coming out of Arkansas but (and perhaps thankfully) the Niners didn't draft him (I forget if we passed or if he was off the board, I think...

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