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not a scouting report, San Jose Giants at Stockton

Impressions from that delightful lil ballpark in Stockton. Belt is the real deal.  Made the best defensive play of the night, fielding a hard grounder very deep along the line and tossing to the...

Jon Miller on Natl Public radio


Talk of the Nation, some time in the next hour for me near Sacramento. Podcast and all available later today. Omigosh, the prestige, the influence. 28 (?) teams to choose from, and it's Miller time.


Spring Preview: which prospect will hit his way into our hearts and rosters?

he doesn't have to be Panda Lite.  Just good enough to make us, and Shulman and Baggs and Haft and other pundits start re arranging starting lineups and rosters.  For Bowker and Lewis, they would...


Early worry: backup CF

Flexibility in the roster?  Because Sandoval, Velez,  DeRosa, and Uribe can play several positions--that is nice as far as it goes, but what about the injury prone valuable leadoff hitter and...

OT New Orleans by 3.5 seems low to me. I don't follow football all that much. But the Vikes did...


OT New Orleans by 3.5 seems low to me. I don't follow football all that much. But the Vikes did not beat hardly anybody good, did they? And barely got by the 49ers. If I was gonna bet, I would take NO to cover that and more. And anybody know the overunder on Jets-Colts? I see about 17-16 final. Rooting Jets

Marlon Byrd a cubbie


taking another roster spot that could have been Rowand's.


Its fantasy time--if you were Fred Lewis' batting coach,

I didn't see many games early in the year, and don't know how/why Fred's hitting declined so much.  So let's say you, or somebody you could pick (Rod Carew?  Wade Boggs?) had time and resources to...


Sad to say, we will not be competitive in 2010

This was a great year.  I loved watching "meaningful" games in September, and my lovely wife now finds baseball entertaining, thanks to Panda and Eugenio and Timmy.  But pennant contenders?  Not...


Bochy riding horses into the ground

from Aug. 14 to Sept. 9 there's only 1 off day, it's Monday.  But Bochy plans to just skip the 5th starter spot--Martinez has been sent to Fresno--so the Big Three starters will go 6 times in a row...


Sunday a good test for Zito stamina

4 starts in a row now with no extra days off.   2 were mediocre on June 27 and July 2, then the 107-pitch near-shutout CG on July 7. Last year Zito seemed to tire on the 5 day rotation, and perk up...


Jenkins recap on wild card race

Jenkins today in the Chron Mainly he points out weaknesses in all the other teams.   If you are an optimist, reading it could make you giddy


Minor leagues need promotions

  Weather is heating up, and even in the Eastern League, folks are hitting at normal levels.  Good time for this system to advance its good hitters.  If they flop–can always demote again and try...


Minor League Recap for June 1

Steve and Baroness, life is dull without you and the minor leagues Fresno comes from behind at Colo Springs to win 8-6 with Wald, pinch hitting, and Frandsen getting the key hits.  Got runs in 5th...

merkin begins season while others breathe down neck


for the record, I don't depend on Fox News, it just showed up on my googlenews.


OT: North beach eats and strolls, need ideas

Sunday I am going with 3 folks to The City...for ballet, near Civic Center, not for baseball. I have not been around North Beach for years, and we will need a walking break both before and after...


Fresno Grizzlies at Reno Aces

Reno Aces are new AAA team in Reno--Dback affiliate, new stadium too.  Their opening day is April 17. Fresno plays there Friday May 8 6pm, May 9 and 10 1 pm, and Monday the 11th, 6 pm.  Will Jose...


emergency catchers, a modest proposal

Holm rarely got used as a pinch hitter last season because Bochy wanted him available in case of injury to Benjie, or pinch running for Benjie.  Having Sandoval around, usually playing first... it's about sports and war and has great middle eastern...

Peoplevoice it's about sports and war and has great middle eastern music, what is not to like?


9 third basemen on the field

At one point we thought there was no third baseman.  Now, we could field a whole lineup card with guys in camp now:  Sandoval catches. On the infield, left to right--aurilia, Frandsen, Gillaspie...

Yabu: the DMZ Designated Mopperup of Zito

Yabu: the DMZ Designated Mopperup of Zito

Poll: single A to majors in 1 year, position players

In recent years, Pablo Sandoval, Bocock, Osiris Matos, Romo have made that big leap, from San Jose one year to the big leagues the next.   And Robby Thompson did it once, then went on to have a...


minorleague roster surprise prediction poll, position players

there's lots of Giant talent at the low levels.  Maybe some of these guys should skip a level--lets get suggestions here for position players only in this poll.  I suggested a few names for...

MLB offers patriotic athletic supporter


MLB offers patriotic athletic supporter

Thomas Neal best OBP and slugging at Augusta, turned 21 in August. From Inglewood, CA, will be...

Thomas Neal best OBP and slugging at Augusta, turned 21 in August. From Inglewood, CA, will be slugging baseballs for San Jose or Connecticut in a few months.

mlb dotcom writer says no sanchez trade


Another rumor was a three-way swap with the Marlins sending third baseman Jorge Cantu to the Giants for pitcher Jonathan Sanchez, who would then be traded to the Rangers for a catcher. But a Rangers source said the Giants have made it abundantly clear they are not trading Sanchez.

Cantu will remain in Florida, Sanchez talks "stalled" says mlb site


Cantu will remain in Florida, Sanchez talks "stalled" says mlb site


Beltre boosting

in post season flurry of stats, lots of love for Beltre.  In a top 50 list, and rated 4th best 3B overall at our sibling "beyond the box score" h...

Pecota stats, Obama, fivethirtyeight so the ny times has a piece on the stat guru, Nate Silver,...


Pecota stats, Obama, fivethirtyeight so the ny times has a piece on the stat guru, Nate Silver, who founded Pecota analysis, predicted the TB Rays winning the series, and predicted an Obama win back in March. here's link to the story, which I liked


Garret Anderson kind of released,0,1414414.story 84 RBIs last year--that would stand out up here.  but can he play second or center?  The LA Times article says...

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