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Will Matt Cain have to turn into Genghis Khan to succeed?

  Reading about Cain getting tagged with a "loss", a statistical baddy, I realize there’s lots of parallels to the movie I saw last night--"Mongol", a biography of Genghis Khan’s (Temudgin’s)...


OT for Ibn Batuta fans, good TV series

Some Oxford professor made a TV documentary series, and wrote a book, about re-creating Ibn Batatu's long trip from Morocco to India & China and Saudi Arabia & lots more places.  10 wives and many...


Baggarly on Omar

the Extra Baggs blog is becoming a must read for me (OK I learned about it here).  Here's the start of today's piece on Omar's response to Cleveland's tribute to him.  At the end he repeats his...


sadler sharp after sanchez

Bochy continues a pattern I like. Sadler has had several good outings in relief of Sanchez.  And again last nite. relieving after Lincecum continues to be a tuff job.  I want Hinshaw there 75 75...


our 13 th round draftee, Juan Carlos Perez

thanks to NY Daily News and google for this story. Perez set a record for division 2 Junior Colleges with 24 homers this year.  The story is from back in October: Almonte, Perez take JUCO route in...


Glanville writes on youth vs age

and getting the news his days were over, from Torre, one spring.   In today's ny times, no less, a thoughtful article.  Could be printed on some nice paper and hand delivered to several players we...


minor wrapup april 12

will do a quick summary for you starving prospect hounds Fresno wins 3-2.  Pitchers duel between Max Scherzer of Tucson and Victor Santos, who went 6 innings, just 3 hits.  Chulk chucked...


second basemen and centerfielders only

there was some team back in the 90s or 80s that had four 2Bs on the roster, so they made that their infield.  I can't find em yet, I know Vance Law was in the mix So why not play (from left...


Bocock to play the field

soon we will hear Renell say, "Brian Bocock!" San Jose Giants website, citing a Sabean statement to Merc News, says BB gets the opening day start at SS here's a quote, sorry, MercNews:   Sabean...


Key bullpen role: guy who follows LinceCain

It's already Feb 20 or so, and we still have not resolved this big question:  If Cain or Lincecum leaves with a 1-run lead, who comes in next? Extra tough job if there's men on base! Messenger or...


Timing is key, maybe Sabes has a plan

Trade a pitcher for a 3B now? No way!  We are not a 3B away from contending, so it doesn't accomplish anything.  And by shopping for a 3B mainly, we limit our choices.  As the season goes along,...


Favorite dinosaur novels

"Raptor Red" by Bob Bakker--a year in the life of a foxy, smart velociraptor. Only one sex scene. Compelling, likeable characters. Adults and kids enjoy it.  Bakker is a working paleontologist. ...

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