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Cap expected to rise to 150M by 2016


133M in 2014. At this point, Dallas can keep whoever they want really. The cap limit simply isn't going to be much of a concern with that sort of rise.

Murray and Church earn escalators


DeMarco Murray and Barry Church earned the performance escalators as members of the 2011 class who played 35% or more of snaps (only picks in rounds 3-7 can earn these). Church earned 500K and Murray 608K. Congrats to them!

PFF review of the game


Key quotes: "After entering the starting lineup in Week 12 last season Jason Hatcher finished the season strongly and carried it into week 1 with our highest defensive grade for the Cowboys of +3.5. " "For only the third time since 2009 Justin Tuck was held without a pressure for an entire game. Outside of JPP the fearsome Giants pass rush did not bear its teeth." "Responsible for two sacks, five hurries and providing absolutely no movement in the running game, Diehl (-6.0) put in the type of performance we have become accustomed to over the last few seasons." "It was unmissable just how much press coverage the Cowboys were playing, with Brandon Carr (50% of all passing plays in press coverage) and Morris Claiborne (78%) doing their utmost to stop the Giants getting out into their routes quickly. Their performance and use of press coverage was by no means perfect and Carr struggled when receivers crossed at the line of scrimmage, a tactic the Cowboys were vulnerable to last season as well. This tactic accounted for a 26 yard completion to Victor Cruz and but for an errant pass by Eli Manning would have accounted for long touchdown completion to Domenik Hixon as well. " "Kevin Ogletree (+2.4), entering his fourth season in the NFL, might just be that guy. Playing only 33 snaps he emerged as the favorite target of Tony Romo whenever he ran a pass route. On his 21 snaps on passing plays he caught 8-of-11 balls thrown his way. That meant he gained an astronomical 5.43 yards per route run (one of our Signature Stats available in our Premium Statistics), not a number you see every day. To put that in context, the highest we saw over a full season last year was Victor Cruz’s 3.08. "

Colts to release Peyton


If Peyton is healthy, this is a move that vaults whoever signs him into superbowl contention, not to mention there is a whole list of Colts who may come with him.

Desean Jackson, Tyvon Branch tagged


Heres the link for the Branch tag: I'm honestly surprised. Did not expect Jackson to be playing in Philly next year.

Raf chats with KC Joyner on cornerbacks


They talk about Rogers, FInnegan and Carr. I found this article very informative, like most of KC Joyner's work. Though I'm a fan of Rogers, and they leave out in their contract discussion that he has had great years in the past (I believe he was a stud in 2007), I would worry about age with him and I'm not in favor of signing the guy. We are not one year away barring a significant pass rush upgrade, why sacrifice the cap? Finnegan I'd be down for. I agree, Finnegan would own those Philly wrs. I also don't think we can be beggars and choosers - not many wrs are capable of shutting down a healthy Nicks. If our criteria is "he needs to shut down Hakeem Nicks", well that limits the nfl talent pool to under 15 and the FA talent pool to 0.


Back off that ledge!

  The night before Halloween was the truly frightening one for us Cowboys fans. Going into the game with the most optimism since 2009, fueled by what appeared to be a top 5 defense, Dallas and our...

Giants starting MLB Goff done for the year


This is after Clint Sintim got hurt earlier in the week.

Good article by Clayton on 2010 FA rules and its impact on top 8 teams


I'm not sure I agree with him that the lack of FA impacted the top 8 teams from 2010, but this serves as a good refresher for those that have forgotten.

Jerry says #1 priority to keep Free, cuts coming once new CBA is agreed to


It sounds like cuts are going to be made. Columbo and Barber are almost certainly gone. But I'm not sure how we can get ourselves in good cap position unless we are able to cut Newman and Roy with no salary cap in place (which seems very possible at this point).

Another lawsuit filed against Dez


the hits just keep coming. This ones for over 600K. His contract was for 5 years, 11 million. Something tells me hes going to want a bigger contract well in advance of the end of his rookie deal

Chargers sign Bob Sanders


The second big name safety goes off the market. It appears we are going to stay put at safety, barring some ridiculous trade up for peterson. In fact, we may get a downgrade if Sensabaugh leaves

This is the end......


The worst news possible (from a sports perspective) for out of state Cowboys fans today. The government has seized and Direct TV is going to make a boatload of money off of this.

San Diego Chargers statistically dominant, yet 6-6


I thought this was an interesting article by Yahoo's Jason Cole. Its probably one of the first times I've seen YPA written about in the mainstream media. He looks at the Chargers, who have a YPA difference of +1.5, an absolutely ridiculous number. Even more strange is this: "This has been an odd year statistically around the league. Among the eight division leaders, three of them (Jaguars, Falcons and Rams) have negative differentials."

Nicks to miss 3 weeks


After we all saw what a disaster their wr core was last night, this is very bad news. Manningham will be their #1 next week and the majority of the rest of that group will be guys picked up off the street. The injury bug is hitting the Giants again in December.

18 game season seems like a certainty


With the players union including it in their most recent proposal, its hard to see this not being a part of the new CBA. Fewer workouts, fewer practices with pads in training camp, 2 bye weeks...this screams of a watered down league. Camp Cupcake will be the norm.

Historically large penalty disparity between cowboys and opponents


Mickey makes a lot of good points in this article, especially with the celebration penalties which have to be two of the most biased penalties I can remember. Especially after watching CJ and AP celebrate the last two weeks and not get penalized. Anyway, not surprisingly given how many times I've watched our pass rush and thought "thats a hold", our opponents are on their way to the lowest penalty total in our history.

Shefter believes Cowboys Will Look for Big Name Coach in 2011


Adam Shefter believes that Jerry will look for a big name if this season continues to unravel. Personally, I don't buy it. A big name coach would have to actually want to come here, which would mean Jerry would have to hand over the reins.

Other potential Targets in first round


According to the Rob Phillips Blog, Jerry also wanted to move up for Iutapi and Thomas, but only Dez fell "within striking distance". So pretty much no surprises here, and we apparently did a terrible job concealing which players we coveted.


Cowboys offense vs. penalties (Miles Austin effect)

After watching this team for 8 games, I had come to the conclusion that when this team doesn't beat themselves through offensive penalties, they have a lethal offensive unit. I set out to see if...

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