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Talib and Schiano working with area youth


Aqib Talib and head coach Greg Schiano helping children with learning disabilities. More proof that Talib is indeed one of Schiano's favorite players, and again is a "good fair man"

Rodgers told he would be Bucs 5th overall pick...


Considering the quarterbacks on the roster were Brian Griese, Chris Simms, and Tim Rattay it would've made sense. Imagine what this team would look like with Rodgers instead of Freeman. Would we still be rebuilding a youngry team?


Petition for a real offensive coordinator. I have researched Greg Olson's career statistics as an offensive coordinator and here is what he has done with Detroit and St. Louis. (Must Read, Statistics Included) See for yourself guys!

via     All year long following a great finish to a remarkable 10-6 season, us Buc fans were left to wonder what could possibly be next for our potentially...

Coach Talib


Aqib Talib further demonstrates why his Buc teammates have been gonig to bat for him this off season. Even though Talib has been a bad apple since being drafted, every man has defining moments that either make or break him. Once his legal problems are resolved (which I'm assuming will be favorably) we will find out if this situation actually scared Talib straight, or if he really is just a product of horrible parenting and will never reach his amazing potential. I'm thinking that with the open arms the Bucs showed Talib that he realizes football and his team are the best things he has going for himself.

Aqib Talib Gains Momentum


Sorry if you guys already knew this, or if your minds are made up about Aqib Talib. In my opinion it looks like Talib is going to be cleared of his charges, which makes me hope that the Bucs do not flat out release the star cornerback. Not trying to beat on a dead drum here but based on the current roster I think the Bucs can certainly win their division with Talib, without at best we might steal a wild card. Raheem Morris of all people should be able to give a reasonable opinion to Mark Dominik pertaining to if he believes Aqib was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and this really is NOT Aqib, or if Talib simply sill never change, and forever be a trouble maker. Either way this is positive news for Aqib Talib.


Comparing Gaines Adams to Da'Quan Bowers and Other Defensive End Prospects (Past and present combine/pro day results included)

via          Da'Quan Bowers defensive end from the Clemson Tigers led the nation with 15.5 sacks and 24 tackles for loss (which was good for 150 lost yards for opponents)....

N.Y. Times gives LeGarrette Blount NO love


I think this is a bit harsh. Earlier I mentioned that the Bucs haven't signed him to a long term deal yet, but after his rookie year I see no reason why Blount could not be a number one back. Having no OTAs hurt because I believe his goalline ineffectiveness could have been worked on, but as a huge fan I'm hoping this Benoit is simply just a blog author that knows very little about scouting running backs.

Falcons possibly trading up for A.J. Green


Per Well boys and girls this could be very bad. Even though I believe Matt Ryan is overrated, if he had both Mr. Green and Mr. White at his disposal he should be able to dominate. As much as I would like to trust E.J. Biggers going forward he was completely owned by Calvin Johnson this year. Green is a very similar build to Megatron, so if this were to happen I think it would be horrible moving forward. What do you guys think about this? If ATL can move up to six there is no reason we couldn't move up for Quinn or Bowers.


Blount worth locking up?

via   I was doing my usual Madden franchises which actually have accurate contract information for the most part and after seeing on ESPN First Take it donned on me that L...


To maximize Josh Freeman's potential does anyone think we should take a good look at Josh McDaniels?

Does anyone else think that Josh McDaniels would be a good hire? I for one do not think that Ollie is horrible, yet I think that Freeman could become a top five quarterback real fast if we did hire...


Josh Freeman pick at #17 looks good compared to the over hyped #1 and #5 picks!

I know its way too early to say who is the best of the three, but does anyone else think the Lions and Jets might be kicking themselves after watching their "big money QB" play? Stafford is back on...


Reasons for optimism from a Buc fan lost in PA

While doing my first fantasy football mock draft on Yahoo the other night I came across this horrible ranking system which had our beloved Bucs as the worst team in terms of fantasy players. Lots...


Gerald McCoy: Boom or Bust??

Hey guys so its been awhile but I figured this might get some chatter. Now after the Sam Bradford workout/ Marc Bulger release its becoming evident that we at worst case should be looking at one of...


Rumors have us actually having the choice of Suh/McCoy!!

Well I've been checking mock drafts most of the night  and have come across a few that have us actually having the choice of Suh or McCoy... Most agree now that the Rams won't pass on Sam Bradford,...



Now I've read a few mocks and I've been scared stiff! I still think about the draft that Oakland was fortunate enough to scoop up franchise qb Jamarcus Russell. Mel Kiper Jr who everyone seems to...


First post ever! State of the Bucs

Ok so I am a die hard buccaneer fan, only 25 years old so i wasn't even around for the worst years... i still vaguely remember a monte kiffin led D that could win games even with a rooke qb from...

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