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How do you explain it?

I'll keep this pretty short.  Its been an up and down year for the Dubs, who have definitely lacked consistency, and not met preseason expectations that many fans had.  After the David Lee trade...



So from a link on the GSoM site I ended up perusing the NJ Nets SB Nation fan site.  One thing that I found was this article: Now, I don't...


The OKC Fallacy

      Ok, so this has been annoying me for a long time, and it gets brought up so often that I figured I might as well make a post about it.  I've stated my opinion about this a number of times in...



Some teams get lucky in the lottery.  As of today the Warriors down 10 in net gain/loss of draft picks from the lottery.  Its depressing.  The lineup we all envisioned of our young players plus...


Kobe vs Pau

Hey Lakers fans, I'm posting in hostile territory here.  I am a Warriors fan from the bay area.  Unfortunately there is a lot of Kobe hating outside of LA and it makes it hard to really know how...



So I don't know what to think about stats.  I've heard the saying, "you can use facts to prove anything you want."  And I agree with it to a certain extent.  I do think stats can have some value,...


Curry- Nash Comparison

       I keep seeing the comparisons between Curry and Nash.  I can see where they come from, because they're both point guards, they're both scoring point guards, and it seems that Curry might...


Don't Blame Monta Ellis

Okay, so I feel a need to write about my view on Monta.  It seems that a lot of people are really down on Monta, especially since Curry's recent hot streak.  People are saying we should trade him. ...


Waiving Claxton Might Be a Good Sign

My reaction to the new of Claxton was probably similar to how most people reacted.  I was confused, and I was angry at the Warriors for making another move that didn't make any sense. Then I...


Will Moped Run out of Gas?

Monta Ellis has been incredible this season.  If he was in the East he would probably be an allstar, and if Tracy McGrady wasn't voted into the West's team by dumb@$$ fans, either Ellis or Billups...


So far so ______.

Hey Ya'll, I'm over here from (the Warriors fan page).  Just curious to see how your new acquisition, Stephen Jackson, is being received by Bobcats fans.  I don't see any...


They're bad

I just want to save everyone a lot of time.  The Warriors are bad.  It doesn't matter how much potential they have.  None of the players are going to get so much better that it really makes a...


Feeling Optimistic (kind of)

I have been a faithful Warriors fan for most of my life and I am more excited about the players we have now then I have been in a while.  I do not expect this years team to do extremely well.  I...


They're right and you know it

Who can really be mad at Monta Ellis or Stephen Jackson?  They just make so much sense.  Moped recently said something to the effect of "I don't want to play in a back court with Curry."  And...


Trading nothing for something

Okay, so as an NBA fan I am utterly confused.  Lakers get Pau Gasol for next to nothing.  Orlando gets Vince and the Cavs get Shaq, and what did they give up???!?!!!?  NOTHING!  Now looking at the W...


We've sucked, but not bad enough...

So I was just thinking about how this upcoming draft is far inferior to the past couple of drafts, but that we have a better position then we had in any of the really deep drafts.  And that got me...


Stop Reacting!

Yay!  The warriors beat the Mavericks!  And better yet Randolph and Wright kicked some serious (you know what), so I'm the happiest fan in the world.  Two game winning streak!  Could we have built...

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