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Some (more) MVP love for Manu


Even though Aschburner thinks Manu got away with a walk against the Bucks -- go watch this a couple of times Steve -- he honors Ginóbili for what he brings to the Spurs. But this is the part of his piece that really resonated with me: "Most Valuable Player awards generally go to star performers on top teams. But if a team is too much of a team—like one when near-equals fill roles and share responsibilities—then it gets hard to distinguish one valuable piece from another." p.s. What is the story behind using the NASCAR site to host NBA videos?

BR: Why the Spurs vets should rest tonight


Kleeman thinks that the Spurs should run up the white flag before the opening tip-off. What do you think?

More love for Ron-Ron... from an unexpected source


A nice piece from Indiana, where at least one writer/fan has forgiven Artest.

Bulls' Noah out possibly until March

Yahoo!/BDL story. No doubt the Bulls will join the Rockets in looking to bolster their big-man brigades. Should 'Melo-drama agree to a sign-and-trade to the Nets and Favors & Murphy get sent Mile-High, one or two PFs might get waived and be greeted with multiple offers. Or... the Nets are said to be wanting to deal Murphy and his $12M expiring contract. They might have a chance to pick up a player on the Bulls or Rockets that they've been coveting.

Portland's Dilemma


Even making a qualifying offer to Greg Oden will cost the Blazers nearly $9M... is it worth it? I'm thinking that hoping to get him in Silver and Black for pennies on the dollar is a pipe dream. It's looking like a high risk/high reward scenario for Portland or any other team willing to make an offer.

Now while I'm not suggesting that teams break the foot of their franchise center, fire their coach...


Now while I'm not suggesting that teams break the foot of their franchise center, fire their coach within a month, hire the GM to run the sideline, sign Monty Williams to take copious amounts of shots and bank on breaking the odds on the lottery to acquire a pivotman for the ages, I do suggest a reasonable attribution when it comes to the stylings of stars and semi-stars.

I'm not a Kelly Dwyer fan. But even a blind squirrel finds nuts sometimes, and I got a good GOL when I read the above in a BDL piece about Andre Iguodala.

Hill yes!!! Some BR love for George


The writer, Kleeman, seems to know the Spurs. I'm guessing he's a (closet) fan.

Our homer's perspective: Sean Elliott on NBA TV


Sean is enthused about the Spurs! Still, all in all, a pretty good analysis of the team. I especially liked what he had to say about Coach Pop.

An interesting & enlightening NBA TV interview of RJ 2.0


Confirmed to me so many things about him, his struggles last season, and how he and Pop both adjusted to make him a valued member of this year's team. He's my MIP, by far.

Pop's other passion


Saved the best for last... apologies if this has been posted before, but I didn't know about his involvement with this group until today. I love their marketing slogan: "Aristocratic Wines At Democratic Prices."

My vote for Coach of the Year goes to.... Chip Engelland


Silly, I know, because assistant coaches aren't eligible. And I can't prove that Chip Engelland is behind the Spurs improved FT shooting (80% vs. 74% last season)... it could be the new Vitamin Water, hypnosis, or whatever. And I know a 6% improvement doesn't seem so big on paper, but at least I don't cringe every time I see Timmy or DeBeast shooting FTs anymore. Also, I suspect that the effect on points production is even greater than the statistical FT% improvement, since the up-tempo style is leading to more FT attempts by players like RJ 2.0.

And. Here. Are. Your. 2010-11.... Kardiac Kids!


Long before LeBron, Cleveland sports fans loved a football team they named the "Kardiac Kids" for their penchant for coming back against big leads. The Jazz are certainly better known for their 2nd-half rallies than the Spurs, and with comeback wins against Orlando, Miami, Atlanta, etc., perhaps justifiably so. But there's an argument for our 2010-11 San Antonio Spurs to at least share the "Kardiac Kids" moniker.

You really want Jack?


Some here opined that the Spurs should trade for Cap'n Jack, especially after &erson's stress fracture. Correction, especially before the season started. I'm not exactly sure how a trade could be structured without giving up key players, but let's revisit this again. I've never been a big fan of his... yeah, he brings fire and passion, but I've never been entirely comfortable with everything else he brings with it too. He has seven technicals this year already, nearly half-way to another suspension. You want Jack, really? And anyway, Manu brings more than enough passion and heart to the Spurs imho.

Proof that (some) Lakers fans don't 'get' irony


In the latest ESPN Insider, John Hollinger wrote: "I guess we better hit the panic button. A preseason championship contender has lost three straight and five of its past 10 games, including a loss at the buzzer in Memphis, a home loss to Indiana, and a big blown lead against Utah." I understand that if you read just that, you'd think that Hollinger was saying this team (which turns out to be the Lakers) was done. And no Laker fan wants to hear that. But he went on to write: "Sound familiar? Only this isn't Miami we're talking about -- it's the Los Angeles Lakers. And you'll forgive them if they're not exactly flustered by the recent mini-slide, even though they've betrayed some bad habits in the process. Suffice it to say nobody is wondering whether Mitch Kupchak will replace Phil Jackson. With good reason. Unlike the Heat, the Lakers have been in all 18 games they've played this year, with their greatest defeat coming by a meager six points. Even on Tuesday night, with as many mistakes as they made, they had a chance to win at the buzzer, and lost largely because the Grizzlies were an unsustainable 8-of-12 on 3-pointers. Throw in injuries to Andrew Bynum and Theo Ratliff and the inevitable grind of the far-flung Western Conference schedule (this trip, for instance, is basically a cross-country jaunt just for a Memphis-Houston back-to-back before returning to Cali on Thursday), and one can understand how L.A. has struggled to maintain the momentum from its 8-0 start." and goes on to list areas where the Lakers have made mistakes or had problems recently (Kobe doing too much, the Lakers forgetting their 7-footer, problems with quick opposing guards, and wearing out their big guy). Some of the Lakers fans got that Hollinger was drawing parallels in his intro between the Lakers and the Heat -- specifically the media being too quick to judge a team after only one month into the season -- but some did not, which I think is in its own way, ironic. :)

RJ 2.0's alley oop and aftermath. Reposted from YouTube 'cause I couldn't stand all the stupid...


RJ 2.0's alley oop and aftermath. Reposted from YouTube 'cause I couldn't stand all the stupid comments from frustrated Warriors fans who didn't see it live, or watch it in real time. I'm sure David Lee didn't appreciate getting pwned by RJ 2.0 like that, but he may have been equally upset that this was the Spurs' second alley-oop to Jefferson in the same game. Yes, the Warriors' defense (and Lee's in particular on this play) was that bad. Getting exposed like that on your home court never puts you in a good mood, and having his neck fit for a saddle just might have been the last straw.

About 5-tool ballers & why some college stars don't make it in the NBA


I thought this was a pretty good article, and will start thinking about prospects (free agents and draft choices) along the lines described. Bonus for Rick Barnes fans: The prospects for UT players at the next level.

SI Analysis & Love for the Spurs


I guess we can expect every media outlet to jump on the bandwagon now. Sean Eliot: "You can't get on!!!"

Amar'e: "I was never taught defense"


Ummm... dude. You're playing for the same coach now that didn't teach you defense before. Way to throw him under the bus....

I was going to calculate and FanPost something like this, but the good people over at Hoopism made...


I was going to calculate and FanPost something like this, but the good people over at Hoopism made it unnecessary, for now. The Heat(?!) are the oldest team on paper, but if you weight the ages of the players by playing time (thru Nov. 14th), Dallas and LA turn out to be the 'oldest' teams in practice. The Spurs are 8th oldest without weighting, but move up to 6th oldest when player minutes are taken into account. However, no doubt those numbers may go down when &erson and Splitter get more playing time, allowing Manu and Dice more time to rest on the bench.

Love from ESPN: Parker a sleeper MVP candidate


TP has been playing great this year, the last few games notwithstanding. But MVP? I think that's a rotating honor for this edition of the Spurs, who seem to delight in coming up with different ways to win each game. Note: Link is not to ESPN, but to a repost (on SpursReport) of an ESPN Insider article.

Some BR love for the Spurs


Way too early in the season for me to be comfortable reading articles like this one.

Absolutely brutal mashup of LeBron's "What Should I Do?" and the great MJ's "Maybe It's My...


Absolutely brutal mashup of LeBron's "What Should I Do?" and the great MJ's "Maybe It's My Fault..." Nike commercials. (Apologies if this has been posted before.)


All backwards, yet it's the norm (about the Heat, with a Spurs twist)

I thought the title of this article, "Erik Spoelstra Reportedly Frustrating The Heat," was interesting, because it seemed all backwards to me, yet at the same time indicative of one of the things I...

What do you think of Cuban's timing? Is it kosher, or does it merit a fine?


I'm speculating that Cuban was trying to get into LeBron's head before the Mavs-CavsHeat game. The timing of his disclosure is somewhat suspect, imho.... do you think the league office might/should fine him to be more circumspect?

Bleacher Report: Getting ahead of ourselves, are we?


I might be banned for posting this link... believe me, I couldn't believe it when I saw it. BR seems to be jumping on the bandwagon, a little too early for my taste. And really, the only reason I'm posting it here is to try to head off the inevitable jinx/loss of mojo we fear comes from national attention and acclaim. p.s. I'm not saying it's a bad article... Dubinski seems to know her stuff, and the Spurs. I'm just not comfortable with it coming out now... as Manu has said, it's early in the season. One game at a time.

Kobe: Assists from (the other) MJ


No one would mistake me for a Kobe Bryant fan, especially after certain events near Vail, Co. some years ago. But I respect his game, and his dedication and drive to becoming the best, and to make his team the best. I thought Woz' piece was unusually sympathetic, but it's well worth reading nonetheless, if you care at all about what champions do and think about to become even better.

Coach Pop's biggest worry (in 2006)


Came across this today. For those of you not inclined to click the link? His biggest worry involves his kids using his vintage Bordeaux to make sangria when they inherit it.

We have a TEAM here, folks


"Running down how the San Antonio Spurs won their 11th game in a row, Manu Ginobili threw in a mention of Richard Jefferson’s 3-pointer in the fourth. "Thank you, Manu," Jefferson piped up from the next locker over." and "Matty’s been on fire. Richard hit a big one. Manu had been great all season long," Parker sad. "We’ve been shooting the ball well. Ball movement has been good. Everyone’s taking good shots." This edition of the Spurs has the feeling of becoming a very special TEAM.

In other league news/rumors b4 the game, Dampier to Heat?


Haslem needs surgery, and Miam's front-line had been exposed even before Udonis' injury. Dampier might play for Orlando's cross-state rival after all....

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