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Phil Steele Power Rankings


Clicking on the link 9/9 of his power rankings are indicating FSU should go 12-0. Thats crazy talk.

Polians Out


Looks like Irsay is going to move on...

Just Click Play, and crank it!


Just Click Play, and crank it!


FSU Student Tickets….A problem with no real fix yet.

So we've no doubt heard that FSU sold out its allotment of tickets in 17 mins.  Thats outstanding.  But did it really hurt some loyal Noles?  Do we really think we have the best possible ticketing...

FSU focused on details, not ultimate goal


Normally I wouldn't post a Heather Dinich article, but I freaking love the quotes by EJ. "The expectations are through the roof," said quarterback EJ Manuel, "and that’s how it should be." "People always automatically expect Florida State to be one of the top tier programs in the country no matter what, just because they see this symbol on TV," Manuel said, tugging at the Seminole logo on his sweatshirt. "Everyone already knows what it is. You don’t even have to put Florida State right here. It speaks for itself. That’s another reason why I wanted to come here. To play at a high level." And what a relief it is to have a coaching staff that has already broken down film on all of our 2011 opponents.

Effeciency Numbers for Our Basketball Team


So I was perusing through USCe's SBnation page and lo and be hold I saw that they had some players with negative offensive win shares., or in short, offensively these players were helping lose games on offensive. So I scaned over to FSU's squad and yep. We have a player who every time he is on the court he is currently making it easier for the other team to win through his offense. Terrance Shannon is currently giving us an extra -0.2 wins due to his offense. Now he is giving us 0.7 wins due to his defense so he is in fact helping the team. But this table is just mightly frustrating when you compare it to the likes of a Duke for offensive numbers. Our best offensive player is Derwin Kitchen coming in with a OWS of 2.0 but only him James and CS have OWS at 1 or above. Duke has 6 players with at least a 1.0 OWS


Where do Noles live?

So part of this is based on the simple fact I'm curious if there are some Noles where I live, and the other part is to help Noles find other Noles amongest the US.  I know Bud had run up a google...

Leach To the Terps


Per sources via orangebloods it looks like its going a lot closer to being official..So we miss out on Leach going to the u but get him to replace the ACC COY...

Tickets to the ACC Championship Game


With a first place regular season finish in the Atlantic Division, the Seminoles have secured their spot in the ACC Championship game against the Virginia Tech Hokies in Charlotte, NC on December 4th at 7:45pm. The Seminole Ticket Office is currently accepting general public sales online or by phone at 1-888-FSU-NOLE (1-888-318-6653). Florida State has tickets available in the lower level endzone for $70 and in the upper deck for $40. Tickets will be shipped via Fedex overnight beginning Tuesday, November 30th . Hotel accomodations will be available at Gametimetravel.com The FSU Alumni Association and Seminole Boosters, Inc. will bring you Seminole events while in Charlotte. Check Seminoleboosters.com for more information.

ACC needs a lesson in Sportsmanship


In wake of FSU withholding the starter in the womens ACC league tournament, Swofford has decided to throw down against FSU. Can't wait to see what he does to UNC for knowlingly hiring a runner/agent and calling him the Assisstant Head Coach.... * Suspension of head coach Mark Krikorian for Florida State’s next contest. This is inclusive of the first game in the NCAA Tournament, if Florida State is selected. * Forfeit of Florida State’s ACC Women’s Soccer Championship expense reimbursement (approximately $15,000). * Florida State will be assessed a fine of $25,000. This fine will be applied directly to the ACC Post Graduate Scholarship Fund. * A letter of reprimand from the Atlantic Coast Conference to Randy Spetman, Director of Athletics and Mark Krikorian, Head Women’s Soccer Coach. * Formal letter of apology (submitted by November 12) from Randy Spetman and Mark Krikorian, addressed to the Office of the Commissioner with a copy to the Faculty Athletics Representatives, Athletic Directors, Senior Woman Administrators and ACC Women’s Soccer Coaches.

A Clutch Caller on the Finebaum Show


Basically calls in to tell Tim Brando the only reason Bama lost is because of poor coaching by Saban.

Vince Williams interview Regarding the Aftermath from the Game in Norman. From AC


Vince Williams interview Regarding the Aftermath from the Game in Norman. From AC

Not at all FSU related, but you have to wonder about what kind of trash talking goes on during...


Not at all FSU related, but you have to wonder about what kind of trash talking goes on during games and whether this kinda stuff happens in FSU games. Note Profanity warning...

Greg Reid gets a Herbie..


Reid gets the herbie for "REMEMBER ME: BEAT THE BANDWAGON" Which I suppose just means watch out your gonna hear my name this season. Ponder is listed as the 3rd best qb for pocket presence and but not under Dual-Threat (BJ Daniels is listed) and not under game on the line (Jacory Harris is listed) LaMarcus Joyner is listed as the #5 freshman to watch out for.

Brandon Willis is Leaving North Carolina


Looks Like Brandon Willis is leaving UNC for personal reasons.


Nick Saban on SC

His comment was that "I'm not worried about winning a national championship. My players aren't worried about winning a NC, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't ask them about that" He went on to...


Per DocHolliday

Copied and Paste from the AC Cooley Interview This is just my opinion but most of the good things happening right now all stem from Fisher’s reputation among football people and his relation to...

Sometimes you just need to laugh


And taking recruiting rankings with a grain of salt. Gotta laugh a the last line for FSU.. S Anthony Leon, one of the most underrated players in the country, coupled with S Myron Rolle, our No. 1 overall rated player, will make an imposing secondary for years to come.

Famous Quotes by Bobby


Here's my favourite one. On being criticized for having his sons as assistants: "They'll call it nepotism, but half of them don't know how to spell it and the other half doesn't know what it means."

Should we start packing our bags for out West?


It looks as if there is legislation that will require FSU to be the last team chosen to go to a bowl game. Per a wikipedia article...I know bad reference...A 6-6 team can't be chosen over a 7 win team for a bowl game. So unless FSU were to beat UF we can't go to any bowl other then the Emerald Nut Bowl or the Eagle Bank Bowl in DC. Can anyone confirm/deny this.... Here is the excerpt from the wiki page: On April 26, 2006, the NCAA announced that they were relaxing the rules for eligibility starting with the 2006 season, particularly in light of the new 12 game college football season. Now, teams with .500 records can qualify for bowl games if their conference has a contract with a bowl game. Also, teams with .500 records (i.e. 6–6) could earn bowl bids if all other FBS teams with winning records have been taken and postseason spots still remain vacant. In thirteen-game seasons (used because of conference championship games, or allowable when a team from the U.S. mainland plays at Hawaiʻi), a team must win seven games.[3] Occasionally there will be more bowl eligible teams than there are spots in the NCAA football bowl games in the season. In these cases, some bowl eligible teams will not be invited to play in any NCAA football bowl game. Typically, teams with seven or more wins will not be left out of bowl games, although many seasons, most recently 2007, see at least one such team uninvited. One of the main rules regarding bowl eligibility, NCAA Division I Bylaw, has several provisions that attempt to ensure that teams with seven wins will receive preference for bowl bids:[4] Bowl games that have a contract with a conference must select a team with at least seven wins if one is available. Any bowl berths that become eligible when a conference fails to meet its contracted tie-ins must first be filled by any eligible 7-win teams before any remaining FBS 6–6 teams can be accommodated. Additionally, conferences are not allowed to sign contingency agreements with bowl games that would allow 6–6 teams from their conferences to receive bowl berths at the expense of any potential team with seven or more wins. While this does not prevent conferences from signing contingency agreements that are triggered when a second conference is unable to provide enough eligible teams to fill all of its contracted berths, it does not allow a 6–6 team from the contingency confe


Go for it or not?

I was listening to the JC show today and Jeff brought up a great point about the Colts/Pats game last night. If by some bizarre twisted happening of events FSU is leading in Gainesville in two...


Response from The Davey O'brien Award Committee

Hello fsugrizz,     Thank you for your interest in the Davey O’Brien Award, and our Semifinalists announcement. It is the passion of fans like you that make college football great. I understand you...

You Cant FIRE Me.... lol


You Cant FIRE Me.... lol

Dave Millers AP Vote


Why does this guy have a vote..... BYU=#11 FSU=Unranked.

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