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Tim Thomas Expresses Interest in Playing for the Celtics

"The source also said veteran free agent Tim Thomas, 32, is quietly expressing interest in the Celtics. The 6-foot-10-inch, 240-pounder averaged 8.5 points and 3.1 rebounds and shot 41.3 percent from 3-point range with the Clippers, Knicks, and Bulls in 64 games last season. Thomas played with Allen in Milwaukee." Interesting. Is Thomas expecting a buyout with the Bulls? How would he end up on the Celtics?


The Trouble with Tyrus in 2008-09

Looking at how Tyrus Thomas has improved in some areas while regressing in others over his career.

Spurs reportedly offer 3 year deal to Greek star Yiannis Bouroussis

Spurs showing once again why they're the smartest team in basketball. Yiannis put up a 29+ PER in the EURO league. Using Hollinger's rule of thumb re: translating EURO league PERs to the NBA, Yiannis should put up around a 20 or so PER next year if he comes over. Placing a 25 year old Greek stud in the frontcourt with Duncan would be huge for the Spurs. Damn it, they are so smart.

Chad Ford: Blair's knees red-flagged, hurting his stock.

Maybe he slips to the Bulls at 16 now? Knowing this about his knees would you rather have Hansbrough or Blair? ht RealGM

Bosh Hints Strongly at Being a 2010 FA

[So we got this, and also rumors about Amare. It looks more and more like something is happening this summer, not the magical one of 2010. -ed.] Welp, the Raps might look to deal him now. Get him, Gar!

Rumor: Phoenix - Boston Trade and How the Bulls Could Use It to Their Advantage

There's a rumor out of Phoenix that the Celtics called the Suns with a proposed Amare deal.  Via 17 Banners: Trade rumor out of Phoenix: Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo for Amare Stoudemire, Leandro...

X's & O's of Basketball Blog Breaks Down Derrick's Transition Success and the Celtics Defensive Paradox

Interesting discussion on how Rondo penetrating being the Celtics best (only?) weapon on Saturday lead to Derrick being able to run the break at will.

ESPN: Flip Saunders in discussions with Wizards about HC job

Looks like my dream of Flip coaching the Bulls is about to come to an end. Next up, Tom Thibodeau.

Ben Gordon, One of the Worst Go-To Guys in the League (in terms of Floor%)

Floor % is the percentage of possessions a player uses that end in at least 1 point for his team. Neil Paine compiled a list of each season going back to 1977-78 of every team's go-to guy -- aka the guy with the highest possession used % and at least 2000 minutes -- and Ben Gordon has been the Bulls go to guy for the last 4 years. In that time he was last, second to last, third to last, and fourth from last in the league among go-to guys in the NBA. The lesson? We need a better go-to guy.


Statistical +/- for the 03-04, 04-05, and 05-06 seasons

A few days ago, I posted the results of an analysis I did using Dan Rosenbaum and Neil Paine's work to produce statistical plus-minus numbers for the past three seasons of the Bulls, including the...


Statistical +/- for the Bulls 06-07, 07-08, and 08-09 (so far) seasons

  Over the last couple of days I've gotten to work on using Neil Paine's version of Statistical +/- to look at the Bulls so far this year.  I shared some of my results in the post on Hollinger's...

Mark Cuban indirectly points out the secret to the 'Dorfer's profitability

"Basketball teams are most profitable when they're rebuilding (emphasis mine), and the marginal value of a win in basketball is about half a million dollars." Is it a coincidence that the Bulls have been rebuilding for the last decade since Jordan retired and the dynasty gravy train left the station? I say no.

WoW's Berri on the Bulls through 60 games

I know most of the BoP readers around here and the wider APBR community don't really see the merit in Berri's metrics because there have been several whoppers that don't pass the laugh test (David Lee being one of the best players in the league a few years ago, for example). However, it's Bulls related, and I think Berri's analysis is sometimes useful, so long as you know the flaws of his metric (mainly: REBOUNDS + REBOUNDS = WIN). So here it is, check it out if you want.

Tyrus makes Yao feel inferior with the swat.

Tyrus makes Yao feel inferior with the swat.

Tyrus dunks on Yao's head.

Tyrus dunks on Yao's head.

The Bulls will miss him if he leaves, which, by the way, he has been telling friends he intends to...

The Bulls will miss him if he leaves, which, by the way, he has been telling friends he intends to do as he's felt unfairly treated by the team. .... I know the Bulls are open to Ben's return, but the price will be the issue, and I don't see Ben accepting a deal with the Bulls.

Sam Smith on Ben Gordon

Chicago acquired Brad Miller, John Salmons, Oklahoma City's first round pick (originally belonging...

Chicago acquired Brad Miller, John Salmons, Oklahoma City's first round pick (originally belonging to either Denver or Phoenix, the lower of the selections), Tim Thomas, Jerome James, Anthony Roberson; lost Andres Nocioni, Thabo Sefolosha, Drew Gooden, Larry Hughes, and Michael Ruffin. Grade: A The Bulls didn't come through with the blockbuster that lesser fans were pining for, but at the end of the day (just as it was with Minnesota and Memphis, and KG or Pau Gasol), the Phoenix Suns just weren't willing to trade. That might change, later, and you can't chalk that up to anything more than bad timing for Chicago. But picking up a stopgap, a contributing big man in Brad Miller who won't be on the books past his time as an effective player, helps. And though John Salmons won't be worth his average contract towards the end of his deal in 2011, he'll still make less than Nocioni will that season, and Salmons is a much better player. This also means, with Miller already in place, Chicago won't have to pay extra MLE money for a big man next season, because Gooden (he of the horrid defense and 20-foot jumpers) was due to leave anyway. Thabo Sefolosha might be pretty rank offensively, but he can D-up with the best of them, and it's unlikely Chicago will pick up anyone as effective as him with that incoming draft pick. Still, he wasn't needed with Salmons on board, and the loss of his salary helps. The Hughes trade is pretty pointless. The hope is that, this time next year, dealing either Thomas or James will be easier than dealing Hughes' massive expiring contract, because you already have a sizable expiring to work with in Brad Miller's. But that remains to be seen. Hughes wasn't going to play in Chicago, anyway, so it hardly matters if it doesn't work out. Tim Thomas has actually gotten his act together, relative to his old act, recently.

Ball Don't Lie's Kelly Dwyer on the Bulls trade deadline deals

Phil speculates on why Paxson might have thought about resigning. Hat tip: Fanhouse

Phil speculates on why Paxson might have thought about resigning. Hat tip: Fanhouse


Saving Ben Gordon and Chasing Chris Bosh by Dumping Kirk Hinrich

I've been trying to figure out what the Bulls should do next for the brightest possible future, both short and long term, and I think I've figured out two options that get the job done.  Kirk fans...

Chicago: This is an outstanding deal for the Bulls, who dump one bad contract in Nocioni and get a...

Chicago: This is an outstanding deal for the Bulls, who dump one bad contract in Nocioni and get a big boost for the playoff run with Salmons and Miller. Of course, the Bulls were hoping to strike richer with their combination of Drew Gooden's expiring contract and the $5 million exception from the Joe Smith trade, but once Chris Bosh and Amare Stoudemire were off the table this was the next best option. The moves set the Bulls up for a nice free-agent run in 2010, especially if Salmons opts out of his contract that year. And since Chicago is enough of a major league city to be a free-agent lure despite its blustery weather, the Bulls stand a decent chance of ending up with Bosh or Stoudemire via that route a year and a half down the road. In the short term it helps too. In Miller, the Bulls get a physical interior player who can shoot and pass, and one who may be rejuvenated by playing on a better team. He should be an excellent complement to the Bulls' more athletic but less skilled combo of Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah. Certainly he's better than Aaron Gray. As for Salmons, he's quietly become among the most productive two-way wing players in the league and should supplant Larry Hughes and Thabo Sefolosha in Chicago's guard rotation. If the Bulls' discussions to move Kirk Hinrich pan out, it seems Salmons' role will be nearly as large in Chicago as it was in Sacramento. Certainly he's a major upgrade over Nocioni, who had taken to hoisting wild shots, and could put the Bulls over the top in their quest for a playoff berth. However, if I'm wrong and the Bulls can't carve out playing time for Salmons, there could be trouble. The one negative about Salmons is his reputation as a me-first guy who gripes if he's not getting lots of minutes and shots. Grade : A-minus

New Orleans center Tyson Chandler, who was offered to the Bulls for Joakim Noah and Drew Gooden,...

New Orleans center Tyson Chandler, who was offered to the Bulls for Joakim Noah and Drew Gooden, instead was sent to Oklahoma City for ex-Bull Joe Smith and Chris Wilcox.

Who is Derrick Rose? (Hint, you might not like it)

I've been trying to figure out who Derrick Rose is going to be most like as an NBA player based upon who he is most similar to as a rookie.  So far as a 20 year old rookie, the player that Rose...

Chris Bosh has told Colangelo he won't resign with Toronto

Stephen A. Smith reports mid-way through this video (at around 2:18) that Chris Bosh will be in trade rumors because he has apparently told Colangelo he has no desire to return to the Raptors when his deal expires. What would it take for the Bulls to get him? It's gotta start with Deng and Tyrus I would think.


Official "Luol Deng Deserves His Contract" Post

Luol Deng has been spectacular in the month of January.  Just great.  In 36.5 minutes per game, he's averaging: 17.5 pts on 50.3% shooting 1.7 steals .4 blocks only 1.4 TOs 8.5 Rebs 2.3...


Yet Another Trade Proposal - Bulls / Sixers / Knicks

1. With the revelation that Elton Brand is on the block and the recent story that the Sixers might be looking to deal Andre Miller if they feel they can't lock him up this summer, I decided to go...


Two Plausible Trades That Might Be Worth Making

1. The much rumored Bulls-Raps trade is the first deal that I would make.  That isn't specific enough as there are a lot of variations on the deal that have been proposed.  The one I would do be...

Warriors Release Hendrix

Warriors released second round draft pick and yeoman PF Richard Hendrix to make room for Monta Ellis's return. I liked this guy coming out of college and his number translated well according to Hollinger / KPelton. Hopefully the Bulls bring him in for a work out at least. I think he could be at best a Paul Millsap type guy and that would be very welcome.

Ho-Hum Another Trade goes down without the Bulls

3 team trade with Wiz Griz and NOH. James and Crittendon to the Wiz, Daniels to NOH, and Griz getting a first round pick. Pick up the damn phone, Pax!


A New Blueprint for Making the Bulls Better with deals that benefit all involved

There've been a number of trades thrown out with the Bulls involved and with them not involved and a good many of them made sense.  What I've tried to do is identify my favorite outcome for the...

Bulls Almost Landed Kaman in Pre-Season

"It goes back to this preseason when the Bulls, Wizards, Nuggets and Clippers were in talks for a massive player deal. Those rarely come to fruition because of so many moving parts, though sources say this one was getting serious before Hughes got hurt and then Kirk Hinrich. I usually don't pay much attention to these scenarios since GM's talk all the time and come up with some crazier stuff than my e-mailers. And presumably everything has changed since the Nuggets later dealt for Chauncey Billups and the Clippers for Zach Randolph. I've heard different versions of this, but the Bulls supposedly were getting Chris Kaman and Antonio Daniels after everything settled. Who knows how close it ever was. But despite what the Clippers have been saying, they have had long interest in dealing Kaman, now out two weeks. And I'd assume especially now with Randolph playing well with Marcus Camby."

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