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User Blog

PPP Dictionary: !!!1

"!!!1" was popularized on PPP by commenter Eyebleaf most often following the word playoffs.  It has spread to include anything that requires extra emphasis and usually follows words that are...


PPP Dictionary: The Burkies

The Burkies aka The Brian Burke Award for Verbal Excellence were a creation of PPP's resident princess Wrap Around Curl, after realizing that some comments on the site were so great that they...


PPP Dictionary: Go Flyers!

"Go Flyers!" entered the PPP lexicon due to an observation by Godd Till of Cox Bloc.  While reading the comments of several of the commenters featured in kidkawartha's semi-regular...

For the noobs


Shield in the Uberflow requested a guide for new members. Wrap has already done a pretty good job. Also the PPP dictionary (see your search bar) is your friend Summary: "Just use the reply button, stay on topic in the front page posts, go nuts with hockey talk in the FTBs and if you want to socialize then that is why the Chatty Cathy threads were invented."


Chatty Cathy Uberflow, August 4, 2009 - Variety Store Edition

I am the King I am therefore. What kind of a fool am I?

Jays to be sold?


Jeff Blair's recent blog post warns that the new Rogers CEO's sudden interest in the financials of the Jays could be a dangerous thing.

Buerhle Perfect


27 up, 27 down vs the Rays

No chance of extension for Doc


No matter what Cito and JP say it seems to be less of a question of if but when.

It's over


Sadly it's time to admit the season's done. Playoff dreams are over.

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