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Taking the BoG (By Strategy)

Haven't posted here in a few years, but I thought I'd offer my simple 2¢ before it's too late. Stern has stated it plainly: The decision on whether the Sacramento Kings will cease to exist in a...



Now that the threat of the Kings leaving Sacramento has gotten as real as possible, it seems many of our thoughts have turned from "what should be done?" and "who is to blame?" to "what does it...


The Case for Lamar Odom?

Preposterous, I know. But, upon close inspection (by my standards), It actually seems like a pretty darn good idea for the Kings to make a run at signing free agent Lamar Odom. Here's the case...

Brandon Jennings' Roma Teammate on Jennings vs. Rubio


Superficial analysis, but interesting nonetheless.

Christmas Tree The Psych Test?: Sometimes you hear a story that just too silly to believe, but...


Christmas Tree The Psych Test?: Sometimes you hear a story that just too silly to believe, but three league sources have repeated this scenario so it has to be stated – why is Brandon Jennings taking a tumble? Brandon has absolutely killed it in workouts. Two team sources who he worked out for said the kid is an amazing talent. The problem is he's got some red flags, and the biggest appears to be that he "Christmas Tree'd" the psychological test. Most teams administer a test to determine if they are drafting a kid with significant problems, or kids that have competitive issues in order to determine if they can handle the rigors of professional life in the NBA. Most teams put a lot of weight behind the psych testing; some put a little, some don't consider it at all. It turns out Jennings may have answered all the questions the same, as one executive said "blowing off the test", and as you can imagine teams that value that information were not overly pleased. Two teams in the top 6 immediately removed Brandon from consideration upon hearing that news and word is unless Minnesota takes him at #6, he could take a wicked tumble on draft day.

Locked Out: Paul Westphal in the Emerald City

Though the tide of opinion has turned somewhat as Paul Westphal's hiring became a reality over the course of the last couple days, it seems to me that there's still a lingering displeasure with the...



Is anyone else confused by this? All you need is cash and a pick in the mid-twenties to get Amir Johnson and the 15th pick? Is this deal open to anyone, or is it some sort of void where prohibited thing? I'd way rather have Amir Johnson for this price than Ike Diogu. Somebody hold me.


Worst-Case Scenario

Since we're all Kings fans, we're all probably used to hoping for the best and expecting the worst. (Pervis Ellison, Bobby Hurley, Game 6 - I'm sure I don't have to remind you). So what happens if...


Kings One-Liners

In honor of what Peaches unilaterally (though probably fairly) decreed the worst loss of the season tonight, I'd like to invite the StR community to take a moment to ring off its best Kings...


Waiting 'til next year, this year

There are a variety of reasons that this may be a stupid question. Maybe it's been discussed here, maybe its premise is ridiculous. I don't know. So as I have in so many times of desperate...

I think Thompson is going to be one of the most improved players from this class at this time next...


I think Thompson is going to be one of the most improved players from this class at this time next year.

More Thorpe Love for Shock

When Life Hands You Lemons

Come up with a trade that allows you to dump your lemons on someone else for expiring contracts and picks. With the news that Orlando's Jameer Nelson will be out for several weeks having hit the...

Grizzlies sign ex-Blazer Miles for rest of season


I, for one, would've liked the Grizz drop Miles and force the Portland to put Paul Allen's money where Kevin Pritchard's mouth was. But hey, then we might've had to watch Miles try to resurrect his film career, so this is probably for the best.


This should make the newest member of Bullets Forever (me) also the least popular

Hi, I'm visiting from Sactown Royalty, the Sacramento Kings SB Nation blog. As a fan of the second-losingest squad in the NBA, I've been thinking a lot about the future of my team. I've decided...


Yet another random trade idea

Shelden and Douby for Paul Milsap (1yr @ 800K), Jarron Collins (1yr @ $2M), and Morris Almond (1yr @ 1.08M) works on the Trade Machine. So does Shelden by himself for the same 3. What combo of...

Lute Olson Retiring?


Not Kings related, but noteworthy to all basketball fans.


Durant v. Greene Comparison

I'm sure that other people have made this point here, but it has become pretty common around StR to drop Kevin Durant as a comparison to Donte' Greene. Many of you probably already see where I'm...


ESPN Trade Machine

I know my position on this issue, but I think we should get a community dialogue going about the ESPN Trade Machine. Here are only some of great things it will enable you to do: -Make a three-way...

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