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Blue Jays Player Development: Worst or Worstest?

Look around the league, and what do you see? Virtually every team has a fairly good, fairly young player they developed playing for them. The few that haven't have generally traded someone away...

Ryan Hanigan is Available


Ryan Hanigan- the anti-Arencibia: minimal power, but walks a fair bit, strikes out rarely, is strong defensively and is a good pitch-framer. Anthopoulos, get 'er done!


Drilling Down into the Spring Numbers

Small samples are of extremely limited use, and Spring Training introduces further difficulties into the equation, as players work on adjusted mechanics, pitchers try out new pitches, and so forth....


More Prospecting: The List of Personal Lists

Following up on the earlier Personal Prospect Lists, herewith are our aggregate rankings. There were a dozen ballots that listed at least 10 names; nine which went through 15, but only five that...

Steamer Projections!


Of all the projection systems, Steamer was by far the best in projecting pitcher performance last year, and the 2012 projections just came out.


Personal Prospect Lists

With Spring Training upon us, the BBB Community Prospect List nearly through its top 20, and the semi-official BBB list currently being posted, it's a good time to re-evaluate our own personal...


Blue Jays Aggregate Prospect Rankings

This is a small attempt to use the so-called "wisdom of crowds" to give us a better understanding of our own prospects. The idea of the wisdom of crowds is that the aggregate judgment of many...


BBB Community AL MVP Results

Well, the BBWAA results are in, and they were absurd.  So let's all congratulate ourselves on our community vote, in which the worthy won, and the unworthy drank the bitter dregs of 4th place. R...


BBB Community AL MVP

We are continuing with our own, better voting for the major awards.  The AL Cy Young was a landslide win for Justin Verlander, so it's now time consider who is worthy of the American League MVP. ...


BBB Community NL MVP

Having dealt with the Cy Young, it's time to turn our minds to the National League MVP.  The criteria for deciding the MVP is notoriously disputable, so be ready to defend your choices.  Here are...


BBB Community NL Cy Young

Perhaps more difficult to judge than the AL Cy Young winner is the difficult question of the NL Cy.  The SBNation crew was unable to arrive at a definitive conclusion, but hopefully we will be able...


BBB Community AL Cy Young Award

After the appearance of SB Nation voting on the post-season awards, some of us thought it would be a good idea to have a go at it for ourselves.  After all, we're smarter than them, right?

Stanton's Strikeouts (with a nod to JPA)


Eno Sarris looks at high-power, high-strikeout rookies, and their subsequent changes in K-rate. JPA is part of the sample.


To Find a Backup Backstop

The offseason has arrived, and the thoughts of Jays fans turn to trades for Joey Votto, signings of Prince Fielder, and landing Japanese/Persian phenoms.  The Front Office, however, needs to deal...


Consider the Bullpen

In the aftermath of the exciting news that AA has picked up Jesse Chavez off of waivers, it is as good a time as any to consider how the Blue Jays bullpen might look next year, and how we might...

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