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"no glove, no love" - gary payton

I'm just a girl, finding her place in the world….
Easy on the eyes but challenging your mind
Never claimed to know the truth, but I reveal truth, devastating in time.
And just when ya think ya got me figured out –
like you could know me for real, like who I am destined be – ànother blaze..
But you have NO idea
the depths that my soul could take you to and leave you to that piece in you...
you forgot was left there..

You wonder where I bought my clarity...
swearing that I am what ya came to see...
asking about these dark twists that fate throw...
then you claim that ya know…
Or you’re just saying something, so why ya think ya always gotta say something anyway?
About who I know and what I know -- where will I go?
You confoundin' my flow, always wishing for mo’ --
I hope ya enjoyed the show…

And now wasn’t that easy?
cos you’ll know when I am revealed to thee,
that I was not YOUR pleasure to see –
I AM what I be – just a girl, finding her world....
- intergalacticlove : "Easy"
Fresh for '09

My wifely qualifications: "sexy, fun and independent.... and a m***diver for 3somes" -brp
"Not really, but I want to poke G-Love." ~Norsktroll

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Portland Trail Blazers
  • NFL San Diego Chargers
  • NCAAF Syracuse Orange
  • NCAAB Syracuse Orange
User Blog

a junk less pure 8/22/2010

so it's beautiful to hear about and to see prez' proposal.. what a touching and beautiful story to share in.. even if few (or none?) of us can claim a level of purity like those kids.. they are...


No Time JD - 08-01-2010

so.. i have been sooo busy and i have to say i love it even but i miss things i had to give up when i get this busy! that includes all of you.. but i want you to know that i never forget about all...


why you always gotta bring up old Junk Drawer? may ninth, twokayten

don't you hate it when people always gotta bring up old junk?!? via this is not relevant to what i just said.. i just like looking at pictures of water crystals.. puts me in a...


Love Song JD - April 1st, 2010

Lol, am I trying to say that love is for fools? no.. it's just an ironic coincidence.. i couldn't care less that it is april fool's day (unless someone is gonna break out something funny then i am...


S.o.S. - Letting go

Okay... so there are tons of fanposts already and normally I avoid adding more of the same stuff but I can't help it because no one obviously is saying what I think should be said first right...


Super Selection Sunday and Pi Day Junk: March Fourteenth, 2010

I LOVE MARCH!! Now that we can practically count the hours until the field is announced on our fingers.. it's the precipice of what should be a great run of college hoops! PS GO ORANGE! I think we...


03/07/2010 [THE REAL ONE] - Drawer of Junk

so the last JD op suggested that i was whining.. so im gonna post the REAL 3-7 junk and stop those dominoes from tumbling.. then i am going to bed.. people can choose when to make the shift.. so...


Junk We Don't Talk About - 02-28-2010

So you know that there are some topics that are just never talked about and, if they are, it never seems to go well...? via Politics... Only people who are looking to argue...


Is that junk in ur drawers or are you happy to see me on 2/6/2010?

so even though it's it almost dawn out here, i'm still stuck with making the new junk.. as everyone else done went lazy! Just goes to show.. never send a man to do a girl's job! Here's something...


This Women's Junk - 01-23-2010

[alternative title] A Woman's Junk Is Never Done - January 23rd, 19902010 So today is my birthday! Yay!! and I wanted to make sure that everyone here knew how they could spend their hard earned (or...


November 25th, 2009 - A Syracuse Kind of Junk

As some may know, I originally hail from the town of Syracuse where I will be heading back later today to spend Thanksgiving with my mother. So I dedicate this JD to my hometown and to the...


November 03-04, 2009 - The Piercing Junk Drawer

This junk will pierce your soul.... leaving you bare to the world... like an exposed rim... ready for a slashing to...


Early AM Junk Drawer for October 29th, 2009

So most people have good times and bad times in their lives.. also, we are all gifted in some ways through our births, stations, or otherwise in life...


2009, October 23-24 - Twilight edition of the Junk - Get Your Mood On!

So, it seems like I am not the only one who's gotten into a mood (namely, a bad one) lately or is in one right.... now....

Donté Greene pulls drowning woman from water


Donté Greene saved a woman's life during a mishap off of a boat over Memorial Day weekend. Good rep'n the Orange and being a good guy, Donté!

Interesting piece on restructuring the NBA draft


I wish someone would do something to fix this: between the one and done rule and the poor effort put into the NBDL everyone (mainly the NCAA & the NBA) are both worse for the effort..


4-23: The Expecting JD?!?!

so after 8pm and there is no JD!?!?! and here I am.. never having written any post up let alone a JD post   but I had notion about the idea of a late JD... an expecting JD that is.. and thought...

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